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Deceiver Of Fools

As faith for the future faded fast
He grows strong with their displeasure
It sets him free

The family's reactions on Bella's birthday were what spurred me to take off. I was damn tired of being thought of as the weakest link.

I think what really ticked me off the most is how they all assumed that I'd been trying to attack her.

Even Alice.

Alice, who'd promised to love, honor, and cherish me. Apparently, she'd missed that part of the ceremony. Call me old fashioned but I thought couples were supposed to love each other unconditionally. But there was nothing unconditional about us.

I told her how I'd felt everyone's sudden and overwhelming thirst when Bella cut her finger, even her own.

Alice liked having her own weakness pointed out even less than I did. She shot me a look filled with disappointment and betrayal.

I felt a stab of disgust as she walked away.

I'd given her everything I had to give, and it hadn't been enough. She had spent so many decades trying to fix me, so convinced that I was broken and needed to be saved...it made me wonder if there was any part of the real me that she ever really loved. I was never looking for salvation; Alice just walked into my life and took control of everything. And for decades, I thought I was the one who needed her. But, with that one look, I knew I had been horribly wrong. I didn't need her. I didn't need anyone.

My opportunity came when Edward decided we should leave Forks, leave Bella.

My decision was instant, unplanned, and that's the only reason my wife didn't see it coming.

I took advantage of the family's distraction with planning their move. I packed a single bag, taking small satisfaction in leaving all the clothes Alice picked out for me behind.

I took a moment to consider leaving Alice a letter, a note, explaining my actions.

In the end I left a single scrap of paper with my wedding ring. The paper read 'I would have died for you. I've decided I want to live instead.'