Ride For You

Chapter 26

2 years later…

It's been two years since that tragic accident. Many lives were changed and some were still trying to figure out how to move on with what had happened. Several of the lives had moved on for the better. Some were still holding on to a loved one that they had lost. There were still blessings that had overcome the tragic event as well.

It was a beautiful warm day in St. Louis, Missouri. Randy stood looking down at the gravestone in front of him. For the past two years, he would always visit the same gravestone and talk to it. It was just something that helped to relieve the feelings that he kept bottled up inside. His eyes read the name on the gravestone. He still couldn't believe that she was gone. It felt like a sense of relief having her out of his life but he still couldn't help but feel bad that she was gone.

"You know things didn't have to end up the way it did for us. We could have been together as friends that is." Randy began to say as the tears started to surround his eyes, "You didn't have do die the way you did, Sam. You could have died later on if you had just listened to me and let me live my life with my family and my wife. Things weren't supposed to happen that way. We could have been great friends if you had just let us work things out. I really didn't want things to end this way for us, Sam and you know that. Now I know that I can move and live my life. I'm really sorry for the way your life was taken, Sam."


Opening the door, he heard a familiar giggle coming down the hallway in the direction of his locker room. Then he heard the voice of a familiar friend. He stepped out of the room and shut the door before looking at the direction of the hallway where the giggle and talking was coming from. What he had seen was not what he had expected. Rachelle and Ted were walking together down the hallway. Ted had his arm around Rachelle's shoulder as Rachelle looked at Ted. She was taking in the story that he was telling her. He wanted to talk to him but he didn't want to freak Rachelle out.

He saw her look at him before she looked at Ted. Ted had leaned in to whisper something to her ear. They walked closer to Randy and Ted offered him a smile. Rachelle just shrugged before leaning closer to Ted. Randy guessed it was because she wanted protection from him. He was just about to say goodbye when he noticed something wrong with this image. Samantha was standing at a close distance behind Ted and Rachelle and she was holding a gun up. Randy looked at her and was waiting to see what she was going to do. He had to stop her.

"Samantha, don't do it!" Randy said as Rachelle and Ted turned to look behind them.

Samantha shot Randy a look before saying, "Don't try and stop me. She's not worth saving anymore. I'll end her life now so that it'll be you and me for the rest of our lives. It'll be as if she never even came into the picture. You'll have me back."

"Samantha, I'm begging you! Please don't do this. She's pregnant with my child. Can't we just work something out?" Randy asked.

"No! She's caused way too many problems for me and I don't wanna have to deal with her anymore. Don't wanna have to deal with her coming between us. So say goodbye to her, your child, and your best friend!" Samantha said with a sickening laugh as she pulled the trigger.

Gun shot!

Randy and Ted both pulled Rachelle off to the side quickly as they all watched Samantha gasp before falling to the ground. She had been hit with the bullet. Ted and Randy looked at Kurt who was hiding behind an equipment box. Ted was the first to speak up, "Are we good? Is she dead?"

Rachelle looked at Kurt in shock as he spoke, "Yeah she's definitely dead. Everyone okay?"

Ted and Randy nodded their head.

End Flashback

"Honestly Sam, we could have just worked things out. Everyone was saying that before you died, your family should have sent you to a psychiatric facility. Everyone thought you were psycho for wanting to harm Rachelle. I didn't think you were psycho. I rather thought that you were just confused and didn't know the right way to express yourself. But after you tried to shoot Rachelle, you did seriously need the help. There was no way that I would have let you do that especially to her. I love her, Samantha and whether you had liked it or not she was going to have a very special role in my role." He whispered.

Randy felt the wind picking up as he stood there talking to Samantha's gravestone, "I'm really glad that Vince had let Kurt come visit Rachelle before you showed up and decided to kill her. I could never see eye to eye with Kurt because of what the both of you had done to Rachelle the first time but when he came to me telling me about your plans with killing Rachelle, I knew that he had a change of heart and that's when he, Ted, and everyone else came together to come up with the plan that killed you."


Kurt walked around the arena looking for Randy Orton's locker room. He needed to talk to him about the plans of Samantha wanting to kill Rachelle. There had to be a way for them to prevent her from killing Rachelle. Even if one of the options was to shoot Samantha in the process. Kurt knew that was still wrong but they had to save Rachelle. She was in no shape or form supposed to die soon. Kurt read the names on the door before finding Randy's. He knocked on the door and waited for Randy to tell him to come in. He heard Randy's voice give him permission to enter the room. Kurt opened the door and noticed that Randy and Ted were talking to each other before Randy looked up.

"Can I help you?" Randy asked with a sense of anger in his voice.

"Look I know you and I were never really on the same page with everything since Rachelle's accident but I really need to talk to you about this plan that I've come up with to save her." Kurt said.

"Save her? What are you talking about?" Randy asked as Kurt looked at Ted.

"Well you remember how we were informed to watch over Rachelle since Samantha could be anymore." Ted said as Randy nodded his head.

"Continue on then, Kurt. I'm listening." Randy said.

"Well how about we have you sitting in your locker room thinking about whatever you want to be thinking about. I could be hiding behind an equipment box and then Ted can be the one to volunteer to take care of Rachelle. He'll steer her away from wherever she is going so that they'll pass near your locker room. Then you'll walk out of the room and Ted and Rachelle will be heading in your direction. I'll have Samantha show up behind Ted and Rachelle so that it looks like you, her, and I are working as a team to kill the both of them when really we're all working together to kill her. After that, you'll have second thoughts and try and convince Samantha not to kill Rachelle and at some point she's bound to shoot her gun and that gives me a chance to shoot her." Kurt said as Randy took the thought into mind.

"How am I so sure that you won't be killing Rachelle instead?" Randy asked.

"Because I'm trying to earn her trust back and you would really think that I would stoop that low? I would never hurt her again. She's like one of my closest friends now. So what do you say? Shall we put an end to this mess?" Kurt asked sticking his hand out.

Randy looked at Ted with a questioning look.

"I was already in from the beginning when I first heard the plan." Ted said shaking his head.

"All right. Count me in then. Whatever helps me save Rachelle." Randy said.

"Good. So I'll tell Samantha about the plan and then we'll let it happen." Kurt said as Ted and Randy nodded their head.

End Flashback

"I really didn't think that you would believe what Kurt was telling you. I had thought that you would see past his lies and that our plan wouldn't be as successful as it sounded. But you believed Kurt. I guess you were just as naïve as Kurt said you would be. But anyways, I'm supposed to be heading back home now. I just wanted to give you that talk again like I always do for the past 2 years. You know I do miss you, Sam. You were my first love and I loved you until you broke my heart. But I feel lucky to know that through that heartbreak, I met the love of my life. You know I feel that it was your fault that our relationship didn't work out but I think that if you hadn't cheated on me then I would have never met Rachelle. But yeah, I really need to get going. Goodbye, Sam." Randy said as he walked back towards his car.

He was now headed back to his home where his family was waiting for him. He couldn't wait to see the twins. They were now 4 years old and were in Preschool. Randy had to admit the first time that he dropped them off to Preschool, he cried as he was walking back to his car. He just couldn't grasp the idea that they were no longer the 1 year-old twins, who could barely make out sentences to him. He was just so excited to be with them. He was super grateful. He was trying so hard not to drive fast to get home but he just wanted to get home right away.

5 minutes later…

Randy had parked the car in the garage and was now stepping out of the car. He could hear giggles coming from the house. He knew exactly whom they were from. He shut the door to his car and locked the car before making his way towards the door. The garage door passed through the laundry room before actually getting to the main house. He locked the garage door before making his way into his house. He heard voices coming from the living room and decided to head over to see who was at his house. He wasn't surprised to see Ted and Ryan playing with trucks while Cody was playing with Rosella and her dolls. Randy had to chuckle to himself. Rosella worked her Uncle Cody really well since finding out that Cody was into action figures. Cody wouldn't dare let anyone call them dolls. Ted looked up when he heard someone laugh. "Hey man. I didn't know you were home." He said.

"I just got back from the cemetery." Randy said as Cody looked up at him.

"You went to visit her again?" Cody asked.

"Yeah. I can't help visiting her grave. I mean you both know that I knew she was such a wonderful person before she got into cheating on me. She was my first love but you know that Rae will always have my heart now." Randy said as the two guys nodded their heads, "Speaking of Rae, where is she?"

"She's upstairs. We're unsure what she's doing though." Cody said.

"All right. Where's Melanie and Kristen?" Randy asked referring to Cody's girlfriend and Ted's wife.

"They're on their way. They had to pick the cake up." Ted said as Randy nodded his head.

"Well I'll be back. I'm gonna go see how Rae's holding up." Randy said as he walked over to the main stairway that led towards the second floor of their house.

Randy walked into their master bedroom and noticed that no one was in there. He heard her giggle coming from one of the rooms at the other end of the hallway. He made his way over to the room and noticed her smiling at the little figure she was holding in her arms.

"Oh Theo, you're such a mama's boy, huh? Daddy's gonna be jealous when he sees that you're always smiling around me and laughing around me." Rachelle said as she placed a kiss on her son's head.

Randy was glad to see her smiling again. It had taken a while to get her to smile again. After the situation with Samantha, Rachelle had a hard time moving on with her. She worked Randy so hard that it had taken her almost a year to forgive him. He had to work so hard to get her to forgive him. But their lives were always going to be connected because of their children. Theodore Steven Garrett Orton. He was their third child and his birth, you could say, couldn't have come at a better time. Randy thought back to the day when Samantha had tried to kill Rachelle.


Ted felt Rachelle's grip on his shoulder tightening as he looked at her before saying, "Rae, are you okay? You're hurting me."

Randy and Kurt turned their attention to her as they watched tears surrounding her eyes. Ted thought that the reason for Rachelle's tight hold on his arm was because of the fact that she was scared herself that she had been the one that had gotten shot.

"My..my…my water…broke." Rachelle stuttered gasping for air as the three guys all rushed to get her help.

"Here Randy, you take her to the hospital. Kurt and I will take care of Sam's body. I'll let Gail know to take the twins to the hospital and Kristen will meet you guys there with Cody." Ted said as Randy took Rachelle into his arms.

Rachelle looked back at Ted and whined, "Teddy, please!" She didn't like the fact that he trusted Randy so much with her. She didn't even want to be so close to him. She still wasn't willing to forgive him. Ted looked at her before whispering, "He has to take you, Rae. He's the father of the baby. He's not gonna hurt you, I swear because he knows what Cody and I will do to him."

"Yes and I'll take care of him if he causes any problems for you too. Now go Randy before she has the baby here. I'll let Stephanie know to bring Rachelle's bags to the hospital." Kurt said as Rachelle's eyes started to water and tears came down her face.

Randy looked down at her and rushed to get her to the car. She was crying so bad because she was so scared to lose her child. She had already miscarried one child before because of Samantha and she wasn't willing to lose another because of her. She was trying to fight through the pain but she didn't know if she could even make it.

"It hurts." She whispered so softly that Randy could barely make out what she said.

"I know, baby but I'm gonna get you to the hospital as fast as I can. Just let me get you into the car." Randy said as he opened the door to his Rent-A-Car.

The ride to the hospital was a rushed one. Randy had to coach Rachelle from the front seat in order to keep her relaxed. He couldn't believe that he remembered all the things that he was supposed to do when she was in labor. It was amazing to know that. Within a few minutes they were at the hospital.

A couple hours later…

Randy stood in Rachelle's hospital room watching her hold their newborn baby boy. He was absolutely breathtaking. He was going to be a heartbreaker when he grew up. Everyone couldn't wait to meet him because they all thought that Rachelle had lost the baby but the doctors said that the baby was fine and was just ready to come out into the world. Surprisingly just their closest friends and family came so the room wasn't entirely packed with a lot of people.

"So have you two decided on what you're going to name the baby?" Elaine asked as she watched Rachelle rocking her grandson.

Randy looked at Rachelle and nodded at her to tell them the name of their son. Coming up with their son's name wasn't difficult at all. It was just the fact that Rachelle and Randy weren't saying anything to each other since Rachelle was obviously still mad at him. But they had to decide together on a name since he was their child. The only obvious thing that they could do was name their baby after someone important in their lives.

"His name is Theodore Steven Garrett Orton." Rachelle said as she noticed Ted, Kurt, and Cody all gasp at the same time at the name of the child.

"Well since we know that their named after those three, how did you decide to name him that?" John asked.

"Well I really wanted to name him after you, John but you know Rae was saying to wait that out a while cause their might just be another baby down the road. We chose Theodore because of Ted of course but also because Ted has been there for Rae since the battle between the McMahon and I. He became her closest best friend and I'm sure you guys know that to. He's my closest best friend too. As for Steven, we chose to name him after Kurt by taking his middle name because without Kurt, our son wouldn't be born." Randy said.

"And I wanted to name my son after someone who saved my life. Because if Kurt hadn't come up with the plan that he did, I wouldn't even be here. As for Garrett, obviously that would come from Cody's middle name. I know from the beginning of when Randy and my family were fighting, Cody and I didn't' exactly see eye to eye but after being away from the business Cody was there for me a lot of the times when Ted and Kristen couldn't be there with me. I was so surprised to find out that I had so much in common with Cody. I would have never expected myself to have so much in common with him but in the end, he's become one of my closest best friends. Plus he's always been there for Randy too." Rachelle said as they all noticed Theodore yawning.

End Flashback

Theodore Steven Garrett Orton. Randy was never going to get tired of saying his son's name. The name held so much in it. There were so much meaning to his name. Randy thought about their other kids. The twins. They were also named after special people as well. Rosella Elaine Orton was named after two women, Rachelle's biological mother and Randy's mother. Ryan Keith Orton got his middle name from his Grandpa Orton. Each of their children were special to him. None of them were favored more and each got an equal amount of time to spend with their daddy. Now as for describing baby Theo, he definitely had Randy's piercing blue eyes and dark brown hair but had Rachelle's cute nose and her adorable smile. He was definitely a quiet baby, which was something that he got from his mom. Randy looked at Theodore as he squealed when he saw Randy. Rachelle turned her head and smiled to her husband before walking over to him.

"Hey baby." She whispered handing their son to him.

"Hey. You all ready to go and have our party for our little man?" Randy asked as he lifted up Theodore's right arm into the air.

Theodore smiled and giggled.

"Dada!" Theodore exclaimed as Rachelle smiled at the sight in front of her.

"Yeah but I just need to go get one more thing." Rachelle said as Randy followed her out of the room.

The couple walked over to the room that was next to Theodore's. Rachelle opened the door and smiled at the sight in front of her. Kailey-Gail Marie Orton stood up in her crib trying to climb out of her crib. She was named after Gail, Rachelle's best friend as well as Stephanie and Linda. She was only one and was already a handful but neither Randy nor Rachelle minded. They loved her to death as they did with each of their children. She looked like both of her parents so much. She had her mom's black hair but her father's piercing blue eyes. Her smile came from her father but her nose from her mother. She loved Randy so much that she could easily get whatever she wanted from him. She was definitely a daddy's girl.

"Oh baby girl, where are you going?" Rachelle asked.

"Mommy." Kailey whimpered as Rachelle picked her up.

"Mhmm. It's time to wake up from your nap. We're gonna go celebrate Theo's birthday. Do you wanna give your brother a kiss?" Rachelle asked as Kailey nodded her head.

Randy walked closer to them so that Kailey could give her older brother a kiss. Randy smiled at the sight and reached for Rachelle's hand. She took his hand and they made their way out of the room. They made their way downstairs where Ryan and Rachelle met them and placed a kiss on their baby brother's cheek. Theodore whined from all the attention as Randy and Rachelle laughed. They made their way to their backyard where they hung out with the rest of their family. Randy and Rachelle had set Theodore and Kailey down and watched them follow their siblings to play on the grass with their cousins and the rest of the family.

Randy pulled Rachelle close to him and kept his arm around her waist. He couldn't believe that it was always 2 years ago that he had almost lost her. He was so thankful that the bullet had never him her because he didn't know what he would have done if Rachelle weren't in his life. It had taken her a year to make him beg for forgiveness and when she did, he proposed to her right away. He wasn't going to ever let her out of his life again and he was definitely not going to cheat on her again. She was his life and she would always be. She was his princess and their life was like one crazy fairytale but that's a story that didn't need to be written down at all. He was always going to make sure that whatever he did that it made her and their children proud. And in the end all that they needed to know was that they were going to be there for each other.

Do you hear me?

Baby ya gotta believe in the things that make you & me win together

Don't you throw in the towel

I'm keeping my promise to you I got ya back now

When the chips are down

It seems like it's so hard for you to move ahead

Just know that I am by your side

There aint no ifs, buts, or maybes,

I'm gonna stay down and ride for you baby

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