Saving You, My Deception
Chapter One: A Beginning to Every Tale

By Twin Kats & Rune-Ruin

This...this is all wrong. Everything is all...wrong. We had a plan; we stuck to the plan...but then...I was so stupid! Everything got messed up! I was too arrogant! How could I have thought I could escape? That I would survive that? What was I thinking?

...heh, maybe you were right. Maybe I really had nothing up in this head of mine, but...I swear I will make it right. Somehow I will fix this.

"Kuronue, you're lagging behind!" Kurama called out, a smile dancing across pale lips. Kuronue rolled his violet-blue eyes in response.

"Not all of us are gifted runners, fox," he replied good naturedly. "Get me in the air and we'll see who's faster!"

Silver fox ears twitched as a laugh bubbled up from the thief. Under Kurama's arm, clasped tightly, was the mirror they had just stolen. Slightly behind him Kuronue smirked and took a quick leap, landing close to Kurama, never breaking their pace.

"You'd think the guards would have caught us by now," the bat said.

"Of course, we're not even traveling at full speed; how out of shape they must be," Kurama jested, tearing a laugh from Kuronue this time.

"Judging by their reactions it was as if they had never seen a thief before!" was the quip response and Kurama joined in the laughing, but all amusement faded when the chain of the pendant around Kuronue's neck snapped.

Instantly the bat thief's head jerked towards the jeweled amulet that flew past his shoulder. Cursing the dark haired demon whirled around and darted towards the falling amber pendant.

Kurama paused, noting Kuronue's sudden change in direction, and asked, "Kuronue?"

"My pendent!" the thief replied.

"Leave it!" Kurama ordered but Kuronue shook his head, hand reaching out as he yelled, "I need it!" back towards the fox.

Thin, pale fingers grasped tightly around the amber pendant just above a small thicket of grass and, before either Kurama or Kuronue knew it, a trap was sprung.


"Kuronue!" Kurama whirled around, silver hair flying as he made to move towards his partner but froze, golden eyes wide in shock.

Kuronue coughed, a wet, hacking sound that was barely hidden by the sound of a rainfall of blood. The bat winced; one of the bamboo spikes had hit an artery judging by the mess-not that the few that passed through his chest were anything to laugh at.

Kurama regained his wits rather quickly and made to dart forward again, once more calling his partner's name but Kuronue interrupted.

"Run!" he coughed out-the thundering sound of the guards footsteps ringing loudly in his ears.


"The guards are coming! Run!"

Kurama stood frozen; half of him wanted to listen to his partner, the other half screamed to pull him to safety. Molten gold orbs met with violet-blue and Kuronue spoke, tone oddly hypnotizing.

"Forget about me! You need to save yourself, Kurama! RUN!"

Before Kurama could even register it, he turned and darted away.

A single tear fell from one golden eye as he raced off, somehow knowing that he would never see Kuronue again. All because of a fucking pendent.

Years later...

In a small hospital just outside Godric's Hollow James Potter paced back and forth; standing along the wall looking amused was his best friend Sirius Black. His other friend, Remus Lupin, was nervously sipping a cup of hot chocolate while the fourth member of their little group, Peter Pettigrew, sat on a chair, twisting his hands.

"Jamesy everything's gonna be okay," Sirius teased lightly.

"But what if something happens?" James demanded. "What if he's stillborn or Lily faces complications or-"

"Prongs are you a wizard or are you a wizard," Sirius stated.

"Sirius that makes no sense," Remus pipped up and Sirius sent the werewolf a mock-glare before sniffing snootily.

"It makes total sense," was the response.

"Both of you just shut it!" James shrieked and the two fell silent, staring at the messy haired young man in slight surprise. Hazel eyes were a tad crazed as they darted between his friends and the door that led towards the hospital rooms-one where James' wife, Lily, was given birth. It was when Sirius was about to open his mouth that the door James had once more turned to opened and a young medi-witch greeted the quartet with a smile.

"James Potter?" she asked softly and James immediately started towards her, worries at the tip of his tongue as she continued, "Your wife is fine and has given birth to a healthy baby boy. You and your chosen godparent are allowed to see her and the child now so-"

The minute 'allowed to see' had left the young medi-witches mouth James tore past her; Sirius gave the witch a slightly flirtatious smile, said, "Excuse him, love; first time parent jitters and all that," and promptly raced after the new father.

Sirius slipped into the room where Lily, James, and their child were. He noted James reverently holding his son and Lily's glowing smile and with a smile of his own he asked as he walked towards his friend, "Am I allowed to see my godson?"

James looked up sharply and smiled, carefully handing his son over to Sirius as he said, "This is Harry, Sirius. My son."

Gently Sirius gathered Harry into his arms and smiled down at the little tyke only to blink blue-grey eyes in surprise; surprise that was quickly masked.

"Hullo there pup," Sirius said with the slightest hints of a smirk. "I'm your godfather, Sirius Black."

Vibrant green eyes with bare hints of violet-blue among them stared up at Sirius unwavering before the little boy let out a soft sound and gave him a weak, newborn smile.

The Black Heir knew in that instant that his deductions were correct; little Harry James Potter was not, and never would be, human.

Three months later...

"Regulus I'm not kidding!" Sirius cried, throwing his hands up. "Lily and James' kid is a pup."

Violet eyes rolled in slight annoyance as Regulus turned his head to view his older brother.

"Brother I have told you not to call me Regulus," the younger Black replied, calmly tucking a few strands of his long hair behind his ear. "Regulus is dead."

"To the normal world yes, but to me no," Sirius replied bluntly. "We're a Murder, Regulus. I won't stop using your name even if you've 'died' and you should damn well-"

"Sirius!" Regulus snapped, slamming his palm down onto the table. It exploded into splinters within seconds; Regulus froze in surprise.

"You're still having control issues," Sirius sighed, and Regulus' eyes narrowed.

"Just a little," he replied bitterly. "Please though stop calling me Regulus, Siri," the younger sighed after a minute, running his hand through his hair tiredly. "No one can know I'm still alive."

"Which is why you shall be making your way to the Veil," Sirius pointed out and Regulus scowled. "Oh don't give me that look," grey-blue eyes rolled. "You want to stay dead you're going to have to head to the Makai...although with your lack of control..."

"I'll be fine," Regulus bit out.


"Don't, Sirius," Regulus turned away. "I'm not Regulus; Regulus is dead. You know that." Seconds later Regulus' form shimmered before disappearing. Sirius faintly heard the door slam.

"Be safe," the elder Black sighed, "Karasu."

July 31st 1981

"Happy birthday, pup," Sirius greeted Harry with a wide grin.

"Sirinu!" Harry replied with a wide grin and Sirius winced internally while Lily sighed and James laughed.

"I don't understand why he keeps calling you Sirinu, Sirius," Lily said.

"Oh I know why," Sirius grumbled much too low for a normal humans hearing. "Stupid pup hams up the dog animagus."

Harry just laughed and said something in what James and Lily decided was baby-speak. Sirius recognized it for what it was though.


"Gaag-tu mama-su-na-e kekka."

Well it serves you right mutt.

Sirius glared.

"I'm not a mutt," he snarled under his breath.

"Su-na-e tatte-o."

You are too.

Eye twitching Sirius turned from his godson and back towards Lily and James.

"I was thinking about that whole Secret Keeper idea," he said, "and sadly everyone and their great-grandparent-inbred-ancestor knows how much we're like brothers..."

"You're proposing a switch?" Lily quarried and Sirius nodded.

"Peter is probably best then," James sighed. "Since Remus' loyalties are questionable as sad as I want to say...Peter's the most inconspicuous compared to you. Right, we'll preform the charm tonight then; thanks, Padfoot."

"Naaan su-na-e krag-te-ma dusa."

Now you've signed their death.

Sirius shot the glaring Harry a scowl with a reply under his breath.

"E-an-us tenna-se-ma-tu krag-te-ma kusa-mo-da."

I know but their mind's made up.

November 1st, 1981

Sirius scrambled through the wreckage. He had honestly hoped he would at least have had enough of a warning to get James and Lily out before the snake-bastard showed up; Peter's disappearance was a straight off give-away but like usual he had shown up a tad late.

Too late this time; he hoped that at least the pup was fine.

Passing by James' body Sirius quickly swiped his hand over his now dead best-friend's eyes, closing them and softening the features to a more peaceful rest-like look. He moved on, tearing up the battered staircase towards the nursery. Their emergency portkey was there, just in case Peter was found and tortured, never mind the possibility that he'd betray them all.

Of course the upstairs floor had to be blocked entirely by the caved in roof, and the door to the nursery jammed shut.

Cursing under his breath Sirius ignored his wand, knowing that the stone would be too hard to move, and so with a twist of his hand, barely even touching the rubble, he called forth the one power he'd told himself that he would never use during his life as a wizard.

Well that life was practically over, the Black Heir amended silently as the stone and wood were completely vaporized, followed swiftly by the door to the nursery. He had no real ties to the wizarding world now anyway-after all his brother was in the Makai, and his only real friends dead (the other a traitor and the forth probably hated his guts right now believing him to be the traitor) and with what their son was...well, his ties were gone, end of story.

With the nursery door gone Sirius made his way into the nursery, pausing only to swipe his hand across Lily's open green, dead eyes and determined face. As he pulled away her eyes were closed and face relaxed into a more peaceful sleep-like state that James now wore downstairs.

Finally, after having his two friends appear more at rest, Sirius turned towards the glaring pup.

"Shi-pa-no su-na-e jujo-kattko kekka."

Took you long enough mutt.

"Oh can it, pup," Sirius growled, picking up the small one-year old. "Once their minds are made up there's no changing them. At least I tried to get here before that snake-bastard."

"Nezumi-temee," Harry mumbled.

"He was present too?" Sirius murmured with a frown.

"See-sa-to kim-ta kekka," was the sharp retort.

Chase him, mutt.

"You're still a pup," Sirius mumbled to the child.

"Rein-ca-to, kekka."

Reincarnation, mutt.

"Stop calling me mutt, pup," Sirius growled.

"Su-na-e tako ma-pu kekka-da."

You sure act like a mutt.

"Can it," Sirius grumbled. "I'm a karasu."



"Oh fuck you," was the mumbled response.

"Eson-tamen-ni juudai."

Not in a million years.

"Fine, I'll go after the stupid nezumi and leave you in the capable hands of a senile, manipulative old yagi."


"You asked for it."



"Glad you admit it."

"E-an-us stufun-da-to-yo su-na-e shi-maketun maete kekka."

I will tear you to pieces when bigger, mutt.

"I'm so scared."

"Su-na-e shito tutten.

You better be.

"Just for that I'm not going to pick you up once I'm done with the traitorous nezumi."


"Oh look, there's Hagrid! Time to go."

"Shiiman su-na-e medantuo-yo."

I hate your guts.

"Love you too, pup. Love you too."

Two days later Harry found himself stuffed in a cupboard and Sirius carted off to Azkaban.

I am so going to get out of this and when I do I'm going to kick that bastards ass, was the thought that both shared.

Summary: This wasn't how it was supposed to be! I was supposed to escape, not bleed to death! A blood-sister, an uncle that tried to kill you, all these wasn't meant to be this way! This isn't what I wanted when I told you to run! / YYHHP cross / KuroKura/HarryKura / AU

Author's note:

Don't you just love family interactions? Any this idea was created by me (Twin Kats) and Rune-Ruin. Most of it ended up being Rune-Ruin's creation, I just had the skeleton XP either way it's a joint effort fic and I got the first chapter to write! I do so hope you enjoy it; whenever she has the time Rune-Ruin shall write up chapter two so...wait until then!

And yes, the entire "Makaian" language is just random letters strung together with dashes thrown in every now and then. Seriously. And I put that in myself...and for now the only for sure words are:

mutt - kekka
you - su-na-e
I - e-an-us
years/year - juudai
reincarnation - rein-ca-to
Temee - wingless

And yes, I and You are the reverse of each other...

Oh, and quick notes on some Japanese words used:

Nezumi is rat
is goat
is crow (and yes it is also the name of our favorite bomber who wants to kill Kurama...)
is bastard but we're using a "makaian" translation for a reason in this case.

And a few other notes: a baby bat is called a pup, and a group of bats is a colony. Since a crow is a bird I just used "flock" 'cause I don't know what else to use...

Oh, and Rune, don't hesitate adding your own comments to this note XD I love your thoughts.

*panics at the sudden credit given* Nah-uh! No way! This was TK's original idea, I just helped a little bit. I will not so much credit! I CAN'T HANDLE THAT KIND OF PRESSURE! *flails wildly and falls over*

O_O Dude, totally didn't think Rune would freak about that...huh *pokes Rune* silly friend-co-author... XD


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