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Legendary Rewrite.

Part 1. Nice going Brat

Once, Konohagakure no sato had been hailed as the largest, and grudgingly, most powerful of the five major Shinobi nations worthy of claiming the title of kage for their village leader. All five of the reigning Hokage had, in their time, been legends both on and off the battlefield.

Senju Hashirama, the Shodai Hokage, wielder of the vaunted Mokuton Kekkei Genkai, and the only man to boast full control over the nine bijuu, which he dispersed among the nations as a sign of faith. And his brother, Senju Tobirama, the Nidaime Hokage, hailed as Konoha's God of War, undisputed master of Suiton ninjutsu and wielder of the legendary Raijin ken.

Together, these two trained the Sandaime, the prodigal Sarutobi Hiruzen, descendent of the legendary Sarutobi Sasuke. Hiruzen would go on to become known as the 'god of Shinobi', master of every jutsu in his village, as well as becoming oldest living Kage in History, as well as the only one to claim the reign of power twice.

The Yondaime, breaking the chain of succession, came in the form of one of the students of Jiraiya, Sarutobi's own student, Namikaze Minato, who would become known as the Kiroi Senkou, feared and loathed by Iwagakure, and later the man to defeat the Kyuubi.

While Sarutobi reclaimed the reigns of power following Minato's sacrifice, his reign would only last another thirteen years before Orochimaru, his treacherous, once most beloved student, came to claim his life, at the cost of his arms. During this time Sarutobi's final Student, Senju Tsunade, Granddaughter of the first hokage, returned from self imposed exile to claim her birth-right, and the reigns of power as the godaime Hokage.

Right now though, as she knelt next to her young apprentice, Haruno Sakura, Tsunade couldn't help but wonder if she'd have been better off staying in exile. Not only had Konoha been literally blasted off the face of the map, but she was currently the last of the sannin, Jiraiya and Orochimaru having been slain, in some shape of form, by the criminal organization known as Akatsuki, the leader of which had been the one to destroy her home, claiming it as 'justice'.

Even now, as she fought to regain her strength, watching the miniature moon that had formed in the sky shatter as the Kyuubi's howls tore through the air once more, the medical prodigy wondered if, had the sannin remained together, would things have turned out differently.


"He broke through my Chibaku Tensei…" Nagato muttered, watching through the animated corpse of his one-time friend Yahiko as the Kyuubi container stood glaring at him, eyes framed with red, the pupils golden and toad-like in appearance as he charged up a Rasen-shuriken "Impressive."

That was as far as he got before Uzumaki Naruto, son of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, Student of Hatake 'Sharingan' Kakashi, Disciple and Godson of Jiraiya and the toads of Myoboku-zan and one VERY pissed of Jinchuuriki, blasted into his hidden cave, startling the life out of Konan, who'd been distracted from her watch out of concern for his health. The blue haired woman summoned her paper around her, trying to muster a defense, only to be sent crashing into the wall, her neck broken courtesy of a savage, sage-chakra laced backhand to the face.

Nagato, his eyes gaping in disbelief, realizing only now that his avatar was fighting one of the jinchuriki's clones, could only watch helplessly within the confines of his walker as the blonde's fist, laden with Sage-chakra, rushed towards his face like a comet, before everything went blissfully silent.


Yamanaka Inoichi grunted as he climbed the cliff where Shikamaru had suggested they look for pain, cursing under his breath as he recalled the damage the madman had inflicted on Konoha. Even if they could rebuild, it was clear to anyone that the once proud shinobi village had been decimated like nothing before, even Iwa hadn't suffered this badly during the war.

'Jiraiya-sama, Shizune and Kakashi are gone too…' he noted, a scowl crossing his features as he recalled how helpless he'd been to protect the medic, Pain's avatar having ripped her soul from her body. 'So help me, if I get that bastard in my Hiranshin I'm making him dismember himself, all seven of him, from the inside out!'

Flanking her father, Yamanaka Ino was of a like mind, recalling how cold Shizune's body had felt, not to mention the look of terror that had adorned the medic's features as she knelt at the long-haired pain's feet, her mind being read as easily as one could turn the pages of a book. A sudden explosion rocked the cliff-face, the search team letting out a yell, Inuzuka Tsume cursing as she dug her claw-like nails into the cliff-face, Kuromaru doing the same, but adding his fangs to the mix.

"What the hell was that?!" the Inuzuka matriarch snapped, only to gape as the top of the mountain EXPLODED outwards, Ino shrieking as her father pulled her towards him, out of the path of the avalanche, but only just.

"I smell blood…" Kuromaru growled over the din, the great hound's nose twitching and sole eye narrowed in a deep, rumbling growl "Blood…and anger…and sickness…" he snorted "and…Ramen?"

"Ramen?" Tsume repeated, eyeing her companion in confusion "Who in the hell reeks so much of-?" she blinked, catching Inoichi's eye with a snort "Damn but he works fast…Just like his old man huh?"

"HE never left anything for the rest of us either." Inoichi chuckled, ignoring the confused look on his daughter's face as he smirked at the Inuzuka matriarch "Though I doubt he'd take a mountain with him in the process."

"What can I say?" Tsume snorted as she pulled herself up the slope "The kid's not the most unpredictable ninja in Konoha for nothing."

Ino looked between the chuckling adults in confusion, wondering just what the hell they were talking about, even as the first, telltale signs of something wrong washed over her, her eyes widening as she caught sight of her hand. "Dad?" she called out, her voice unsettled, even as Kuromaru let out a plaintive whine that caused Tsume to look back at him in alarm. Inoichi, turned to his princess, just in time to gape as she disappeared from sight, Kuromaru along with her.

"INO!" the Yamanaka patriarch yelled, looking around for his daughter desperately, only to blink as he lost his footing, stumbling to the ground and gaping at his feet as they slowly faded out of sight "Wha-what the hell?!"


Uchiha Sasuke, Last son of Clan Uchiha, and soon, the one that would burn Konoha to the ground, glared at the crater that had once been his hometown, sharingan blazing at the arrogance of Pain stealing what was rightfully His to destroy.

"Whew!" Suigetsu whistled, the liquid-man with the trademark shark-teeth of a kirigakure nin covering his eyes to see the carnage better "That Pain bastard really knows how to put his foot down huh?"

"I'm sensing very few life-signs…" Karin reported, opening her eyes and lowering her hands from their seals "It would seem Pain's jutsu has effectively wiped Konoha out utterly."

Juugo said nothing, but the look of distress on the giant's features showed he felt for the village…or at least for the countless innocents that had been caught in the crossfire. Ironically enough it was Juugo, normally so preoccupied with restraining his desire to 'wig-out' and murder everyone, who noticed that something was wrong first, namely that Sasuke was starting to become transparent, and the giant didn't mean the Uchiha's motives.

"Sasuke!" he yelled, reaching out for the avengers shoulder, only to gape as his hand passed right through, Karin's scream of shock and Suigetsu coarse swearing tearing through the air even as the team realized their leader wasn't the only one disappearing.


"Send out a search party at once." Madara, in the guise of Tobi, demanded of his few remaining subordinates, Zetsu and Kisame, "The Hachibi has a week's start on us already, but men of his description can't be too hard to find."

"Leave it to the leftover Uchiha to cock everything up." Zetsu's dark half growled, only to shiver as a most peculiar feeling fell over him, a moment of lucidity if you will "What the hell?"

Kisame looked up, only to gape as the plant man's light half, along with half of his body, was slowly fading out of existence. He opened his mouth to roar in shock, only to pale as he realized no sound was coming out, mainly because, in the darkness of the cavern, he had already vanished from the mouth downwards.

Madara, his visible Sharingan narrowing at the sight, could only growl as the feeling of emptiness washed over him 'The damned fox-!'


'Where am I?' Naruto wondered, cracking his eyes open with a grimace as he tried to make sense of his surroundings. Not that this did any good, as the blinding light that jabbed into his retinas promptly caused him to snap them shut 'Too bright…why'm I so light?'

He tried to sit up, but his muscles didn't seem to want any of it, in fact, they were dangling down and behind him, like the limbs of a puppet floating in the water. Except there was no water, there wasn't ANYTHING, there was only the light, and it couldn't even be called that. This was whiteness beyond whiteness, and emptiness beyond empty, the most sterile room in creation was a garbage dump compared to how spotless this weird, unnatural place felt.

'So how'd I get here?' the weakened jinchuuriki wondered, his eyes cracking slightly open out of stubbornness. If he could survive being partially digested by a godsdamned snake, he wasn't about to let a little light keep him from taking a look around 'Last I remember was that Pain freak looking at me and…'

'You really are a handful…you know that brat…?' a dark, murderous voice growled, the words reaching into his brain without having the decency to pass through his ears.

'Still with me, kuso-kitsune?' the son of the Yondaime mocked, feeling a guilty thrill rush through his body at THAT little piece of information. After so long of being considered an orphan, a nameless nobody, it was like stumbling across the vaunted holy grail to learn he had parents. The fact the Yondaime was his dad was just the icing on the cake.

'I thought I'd seen it all…' the blonde's tenant muttered, giving him the impression it was shaking it's big, furry head in disbelief 'I've lived countless millennia, I've seen empires rise and fall, I've seen things that would make a mortal soul implode,' again, the feeling of a head being shaken 'But you…you brat, take the whole fucking cake.'

'Can the flattery furball.' Naruto shot back, not in the mood for the demon's honeyed whispers after what it tried to pull when he'd drawn out eight tails worth of chakra, 'just tell me what the hell did you do.'

'What did 'I' do?' the demon repeated, and Naruto, for some inexplicable reason, got the feeling the furball was laughing at him 'Now how, in the name of Inari-sama's balls did you come to the conclusion that this is MY doing?'

'Don't try and cover it up!' Naruto countered, his tone annoyed, even if he couldn't actually SEE his long time burden to yell at it 'All the freaky shit in my life is always connected to you in some way!'

'Oh yes, play the jinchuurki card,' the demon snorted 'It's not like I CHOSE to be sealed into you, hell if I'd had one more second your damnable sire and his summon would've been vaporized.' It sniffed disdainfully 'Then again, if I hadn't been sealed then we wouldn't still be here to complain would we?'

'Where the hell are we anyways?' Naruto asked, still a little unnerved that he wasn't actually saying anything. He wasn't breathing either, or at least he didn't feel his lungs moving, and it was starting to freak him out.

'We're nowhere.' Kyuubi replied flatly 'And don't look at me like that, there is literally no name for this place that in any language in the world. call it whatever you want: Limbo, Tween-time, Realm of the Blue screen…'

'Realm of the what?' Naruto wondered, his brow furrowing in confusion at his tenant's unusual words.

'Never mind,' Kyuubi cut in, tone dismissive, 'It hardly matters, all you need to know is that this place only exists outside of time, and that if we're here…then you fucked up big time.'

'Wait what the hell!' Naruto snapped, though his body remained limp 'No way in the hell is this my fault!'

'Really? You don't remember the last thing you did?' Kyuubi asked, a hint of mockery in it's tone 'Because I certainly wasn't the one that used SAGE chakra to kill a descendent of the Rokudou no sennin.'

'Rokudou no what now?' Naruto repeated, face going super-deforemed and a question mark forming over his head.

'Of all the-! Don't you ever pay attention to what people tell you?!' the fox snapped, and for some reason, Naruto felt himself flinch in a manner he normally associated with feminine ire, 'The founder of the shinobi world?! Creator of the first elemental Jutsu?! Master of all forms of the Shinobi arts?!'

'So he's someone important?' Naruto repeated, only to flinch as the demon howled in his mind, the sound oddly hysterical.


'My kingdom for a braincell…' the fox muttered bitterly, then sighed 'Look, just get the basics into your skull: The Rokudou no sennin, who created the first Ninjutsu, and basically founded the shinobi world, possessed the rin'negan.' It growled when Naruto made to interrupt 'Silence! Anyways, some of his disciples, unsatisfied with their lot, decided to kill him in his sleep…lets just say it didn't work out to well.' a growl of resentment'Anyways, the sage, who had mastered all elemental affinities, could do so because he tapped into the natural energies of the world…something you should be fortunate Pain never got around to finding out.'

'Whoa-whoa-whoa wait a sec!' Naruto stammered, 'Are you telling me that this Six-path guy could use SAGE Chakra?!'

'What part of 'Founder of the Shinbi world' did your brain not register?!' the fox hissed, and indeed, Naruto felt vary foolish 'And it was a good thing Pain did not learn it, or we'd be going through what Shukaku's host did right about now…though on second thoughts that might be preferable.'

'But wait…' Naruto wondered 'if the Rin'negan allowed pain to master all forms of Jutsu…then why'd he only use one technique at a time?'

'Because while it is the most vaunted doujutsu, the user must still LEARN their skills the hard way.' Kyuubi supplied, 'A trait that led to Pain's downfall, for using the powers of the Rin'negan, without the use of Sage Chakra to bolster his mortal frame…' A dark chuckle 'well, you saw what he looked like.'

Naruto shivered at the memory of Pain's wraith-like body, he'd never seen anyone look that sick and skeletal and still be alive. Even Orochimaru, the embodiment of creepy, hadn't come close to turning Naruto's stomach that much. 'Still, that doesn't explain what the hell's going on.' He muttered confusedly.

'Think about it you monkey,' Kyuubi replied, in a voice that was filled with dark humor 'The Rokudou no sennin created the world with his Rin'negan and Sage Chakra, don't you think it stands to reason that the only reason the world continued to exist after his death was because his descendants still remained?'

Naruto blanched, a chill running through his numb body like ice coursing through his veins 'So…when I attacked him in sage mode…'

'It was like a dog biting it's master, the natural energy, which the Rin'negan helped create, destroyed the keystone that held the world together.' Another dark chuckle, almost mocking 'Congratulations brat…you just destroyed the world.'


Naruto gaped, mind reeling at the implications of what he'd just been told.

It couldn't be true, in a few minutes he would wake up in Konoha's Hospital and everything would be back to the way it was. Sakura would bean him over the head for making him worry, the Tsunade-baachan would come over to get her digs in. Kakashi-sensei would be leaning against the door…or lying in the bed next to him, reading one of Ero-sennin's pervy novels.

Then Shikamaru and Team Asuma would saunter in, Chouji munching away at the fruits basket they'd brought for him, Ino telling her teammate off whilst Shikamaru just snorted and stood there like the lazy genius he was. And Team Gai would be right behind them, Lee and Gai doing some bizarre dance for his health whilst Neji watched them in disgust, Tenten shaking her head in disbelief.

Team Kurenai, with the elegant, ruby-eyed jounin herself still on maternity leave, would walk in, Kiba and Akamaru making pests of themselves while Shino did the whole 'silent brooding thing whilst asking about his health while Hinata…

Oh Gods Hinata…

The Hyuuga heiress, who had professed her love to him right before being cut down by Pain's avatar, right in front of him. He'd SEEN Pain stab the girl, heard her little cry as the black, chakra disruptor had pierced her, smelled the blood even as he morphed into his six-tailed state…

'They're all gone…' he breathed, and now his eyes opened, tears brimming in the blue as they gazed into the never-ending whiteness, heedless of the searing pain in his retinas and his tenant's roars for him to stop 'All my fault…Gegimayu…Tenten…Neji…Shikamaru…Ino…Chouji….Kiba…Hinata…Sakura-chan…Ichiraku-jiji…Ayame-neechan…Kurenai-sensei…Gejimayu-sensei…Iruka-sensei…' he shuthis ees one last time as the images of those who cared for him flashed before them, one last face beaming at him as the whiteness claimed his world 'Baachan…'

A flash of green under his jacket filled the whiteness, his jacket unzipping as the necklace of Senjuu Hashirama, Tsunade's grandfather, lit up like a supernova, Naruto gasping as he felt a tugging sensation from the region of his stomach, and then nothing.


"Goddammit! I fucking hate that cat!" came a snarl from a girl, or rather a young woman, as she stamped down the street, her arms lined with scratch marks and her pretty face drawn in a bestial snarl.

"Tell me about it…" one of her friends mutter, rubbing his face from where the satanic feline had tried to gouge out his eyes "One of these days I'm gonna chase it into the Inuzuka kennels!"

"Then you'd have to deal with Koga-dono." A third youth pointed out, walking alongside the irate duo, on the girls left, his long, ebony locks a stark contrast to his pale skin "Still…the idea does have merit."

"What the hell? YOU'RE actually agreeing with the idiot?" the girl wondered, looking back at her normally reserved teammate in confusion, before placing a hand to his forehead "Are you ill?"

"The hell's that supposed to mean?!" the other teen snapped, getting up in her face even as the third sighed and shook his head in disbelief.

"It means what it means fat-ass!"

"Who you calling fat you tit-less brat?!"

The third youth sighed, shaking his head at the immaturity of his fellows as he gazed heavenward, his golden eyes widening in alarm as he grabbed them both by their hair and leapt to the ground. "GAH! WHAT THE HELL IS YOU PROBLEM OROCHI-?!" the white haired one snapped, only to yelp as something crashed into the spot they'd just vacated with enough force to send a plume of smoke and debris into the air "SWEET MOTHER OF MAMARIES!"

"Your welcome." The raven-haired youth replied, a small, superior smile forming on his pale face as he slowly raised himself off the floor, his teammates following suit as they crawled to the lip of the crater.

"Holy shit…" the girl whispered, eyes widening at the sheer SIZE of the crater, large enough for an Akimichi, in their giant form, to sit in comfortably without fear of pinching "What could have…?"

"Hey there's someone down there!" the white haired youth yelled, pointing down into the smoke where a form was barely visible at the bottom, lying very still "OI! You alive down there?!"

The black haired youth, shaking his head at his colleague's statement, leapt over the ridge and promptly slid down into the crater, wincing from the smell of burnt dirt and the cracking of cooling stone. 'A good thing we were in the training fields…' he muttered 'Had we been in the village proper…' He pushed those thoughts aside as he touched down into the crater, kneeling next to the figure and, gently, rolling it onto its side.

'A boy?' he noted only to frown as he rubbed the dirt away 'No…a teenager at least…not much older than myself I'd wager…' he felt for a pulse '…he's alive…barely…' he looked to the youth's head, where a muddy hitai-ate was visible, rubbing the cooling metal tentatively, only to gape at the familiar symbol etched on it.

"Kami-sama…" he breathed, before turning to look up at his teammates "There's a faint pulse, but he needs medical attention." He turned to the white haired teen "Get Sensei here at once!"

As the trio leapt into action, the white haired youth dashing off in search of their sensei, and the girl joining her teammate in the crater, they failed to notice the dim emerald glow under his clothes that was slowly fading away, or the low, imperceptible hum that seemed to come from his chest.


Far away, at four different points of the world, four great beasts woke from their ancient slumber and turned their gazes towards a point that, for countless millennia, they had left unattented.

'He has come.'


And...there we have it.

Dunno if anyone else came up with the 'kill pain, world goes bye-bye' angle, but i figured it could be there. Rokudou created the world forcrying out loud, and SAGE chakra had to come from somewhere, so since Jiraiya hadn't trained as a sage when he met Nagato, he couldn't pass on Sage teachings, which resulted in the rin'negan burning pain out.

Also, yes, that comment about the desciples has some meaning to it, but not to the 'four beasts' that awoke at Naruto arrival.

First one who can guess the identity of the trio that found our favourite blonde knucklehead ninja gets a cookie...or oneshot pairing, though considering how easy I made it, it should be a no-brainer.