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Red = Donna (Ditto; hair)

Brown = Doctor (Ditto; hair AND suit)

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Series Four in Yellow, Red and Brown

Chapter One: The Trio of Time

(Known as: Partners in Crime)

Holding a bright red folder and rehearsing her lines over for the hundredth time that morning, Donna strolled quickly down the crowded street. Adipose Industries was where she was heading, they were selling these miracle pills that cut the fat off you, without any diets or anything like that. Her mum's friend, Janet, had been on the pills for just a week and she'd already lost two and a half stone, No dieting, and no nothing; oh, they were miracles alright.

Something not right about them and that was why Donna Noble was about to investigate; well, one reason was the latter, but the other was because she was almost one-hundred percent positive, that a particular man in a particular brown pinstriped suit and his particular, would be right on the case too. She was looking for him, waiting for him to pop back into existence. Fat that walks away, bees disappearing and strange sightings; it all equalled to trouble and what was bound to be not far behind? The Doctor and Rose Tyler, if Donna knew so much and she did, then the travellers wouldn't be far behind. It had been a whole year and a quarter since she was teleported to the TARDIS on her wedding day, and she'd searched many different cases so far, concerning anything out-of-the-ordinary but she'd no luck so far. Donna hoped that this was her lucky chance and unknown to her, it definitely was

She turned a corner, took a deep breath and walked - what she hoped was – casually into the building of Adipose Industries.


Not so far away, in the abandoned alley, the TARDIS swiftly blended into existence and out bounded the Doctor and Rose.

Rose wrinkled her nose at her surroundings, as she leapt out. "Are you sure, this is the right place? It's a bit… damp."

"Oi, what were you expecting? Red carpet, chauffeurs and the paparazzi, maybe?" the Doctor bantered playfully, exposing the sonic screwdriver from out of his pockets.

"Watch it, you! An' no, actually, I just thought it'd be, I dunno… more formal?" Rose shrugged and hooked her arm through his.

"Where's the fun in formal? Last time we went through the front door, and posed as honoured guests, we nearly got killed by a mutated Human that looked like a mutated lobster."

"Are you saying there's gonna be trouble?" Rose asked, raising an eyebrow

To tell the truth, Rose didn't actually know why they were paying a visit to Adipose Industries because the Doctor had babbled something like: 'Fat that walked away', 'Alien sightings' conluded with a 'matter can't just disappear' and they were off! Not a thought about it, that's what she loved and found amusing about this man, he never gave her time to think and just rushed ahead with it. Sometimes that got them into serious trouble, especially the time with Martha and the weeping angel, but life was a bargain.

A niggling thought suddenly broke its way through the surface, exactly one year had gone by, according to the calendar she put in the TARDIS. One year since the battle at Canary Wharf; two years year since Torchwood and two years, since she was last with her mum… Rose shook her head and waved the notion away, remembering that Jacqueline Andrea Suzette Tyler was happy and living a good life with Pete – she'd probably had that baby by now. She laughed in her head, as she imagined her mum waddling around and probably taken over by hormones, as Pete rushed round to do her bidding. Good old mum, but she couldn't see her anymore… Rose quickly cleared her head from all other thoughts, and returned back to reality.

"…This is formal enough, isn't it? Besides, it's quicker if we go this way," the Doctor said cheerfully, buzzing the lock on the fire-exit door with the. He beamed at her manically, as the lock opened with a satisfying click. He stepped back and gestured the doorway, a mischievous glint in his eye. "Ladies first."


Donna's heart was hammering outrageously and it was barely contained in her ribcage, though the security guard didn't know it.

"Good morning, Adipose Industries," The guard said monotonously. He was rather cute with a tall muscular frame and tufty blonde hair.

Donna put on a small smile and flashed her (fake) ID to the security guard, "Donna Noble. Healthy and Safety."

Donna breathed a sigh of great relief, as the guard dismissed her and she ambled along as if she did this everyday, even though she had no idea where she was even going. She was just glad she got past Security. The things Donna did, just to find the Doctor. She scowled inwardly; he was gonna get one hell of a slapping when she found him. She was looking forward to seeing Rose too, but the last time they met, she looked so depressed and heart-broken, - hopefully she was better now.


Arms locked, they strolled down the isolated corridor, casually talking about their last adventure involving a green bug-eyed bug. They quickly disconnected, when they rounded a corner and saw that there was a burly, smartly uniformed Security guard up ahead.

"Here comes trouble," the Doctor muttered, rummaging round his pockets for a certain slip of leather.

AHA! He found it. They walked up to him, both of them pokerfaced.

"John Smith," The Doctor declared bluntly.

"Rose Tyler," Rose said.

"Health and Safety," They said in unison, as the Doctor flashed his Psychic Paper.

The pair was offhandedly waved off, and as soon as the Doctor and Rose were out of plain view – they legged it, laughing all the way. This was gong to be a very interesting day.


"Adipose Industries. The 21st century way to lose weight. There's no exercise, no diet, no pain. Just lifelong freedom from fat. It's as simple as anything," Miss Foster began, taking her time to recite her speech, as she warily watched the reactions of the retailers and journalists. "The ultimate Holy Grail of the modern era. No more worries from the threats of the modern world, a miracle cure if you like… And here it is, the tablets themselves," She de-pocketed a small cylindrical pill and displayed it all around. "You just take one capsule, one capsule, once a day, for three weeks. And the fat, as they say..."

"The fat just walks away." The computer finished in a deep boom, presenting yet another demonstration.

"Excuse me, Miss Foster, if I could? I'm Penny Carter, science correspondent for The Observer," Penny conveyed, putting her hand up. She gave a diminutive resemblance to Martha Jones, but this woman had her hair knotted up in a tight bun and wore a pristine grey suit, with all the trimmings of jewellery and just the right amount of make-up. "There are a thousand diet pills on the market, a thousand con men stealing people's money. How do we know the fat isn't going straight into your bank account?"

"Oh Penny, if cynicism burnt up calories, we'd all be as thin as rakes. But if you want the science, I oblige. The Observer, always hollowing for all the information! But, I'm sure out computer's will soon change your attitude." Miss Foster smiled civilly and cocked her head at the large screen, behind her.

"Adipose Industries. The Adipose capsule is composed of a synthesised mobilising lipase, bound to a large protein molecule.. The mobilising ." the computer carried on like this.

In the meantime, the Doctor was slouched, head sticking through the small window in the projection room and watching the film intently, mind inhaling every word of it. While Rose, leaned back on a table, viewing the film at the back of the room – just able to get a proper picture, because the Doctor was selfishly hogging the box. Out of the blue, a scruffily dressed man entered the room, staring at the two new people in confusion.

"Doctor!?" Rose hissed, prodding the Doctor in the back.

He jumped up and spun round to see the man, who was evidently in charge of the projection room, "Hello!"

"Who are you?"

"Us? Oh right, hang on a minute," The Doctor felt around his pockets, and eventually produced the psychic paper. "Health and Safety. Film department."

The man raised his eyebrows at Rose, nonplussed.

"In training," Rose said suddenly, speaking the first thing that came to her head.


"100 percent legal, 100 percent effective." Miss Foster was droning.

"But, can I just ask, how many people have taken the pills to date?" questioned Penny, clipboard in hand and scribbling away.

Miss Foster was prepared. "We've already got one million customers within the Greater London area alone. But from next week, we start rolling out nationwide. The future starts here. And Britain will be thin."

Half an hour later, the Doctor stretched and yawned, removing his self out of the cramp gap in between the projector and the wall. He rubbed his back and stretched once more, moaning as he did so.

Rose rolled her eyes, "I told ya that wouldn't be a good idea."

"Instead of me lecturing you about all my Timelord morality; a hug would be nice?" the Doctor said, with a bit of luck.

"Come 'ere, you idiot," she replied, enveloping him in a warm hug. "Anything to shut you up."

"Now let's do some snooping,"


In the call centre of Adipose Industries, the phones failed to stop ringing as hundreds of people phoned in to place an order for the Adipose pills. Business could never be better for Miss Foster but she still wasn't satisfied, yet.

"Good morning, I represent Adipose Industries." Craig said in the same fake cheeriness as everyday. "Mm, hmm… Yep, of course I'd be happy to help. That's a three-week course of pills for a special price of 45 pounds. I just need your details down."

Donna's eyes flitted around, looking for the perfect target and muttered a, 'Perfect' under her breath, when she spotted a young, brunette man at a desk gibbering over the phone. He looked too easy.

"Don't mind me," Donna trilled in a whisper, promptly exhibiting the bit of plastic. "Donna Noble, Health and Safety."

"The box comes with 21 days' worth of pills, a full information pack, and our special free gift, an Adipose Industries pendant." Craig explained briefly over the phone, flashing Donna a quick grin.

Fit though he was, Craig, as she read on his nametag just wasn't her type, so she just nodded back politely without too much flirting. Donna sat there scanning his desk for a further five boring minutes, and then finally Craig clicked the receiver back into place.

"So, I'm just here to check what sort of things you sell," Donna said and Craig sought to interrupt, Donna got there first. "I already know about the pills, but are there any other things you give to your customers?"

"Well, we do give away these pendants," Craig said, dangling a gold chain in the air. "I'm not entirely sure why, but I could ring somebody and find out why for you. If you'd like, of course, Miss uh…"

"It's Noble, but call me Donna and no need, I'll just need to keep this for testing," She replied, tucking the pendant into her pocket. "And I just need a list of your customers – to just check out if your customers are uh happy with your products. Could you print it off for me?"

"Suppose so."


On the other side of the office was the Doctor, he was talking to some lady called Clare – who seemed to be taking a certain liking for him. Rose however, talking to another employee, not far away, wasn't very happy indeed. A bit green-eyed, to say the least.

He'd assured the member of staff that he was a Health and Safety Inspector, by the name of 'John Smith' and while Clare had been extremely engaged talking to a client, he'd managed to slip Rose the psychic paper to use, and she rewarded him with a thumbs-up.

So far, the Doctor had only find out a load of useless information: the company gave away lockets that were made of real 18 carat gold; it was free and they did free delivery. He was hoping to find something more appealing, but he hitherto he was getting the short end of the stick.


"Rose Tyler. Health and Safety Inspector."

She'd told the smartly suited man, by the name of Gareth, as she showed his the psychic paper. He was in his early forties maybe, and had long unkempt black hair, held together in a loose ponytail. What and how much info the psychic paper told him, Rose didn't know. But it must've said something important because it made Gareth sit up straight, fiddle with his tie and start talking techno…

After Rose had nodded for the seventh time running, not that she was counting, and not understood a word of it all; she got fed up and interjected his speech.

"Sorry to intrude, but I've been sent to check the welfare of the customers and the uh trade you do with them. Do you do anything to ensure the customers that this isn't just a money-grubbing deal? Do you give anything away, maybe? Something to reassure the customers or induce them, say." Rose said, slightly pushing her luck..

The words had suddenly fell out of her mouth, so she couldn't stop it now. She had no idea what she was looking for, but perhaps any freebies would trigger some sort of league, on what she and the Doctor were up against. If that were the situation.

Gareth's eyes furtively slid down to Rose's upper chest, but Rose was no fool and zipped her navy cardigan up further. She wasn't having some pervert ogling her.

He blinked back into the real world and met her eyes again. "Yep, hang on a second," He fumbled around in a couple of drawers and said casually. "So, you dating anyone?"

"I don't think that's any of your business," Rose forced a smile and felt a rush of anger run through her, then muttered. "Besides, I don't think your boss would like it very much if you went home, bruised for life."

Gareth eyed her suspiciously for a moment, but then slithered a drawer open, extracting a beautiful real-gold pendant.

"We also have copies of the customers we work with, just to benefit their trust."

OK Rose was going to have to conclude now or start flirting, because she was definitelyy sure that Gareth had twigged that something was up, and Rose was worried that he'd think she was some sort of journalist or even worse, an impostor Then she'd get busted for sure.

"Oh OK, would you mind printing me out a copy? Just for the record," Rose said, winking at him. What the hell was she doing?


"Where's the printer again?" Donna asked

"Over there, by the pot plant."

Donna stood up, searching for the printer. She found it by a half-wilted pot plant.

"Which plant, that plant there? The one with the yellow leaves?"

"Yeah, that's the one." Craig said then added at the mention of yellowing plants. "I swear half the staff chuck their coffee in there,"

"How lovely."

Donna sat down.

The Doctor stood up, unaware that the woman that had once appeared out of nowhere, in his TARDIS, in a bleach white wedding dress was just metres away from him.

"That's the printer there?" he said,

"The one by the plant, the plant yellowy leaves, yeah." Clare said dully.


He sat back down, only half contented.

Rose stood up. "What, that printer there?" Rose asked, pointing at the printer by the pot plant.

"Yeah, the one by the pot plant which everyone spits in." Gareth sighed, then put in when Rose frowned at him. "The plant with the yellow leaves."

"Great." She said, grinning and sitting back down. Rose swore she saw a mass of red-hair, that had undoubtedly belonged to a woman she once knew called Donna, but she shook her head and left it at a mistake.

Donna's head suddenly rang with a question and she arose again. "Does it need a code? Last place I worked, the printer needed a code."

"No, I can do it from here."

She sat down and the Doctor got to his feet again.

"Has it got paper?"

"Yeah, Jimbo keeps it stocked." Clare replied, tediously.

Rose saw him and stood up, before waving at him to catch his attention and tried to mouth her findings.

All of a sudden Miss Foster walked in, brass as ever with two hefty bodyguards in tow.

"Excuse me, everyone, if I could have your attention." She called, clapping her hands once.

Everyone stood up attentively, and greeted their managed with a dreary call of , 'Good morning, Miss Foster." Well everyone, with the exception of the Doctor, Rose and Donna, who all briefly glanced up and stooped, so she wouldn't see them. The Doctor ducked his head and hid, when Miss Foster scanned his side of the room; Donna and Rose had to go through the same routine. Donna was sure she saw the ever familiar flash of blonde hair of Rose, as she dipped her head to hide her face. But when she looked up again, she was gone. Trick of the mind, she thought to herself..

Miss Foster did not look happy indeed, as she proved as she began to state her dissatisfaction, "On average, you're each selling forty Adipose packs per day. It's not enough. I want one hundred sales per person per day. And if not, you'll be replaced. Cos if anyone is good in trimming the fat, it's me. Now, back to it. Carry on."

Miss Foster skimmed the room once more, and with an indication of approval to her bodyguards, the woman slowly clip-clopped out of the room.


"Anyway, if you could print that off., that would be fantastic. Thanks." The Doctor chimed with a grin of agreement, standing up and ready to go.

And at the other side of the room, Donna arose from the swivel chair and finished her task with a: "So if you could just print off that list, I'll get out of your way. Oh, lovely. Thanks, see ya, bye."


Rose, on the other hand, was gaining a couple of even more doubtful looks, so she hastened to end her conversation, "Yep, if you'll just print them off for me… You're a star. Cheers."


The Doctor was handed a slip of paper, with Clare's handwriting.

"Errr, and what's this?" looking at the eleven numeral figures scribbled down.

"My telephone number."

"Right," He said nodding, then crinkled his face in confusion. "What for?"

"Health and Safety." She said boldly, then added in a seductive whisper. "You be health, I'll be safety."

The Doctor racked his brains for an excuse, "Aah. Aah. But. That contravenes ah, paragraph five, subsection C. Not allowed to create ah personal relationships with… clients. Sorry." He then inserted briefly a very honest answer. "I'm already with someone."

It was technically true; he and Rose weren't hitched or anything but they were, what Humans liked to call it, 'going out' in a sense. Well, at least he thought they were, since they'd definitely gotten a lot closer and more intimate during the past two years, including the year that never was. He inwardly shivered in remembrance of the Toclafane and all that the Master had done... Then came the Titanic and he knew that Rose was very uneasy during both incidents. Especially about Astrid. Now he was thinking, Rose seemed very occupied with her own thoughts recently, but he'd speak to her later about it. For now, there were other matters.

The Doctor watched as Clare's lips turned down into a frustrated frown, and she opened her mouth to speak. But before she could say anything, he hurried away, raw red with embarrassment, and headed to the printer with his back plainly turned to Donna, who was already on the move. But something was wrong with the printer, and nothing came out. He looked at Rose optimistically, whom was already standing, but was only responded with a mime of strangling somebody's neck. The Doctor shrugged at her, then she slid her pupils down to gesticulate the worker next to her.

Great, now he had to go back to see Clare…


Gareth's computer had froze over and wasn't responding, therefore she couldn't get any printout. She had a slight suspicion, that her lack of enthusiasm to have a hearty conversation with him had caused him to accidentally-of-purpose freeze the computer. Gareth shook his head at her and signalled the currently stationary computer. Rose smiled forcibly at him, tucked the pretty gold pendant into her jean pocket and walked away, with a scowl etched on her face.

So the Doctor reluctantly strolled back to Clare, and grinned.

"Me again."


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