The girl was there again, with her glowing orange eyes and that clunky diver suit was following her around again, I approached her and knelt down in front of her and she looked up at me smiling that slightly creepy smile, I was the only one, save for her 'big brother' behind her that didn't run away screaming or ignored her and her other sisters. I held out my hands and she climbed into my lap as I sat down on one of the benches outside of the medical pavilion. I calmly stroked her dark hair as her 'big daddy' protector stood off the side guardedly watching both me and the people that passed us by, but it no longer watched me with its powerful gaze all of the time, since it now appeared to comprehend that I wasn't going to harm its 'little sister' who was now curled up into my chest and, for all appearances, appeared to be sleeping. But that would be an incorrect postulation, as they never needed to sleep thanks to the changes that their bodies had undertaken thanks to those rather insane scientists, even if they were trying to help us.

The girls eyes snapped open all of a sudden and she looked up at me, I calmly picked her up and put her down and as she skipped off she turned and waved to me, I smiled and waved back as her 'big daddy' began, once more, to look around suspiciously at the people milling around in the square.

I had long become accustom to 'the creature' that was the Little Sisters and so I was less afraid of them than most, especially thanks to the fact that I still viewed them as mostly human, just with a few 'special' alterations, unlike most of the people in this godforsaken place, a world where the great would not be confined by the small, and yet we still have people who judge the little sisters because of their appearances, I guess humanity never will really change. I knew that a war was brewing in this place once known as 'utopia', where freedom was meant to be the meaning for existence but even that was now being traded in for ADAM, but I was safe so long as I was considered a friend to the little sisters and in turn their protectors known as 'big daddies', since there protectors would most likely seek to protect me thanks to the little sisters being with me quite a lot of the time. I quickly made my way to my apartment; my fire plasmid was quietly simmering inside of my palm. Unlike most of the citizens of this place I had not fallen to the temptation of upgrading myself with them, I only had the level one fire plasmid for protection and I was not about to let anyone make me upgrade, and it wasn't like I had to worry about the ADAM that the others needed, yes I needed some to keep the plasmid going but I always managed to either steal a small amount of someone else's, or, strangely, the little sisters would give me some. Now see, this particular fact was rather strange as it was practically if not completely unheard of for a little sister to freely give ADAM to someone else.

Once I arrived inside my apartment I quickly noticed that someone else was here, but the smell of the water and blood in my apartment told me who it was. I made my way to my living room where another little sister was sitting on my rather comfortable armchair, cheerfully swinging her legs off of the side. I slowly entered the room, making sure not to startle the 'big daddy' or the little sister.

I calmly made my way over and picked up the little sister, sitting myself in the chair and setting her on my lap I rested her head against my chest and began to calmly and soothingly stroke her soft black/brown hair, while my other hand gently wiped a small amount of ADAM from the corner of her mouth and gave it to her

"You okay?" I mumbled softly to her and she only nodded her head against my chest as I gently leaned down and softly kissed the top of her head. She sighed sweetly and snuggled further into my chest making me smile softly. Ever since those scientists had changed these girls into immortal mind conditioned machines that went around harvesting and then ingesting ADAM off of those who died in this place, no one ever showed them any love, care or affection, so I (out of the goodness of my heart) had decided to step in and fill that role and as such I find myself in this position once more, I got a lot out of being seen as a big brother to these girls, not least the fact that I felt good to be helping these children, but also I gained the protection of the big daddy's whenever one of the little sisters was with me.

Her eyes suddenly snapped open and I quickly released her from my grasp as she jumped down and her and her 'guardian' walked out of my apartment on the trail of another 'angel' who had most likely just died.

I sighed heavily and reached over to my side table and poured myself some brandy, some good, expensive, strong brandy, I had taken the liberty of acquiring quite a large amount of the stuff, and took it all in one shot, savouring the feeling of the burning warm liquid going down my throat. I then leaned back in my chair and started to think.