Full Summary: Two sisters are thrown into a world where they need to learn to argue less and fight more: the world of POTC 3. The two girls find themselves to be known as Gibbs's daughters, a pirate captain and her younger sister, the first mate. They travel through the movie to follow Tia Dalma's cryptic advice on how to get home, changing the course of destiny by deciding that Will deserved a better fate than stabbing the heart, and so did Jack. So who gets to stab the heart now?

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A/N: This story is one of those where people somehow get into the movie, this time its just two sisters who when they arrive, find themselves to be cast in the roles of Gibbs's daughters. To get back they must follow the course of the movie, make changes if they see fit and then find their way out. Who though, do they think should stab the heart? This chapter shows how they get to the movie and introduces some of the original characters to them. Please read through to chapter 4 at least, that's when things begin to become more interesting. Thanks, Ange.

Chapter 1

"Georgia, Georgia, Georgia," Anamaria somewhat sang as she walked out of her bedroom closely followed by her younger sister, "I don't care how many times I've let you waltz into my room before and borrow anything you like, I was watching that and you can't just come in and take it."

"You were on the phone, I hardly call that watching it," Georgia yelled in agitation as she grabbed the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD from her sisters hand and pointed it at her, "I was waiting for close to an hour Ana, I'm taking this into my room and watching it now."

Anamaria scowled and raised her eyebrows at her sister. They were eighteen months apart in age, four shades different in hair colour, an inch or two in height difference and almost equal in attitude, the latter proving to be the most problematic in their teenage battles.

"To late Georgie, we're going out remember," Ana smiled at the insolent look playing on the edge of her sisters face; it didn't matter if she didn't win, as long as Georgia didn't either, "you'll have to wait to watch At World's End when we get home."

"You're such a cow!" Georgia almost yelled in her face, pushing roughly past Ana on her way to the front door through the hall, "I'm watching this when we get home and then you aren't allowed to borrow any of my stuff for a week!"

"It's such a great loss," Ana said quietly, standing next to Georgia at the front door and walking out with her sister, the DVD lying forgotten for the moment on the table half way down the hall, "lets just enjoy lunch, if dad catches us arguing over a DVD he'll confiscate it."

Georgia nodded her head in agreement and opened her mouth cursing loudly as Ana pulled her to the ground with her. Ana wasn't keeping quiet either, muttering a string of swear words as her foot caught on one of the decks plank and sent her sprawling.

From much experience with these kinds of events, she had reached out for something solid to cling to, Georgia just happening to be the result.


"I honestly swear I didn't mean to!" Anamaria said quickly as she opened her eyes and sat up, grabbing her head and rotating her almost always injured ankle to check for harm, "Georgia?"

The lack of yelling or insult had made her suspicious, and as she looked down at her ankle to find it encased in a stylish leather boot, complete with a slight point to the tip and a shiny buckle on the outside, locking a braided leather strip in place, something in her brain clicked to tell her all was not right.

"What the hell?" her arms were covered in billowing fluted sleeves and the shirt was loose, tucked into the comfortable skin tight pants that slipped into her boots and created an invisible seam. A faded blue silk sash was looped around her waist and complemented the faded blue lace that adorned the end of the sleeves and the low, draped neckline of the shirt.

Reaching to the sash she found a sheath complete with lightweight cutlass and two smaller ones holding their own daggers. The sharp weaponry didn't alarm her half as much as the shining silver pattern covering the handle of the medium sized, loaded pistol tucked into the fabric.

"Seriously, what the hell?" climbing quickly to her feet and testing the thick heel of her boots on the hard ground, she almost screamed as something came into contact with her neck, brushing past it slightly.

Reaching up to her ear she found that bright scraps of material had been tied onto the short layers of her blonde hair and were catching in the dangling metal of her earrings and brushing along the skin.

"I must have hit my head extremely hard, what if I'm in a coma? What if I died?" she quickly began to panic and almost fell backwards from the weight of something being placed on her back, letting out a small scream she spun around.

Almost nose to nose with Anamaria was the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate Lord of the Caribbean, played by Johnny Depp alongside Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean, and momentarily forgetting she was looking at Johnny Depp, Ana took a moment to survey the endless expanse of white land and sky around them.

"Incredibly sorry Anamaria love," Jack smiled at her as he picked up the jacket off the ground and placed it back on her shoulders, "if I'd 'ave known that rock would've hit you in the head when I threw it I would've kicked it instead."

"Sorry what?" she stammered out, unsure of exactly what was going on, "are we in the Locker?"

Jack looked back at her with a flint of concern and moved forward placing a black hat trimmed in – surprise, surprise – blue silk ribbon and then stepped back, lifting the white rock from the ground and holding it in her line of vision.

"First maybe you should tell me wether you see one rock or more, then I'll explain," Jack said frowning and continuing after her response of one, "as you may remember love, dear Williams dolly bell Elizabeth left me shackled to the mast of me own ship. Against your father's wishes you came back on board to free me, you being the only one aware of that murderess's evil plot to have me disposed to Jones by that bloody Kraken and then we were eaten, subjected to pain beyond death and left in this vastly weird, windless and white un-wonderland."

"Right," Anamaria raised her head and pulled her eyebrows together, taking the rock Jack handed her and tossing it over her shoulder without second thought, making sure her shirt sleeves didn't roll up as she put on her black jacket and admired the way it matched her pants and complimented the grey of the boots, "who if it isn't to much trouble to ask, is my father again? I think that hit on the head has given me a little bit of a concussion."

Jack frowned again and the bitterness was replaced by concentration as he moved his hands to Anamaria's face to examine her eyes for signs of concussion. As he leant close, Ana could smell the slight linger of rum and ash on Jack's hair and clothing, and as he moved back again, the hand gesture he made pulled her right back into the worry she felt for Georgia.

"Why Joshamee Gibbs of course love," Jack smiled as he draped an arm around her shoulders and steered her in the opposite direction, "my faithful first mate of some few years now. Helped me lead the Black Pearl to glory many times, now look what's become of her."

Anamaria gaped at the size of the ship before her, always seeing the size compared to the people on the screen, but never witnessing a fraction of the wonder in person. Jack misinterpreted the meaning of her mouth hanging open and gripped her hard around the waist, grabbing a rope and pulling her onto his chest to climb up.

"I know, tis a sorry state is sure, but wait until you see on deck," he seemed to be having a harder time with the climbing than he liked, and Anamaria shifted so the front side of her body was pressed to Jacks and her hands were holding herself to him so both his hands were free, "thanks love, anyway, its mad really, they're all back, I'll show you."

As Jack held steady to the rope and hooked his feet around a railing so to provide support for Ana to climb over and onto the Pearl, Anamaria found herself forgetting about Georgia for the moment, Jack's fast paced movement around and around on the ship babbling about extra figures of himself that she couldn't see, posing an important distraction.

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