Chapter 20

Ana and Georgia thanked Bill as they stepped onto the rope ladder he had flung over the side of the ship, descending and then linking arms as they waved to the captain and crew of the Flying Dutchman.

"Well, here we are at the final resting place of our souls," Ana said as she turned to walk up the beach, spotting some trees and some bushes and moving towards them, "why are we on a beach and not back home yet?"

"Beats me," Georgia said as she moved to help Ana, stumbling through the plants and stopping as they came into contact with a giant plant obscured rock wall, "back to the beach I suppose."

As Ana moved forwards she tripped on a branch and reached out for Georgia, grabbing hold of her sleeve and falling backwards, bringing her sister down onto the hard floor.

"Idiot, you should be more careful," Georgia yelled as she sat up, rubbing her head and groaning as she twisted her wrists and ankles gently to make sure nothing was hurt or broken, "you're damn lucky you don't have brain damage from all the falls you take."

"Oh, get over it," Ana sneered as she pulled herself to her feet and righted her clothes, smoothing down the pink shirt and making sure she hadn't broken the heel on her new white shoes, "its not like either of us are hurt or dead or anything. Besides, we agreed, we'll be nice through lunch and when we get back you can watch the bloody DVD."

"Fine," Georgia sighed as she took Ana's offered hand and then walked with her out the front gate, "for some reason though I think I've watched it enough. I could probably quote the whole thing like I was there anyway."

"Tell me about it," Ana laughed as she opened her wallet and handed Georgia money for the bus, "I think it could've gone differently though."

"Whatever, here's our means of transport," Georgia nodded to the bus as it pulled into the stop and waited for them to board, "where are we meeting dad for lunch?"

"Down the street, they opened a new bar," Ana smiled as she paid the driver and then walked down the aisle and took a seat, "it's not really new, they just renamed the Lady Masquerade. It's the Hollow Galleon now. They do the best seafood."


"Love, that is a dinghy," Jack said in frustration as he paused at the end of the dock at Tortuga with Scarlet and Giselle, having just finished up the celebrations and memorials down at the tavern with the rest of the crew and a few others, "my vessel is magnificent and fierce and huge-ish and… gone. Why is it gone?"

"Is that it there?" Giselle asked as she pointed to a ship on the horizon, Jack nodding a yes and then walking away from Scarlet and Giselle as they began to argue about who had the first ride, spotting Gibbs sleeping on the dock, obviously drunk.

"Mr Gibbs," Jack said as he wandered over to the man and poured his glass of rum on his face in a way that he knew Ana would definitely not approve of, "any particular reason why my ship is gone?"

Gibbs coughed and spluttered and then ran a hand over his tired eyes, looking up at Jack and then lying back down to go to sleep, "ship? We're on the ship," Gibbs seemed to start and then throw himself up onto his feet looking wildly at Jack, "Jack! The ship's gone!"

"Really?" he asked indignantly as he looked at Gibbs, knowing full well that Ana would have slapped him by now and Georgia would have had him run through, precisely the reason he was behaving that way, being momentarily interrupted as Scarlet and Giselle began fighting each other, "Ladies! Will you please shut it? Listen to me. Yes, I lied to you. No, I don't love you. Of course it makes you look fat. I've never been to Brussels. It is pronounced 'egregious'. By the way, no, I've never actually met Pizarro, but I love his pies. And all of this pales to utter insignificance in light of the fact that my ship is once again gone. Savvy?"

He knew he was in for it as Scarlet and Giselle gave each other a similar look that Ana and Georgia would have shared before they went into battle with fifteen men with the intention that they would be the only ones coming out alive, and was jarringly surprised as all he received from each was a hard slap on the face.

In his confusion he spun around and slapped Gibbs, looking rather stunned as his friend spun around, frown on his face until Jack smiled and gained the same response from him.

"Take what you can," Gibbs smiled as Scarlet and Giselle began walking back to the tavern, arm in arm, Jack responding with their usual, "Give nothing back."

"Tell me ladies," Gibbs yelled with a knowing look at Jack, "what do you know of sea turtles? Let me tell you the story of a few amazing pirates. Three captains stuck on an island with one of their first mates. Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Edward Teague, Captain Anamaria Scott, and Georgia May Blackheart…"


Jack smiled down at his charts as he located Aqua de Vida, opening Ana and Georgia's map beside it and comparing the two. One showed the location of their sunken ship, the one Jack had accidentally blown up himself, and the other showed a rough location to the fountain of youth.

Turning the pirate king ring around in his hand, Jack uncorked a bottle of rum with his teeth and opened his compass, setting it down as it spun around like it had back in the Locker.

Watching as it pointed back behind him, he spun to see nothing there, not even the rum that he had just opened and drank, making him puzzled as he studied the chart and discovered that the fountain of youth and the Hollow Galleon were in the other direction. Tapping the thing he cursed lightly as he studied what it was pointing to on the charts.

"That can't be right," he muttered as he looked closer, peering down at the eerie markings and then tapping the compass again, "I know what I want."

"Too right, Jackie," his voice echoed in his ears and he looked down at his shoulder with distaste and tried to shoo the little figure of himself away, "you know what you want, and your heart knows how to get it, even if your head doesn't."

Jack scoffed and looked back at the charts, spinning them so that the compass point was dissected and it spun in circles again, "is this your twisted way of telling me I'm in love?"

"Love smuve," the second figure said as it appeared in his hair, making Jack jump slightly as he turned to look at it, "we aren't saying you are and we're not saying your not. Many ways to be in love Jack, only a few ways to live forever; you need them girls to get that."

"I have everything right here," Jack said as he twisted the charts back and watching the compass stick to the point, "locations, means, kingship…rum."

"Ah, buts its not living forever you want is it?" the first figure smirked up at him and then looked at the other, "not only that at least. You want the trick."

"And the only way you're going to be able to do that," the second continued as the first wandered across Jack's shoulders, "is if you get rid of that guilt you have about killing those ladies, not to mention you promised Ana she wouldn't be going back to the Locker."

Jack nodded slowly and let the information sink in, curling up his lip and studying the chart, looking into the air and checking the wind then taking a swig of his rum and looking back to his shoulders.

"I suppose we have to go to Isla de Muerta then," he said sombrely as he changed the direction of the dinghy and sat down again, "do I really have to get both? I'll be back in the Locker in five seconds if the young one comes after me."

"A promise is a promise Jackie," the first ones voice faded out as he disappeared, leaving only the second to sit on Jacks shoulder and finish his thoughts, "and love is love."

A/N: Ok so the epic that took me a total of six days, countless mugs of tea, uncountable clicks on a keyboard and a severe case of sleep deprivation (not to mention the sore eyes from pouring all over the movie in great detail with a fined tooth comb) is finally over, but as you may have guessed, I have a sequel planned and I also have this idea about a one shot about 'Three captains stuck on an island with one of their first mates. Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Edward Teague, Captain Anamaria Scott, and Georgia May Blackheart…' so please please let me know what you think and if you maybe want to see more, Thank you, Ange.

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