Hmm… I'm thinking about trying to write a multi-chaptered fic and I sort of have an idea of what I want this to look like if I do extend it. You have been warned though: if further chapters are added, they will probably ultimately be very fluffy and at least slightly out of character on House's part. I am a hopeless romantic at heart, and this story will probably be a clear indication of that. ^^ Anyway, I hope you like what's here so far. =] Let me know if it's worth continuing, and as always, thanks for reading and reviewing!


She couldn't do it. She couldn't answer what should have been a very simple question. "Are you in love with House?"

The answer should have come easily enough. The answer should have been no. But that would have been a lie.

Everybody lied though. She had told plenty of lies in her lifetime, and she had graduated from the Gregory House School of Deception with honors. But this lie couldn't make it to her lips. House had been able to teach her to lie to others. To lie to Cuddy, to lie to patients, to lie to patients' families. But what he hadn't been able to teach her was how to lie to herself.

It was been said that if you told a lie enough times it would become true. This lie in particular was impossible for her to breathe because she knew deep inside that she didn't even want it to be true. She didn't want to not be in love with House. All she did want was to be happy.

She thought that telling Chase to go through with his proposal was the right thing to do. She thought that the promise of marrying the man who she knew was utterly devoted to her would make her happy. And it did, in a superficial, fleeting way. Seeing the love on his face made her happy for the wonderful five seconds during which she was in his arms. But after taking a step back (literally and figuratively), facing the realization that she couldn't love him the same way made her even more miserable than before.

"Are you in love with House?" She should have said no. It would have been just another lie. But that was just it. Everything she had ever said about being over House was just another lie. This marriage was going to be built on a whole series of them.