Agh, I'm not entirely happy with this, but I figured that this would probably be the best way to end it. I think I lose interest in my own stories if they're more than one chapter long, so I will probably not be attempting that again haha. Anyway, this is the last chapter so I hope you liked, and thank you for reading! ^^

Dammit. Another all too familiar situation. Standing outside of Cameron's door, tapping his cane nervously, wondering what the hell he was doing there and what he was going to say. He was going to get it right this time though, because he was pretty sure there wouldn't be another time after this.

He drew in a sharp breath and knocked on her door.

Unfortunately, she was not the blond haired figure that opened it for him. He was irritated by this new complication but realized that he should have expected that Cameron's fiancé would indeed be at her apartment. House glared at Chase, who looked back at him suspiciously. After a brief staring contest, Chase rolled his eyes and called, "Allison!" before retreating to the kitchen, where he could remain out of sight but within earshot of their conversation.

"What is it?" she asked as she walked around the hall, and she froze when she saw House in her doorframe.

He locked eyes with her and could tell that she was surprised and maybe even anxious. He tried to make words, any words at all, come to his lips. "You lied." He winced internally; probably not the best way to begin.

"Everybody lies," she said automatically, and he almost grinned. "What do you think I lied about?"

"When you quit, you said you would miss me. A few months ago, you said you didn't," he said simply. "You lied. Which time?"

Cameron let out a frustrated sigh. She didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing the answer, and she certainly didn't want Chase to hear it either. "Why does it matter what I said two years ago? House, I told you… I don't want to work for you anymore, I'm not in love with you, and I'm going to get married soon. And you couldn't give a reason not to."

His damaged blue eyes met her soft green ones, and Cameron could have sworn that she forgot to breathe.

"I… I lied too," he said. He looked anywhere but her, trying to figure out how to tell her what he needed her to know, how to take back all the lies and prevent this from becoming another one. "You asked me for a reason for a reason to not marry Chase. You're going to regret it because if you had such a hard time giving him a drawer, you definitely aren't going to give all of yourself." Cameron's heart skipped a beat. How did he even know about that? She shouldn't have been surprised that House would intrude on even hers and Chase's most personal issues, but she hated him for knowing about the drawer and hated herself for knowing that he was right.

"Because… I wasn't kidding about coming back for the sperm sample without the needle. Or about needing oral sex," he added as an afterthought. Cameron was mildly amused that at least one of his reasons was sexually suggestive; she might have given a weak laugh had she not been an emotional wreck.

He abandoned the pretense of humor though and then looked very agitated. "Because…" he searched her eyes desperately, trying to say something that would make her stay, something that would stop her from leaving him behind. "Because I kissed back," he whispered.

Cameron's eyes widened. She opened her mouth wordlessly but couldn't figure out what to say. I'm sorry but I've moved on? That's not enough? She told herself to make up an excuse, but she knew that it would be just another lie. She would be lying if she pretended that she hadn't been hoping House had feelings for her. It was why she originally avoided Chase's proposal, why she asked House for a reason to stay even after she told Chase that she would marry him. And here House was giving her just the reason she needed. House didn't press her for a response and seemed to understand that she was in no shape to formulate a coherent one at the moment. He turned around abruptly and limped down the hallway.

Cameron couldn't move. She closed her eyes when she heard Chase walk up behind her. She twisted her engagement ring around her finger nervously, and she fought back the tears as she wordlessly placed it in Chase's hand with trembling fingers.

She forced herself to meet his eyes, and she hated herself for hurting him. He looked at her with eyes overwhelmed by hurt, anger, jealousy, and pain, and he said stiffly, "Take care of yourself."

Take care of yourself. So many things that he could have said to her, so many things that he should have said to her, but he had to be Prince Charming up until the very end. She should have been the princess in his fairy tale. She should have loved him, should have made Tuesdays become the only day in her week. He was nice, he was charming, and he cared about her. But he wasn't House. And she couldn't marry him for the same reason that she couldn't move to Africa with Sebastian. Funnily enough, it had been Chase himself that gave her that reason four years ago. She might have laughed at the irony of it, but she had never been good at smiling through the tears. And the tears were freely falling now. "Robert… I – I'm so sorry," she managed in a voice that was broken by tears and barely audible.

He closed his eyes and said bitterly, "I know." He walked to the bedroom so that he could clean out his drawer and so that he wouldn't have to see the woman he loved walk out of his life. He turned around one last time and said before she left, "I thought Tuesdays could last forever. I'm sorry that the rest of your days of the week belong to him."

Cameron didn't have an answer because she knew he was right. She had hoped that Tuesdays would be enough too, but they never had been and would never be. She bit her lip and walked out of her apartment, finding House on the way to his car. She ran up to him and didn't know what to say. She didn't trust herself to form a complete sentence without completely breaking down at this point, and she wasn't sure she wanted to say anything if she could. She didn't want to break the moment with words, and House limped over to her and gave her a soft kiss. And she kissed back.

She knew that she would not be expecting another proposal anytime in the near future, if at all, and he knew that he would have to lower his walls if he didn't want to push her away again, but they both also knew that this was exactly what they wanted. Whatever this was, it wasn't going to be just another lie.