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It was another day at Seisou Gakuen, and students were rushing to the gate, afraid to be late. It was the beginning of fall, and the leaves are changing Kahoko was sitting inside their car, her mind wandering somewhere far.

"If ever you'd have problems, just call me, okay?" her mother said. Kahoko merely nodded, keeping her eyes staring outside. She was gripping on her violin case, her mother noticed. They arrived at the school exactly as the bell rang.

"You know how to go home by yourself honey, right?" Her mom asked as Kahoko brushed her skirt.

"Yes mom. Don't worry too much." She gave her a sweet smile, but her mother was still unsure. She never gave that smile since that day. It was her first time to show emotions.

"Alright. I'll see you later." Kahoko kissed her mom's cheek before going out. She waved goodbye, and faced the place she's going to study for the years to come.


"Minna-san, may I have your attention please?" the teacher clapped his hands to stop whatever the students were doing. Tsukimori Len was just watching them, not joining in their ruckus. He was always distant to them, but they didn't seem to take a hint. Every day, they would still bother him.

"Ohayou class. Today, we're having a new student. Come in here." The teacher called from the door. They waited for seconds, then someone opened the door. The class grew silent, their eyes wide because of the person in front of the classroom. Len noticed the change, and looked at the one that took their attention.

Len thought he fell asleep when the person entered her view. Her red hair flowed like waves up to the middle of her back, her amber eyes shined like jewels, but there was some kind of emotion shadowing it. He was staring at her, his mouth slightly opened, then she looked at him.

Kaho made a silent yet sharp intake of breath. It took her a lot to control herself not to cross the room and touch the deep azure-haired boy. His eyes were intense, as if seeing right through her. Of course she'd recognize him. After all this time of living a miserable life, she found the one who caused it here. When she thought she could have a new life...

"Class. This is Hino Kahoko. Some of you might know her before. Please treat her with respect and welcome her to Seisou Gakuen again. I trust you to help her about problems concerning school. Hino-san, please seat beside Tsukimori-kun." The teacher pointed to his direction smiled warmly at her, which she returned. Do I really have to be this lucky?

As she made her way beside him, she notice the evil glares of most of the girls in the room and the hungry look on the boys' eyes. Baka. Idiots. She didn't care about them. All she was aware of is that she's going to sit beside him.

She didn't talk to him, but she was aware of the stares he's giving. It's not like he knew her, or he figured out who she is. There's no recognition from his eyes, and she was hurt about it. She longed for that kind of look, but she knew she would never get it.

Len, on the other hand, was having a hard time concentrating. For the first time in his stay at Seisou Gakuen, someone caught his attention, and he was sure that he knew her somewhere. He knew there was someone in his memories with the similar red hair and amber eyes, but he was unsure who she was.

When the bell rang, Kahoko didn't gave Len any glance and quickly rushed outside. Len was hoping he could have a word with her, but it seemed that she didn't have time for the golden-eyed boy. He just shrugged, and went to the cafeteria to get lunch for himself.


"Kaho-chan!" Three girls shouted in a chorus as the red-haired girl entered the cafeteria. Most of the students looked at the ladies' direction, but they hadn't noticed. They quickly ran to their old friend.

"Mio! Nao! Amou!" She called them and the three squealed as they hugged her. It's been a while since they've seen each other, and they were excited to see her again.

"How are you? How's homeschool? How boring is it?" The questions to her were non-stop. Good thing she was on the mood to answer everything.

"Where are the others?" she asked them. Mio pointed on Kaho's back, and she faced the others she haven't met yet.

"Looking for us?" Tsuchiura Ryoutaro smirked as Kahoko launched herself on him. She hugged him as he hugged her back.

"Hey! What about us?" Hihara Kazuki complained. She laughed a little because of her senpai's childish attitude, and gave him a hug too.

"Kaho-senpai. It's been so long. We've missed you." Fuyuumi Shouko gave her sisterly figure a hug. "Keiichi asked me out." She whispered so that no one could here. The elder girl squeezed her tighter, showing her happiness about the new development in her kouhai's life.

"Kaho-senpai." The sleepy Shimizu Keiichi gave her a little squeeze, since he was still sleepy.

"Haven't changed a bit Shimizu-kun." She commented.

"Old habits die hard." He gave her a smile before wrapping his hands on Shouko's waist. The girl blushed a little.

"Well Kaho-chan. It's a long time." The purple-haired bishounen gave a gentle smile to her cousin. Kahoko rolled her eyes and gave him a hug.

"As if you haven't seen me two days ago Azuma onii-sama." She was already used on calling him her big brother. The boy gave her a pat in the head, and the girls from the other tables swooned.

"Let's join Kanazawa-sensei and Ousaki-sensei in this reunion, shall we?" Tsuchiura-kun took Amou's hand, and they led the group to the music department.


"My my my. If it isn't Hino-san! You changed a bit." Kanazawa-sensei took a sip of soda. Everyone was happily eating their bentou at the their teacher's office.

"Iie. I didn't really change." She said.

"Your hair is longer, and you look thinner. Are you eating at your house?" Kazuki asked. In fact, it's true. She looked healthier before than now. From the corner of the room, Kahoko saw Azuma shook his head a little. Of course he knows.

"Of course I am. Maybe I just looked different because you haven't seen me." She answered, the others agreeing.

"Kaho-chan. I wanted to talk to you." Azuma placed his empty bentou back to his back. The girl looked at her cousin, and followed him outside the room.


"You look stressed. Oba-san said you weren't eating too much. You don't look like you're taking care of yourself." Azuma said. Kahoko was guilty though; she haven't eaten much. She was just staring at nothing at their house every after session.

"It's my fault. It's me." She stated. Kahoko didn't want them to worry.

"Well dear cousin, obaa-san wasn't that happy." He smirked at her. Eerie. "You don't want to gave the hag heart attack because of what you're doing."

"Let her then. She was too controlling!" She hit the wall. Azuma didn't stop her. "She was messing with my life. Ridiculous. Being a part of the Yunoki clam is a curse." She shook her head.

"We can't do anything about it." He closed the distance between them, his mouth near her ear. "Just let me have my charade on, and have yours too." He moved away a little and went away.

"By the way, " he called before reaching the door. Kahoko looked at his direction. "You have to be there for dinner."


All day long, Len's thoughts were all about the red-haired Kahoko. When she returned from lunch, she looked a little angry. Len observed that for the rest of the afternoon, she was just rubbing circles on her head and looking at her violin case.

Violin. That's also one of the reason why he's so interested with the girl. The teachers treated her specially, as if she's something big. She haven't opened her mouth to talk to anyone for the rest of the afternoon. Len got tired after a day, and he decided to have a word with her before dismissal.

"Hino-san." Kahoko's heart beat became faster when she heard her name being called by him. Oh please, do not make this hard for me anymore. I was barely surviving a day with you.

"Anything I could do for you?" She didn't look at him. She just packed her things. Len took her hand. As soon as they touched, she felt some kind of spark flow between the two of them. She wanted to run away from him, but his grip was tight.

"Do I have to know something?" Len's suspicions became stronger during lunch. He saw Kahoko talking animatedly with everyone at the concours. She was having a good time with them, and he was jealous. He became angrier when he noticed that purple-haired ladies' man stare at Kahoko most of the time.

He was surprised when those amber orbs stared at him. Kahoko's lips turned to a sad smile.

"There are things better left unknown." Len's grip loosen, and Kahoko was grateful for it. She hoped she scared him off.

"Goodbye Tsukimori-kun."

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