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Len woke up early the next day, adrenaline rushing in his body as soon as he sat down in his bed. Events from last night and realizations came to him. He wasn't surprised now, as he thought about the things that happened. In fact, he was excited. The blue-haired violinist was looking forward to this day.

He stood up gracefully, fixing his own bed. Tsukimori Len never did that. As he touched the silky cloth, he couldn't help but remember the creamy pale skin on Kahoko's neck. Now that he's recovered those memories, he could remember the same emotions that he once felt. The cloth shook under his trembling touch, and he let go of it. He should have more control over the lust.

He fell on his knees and completely sat down on the carpeted floor. The memories, they drove him crazy. He didn't know that they could do that. It's Kahoko for Pete's sake. She loved him before, but the question was, does she still love him? He's hurt her with what happened. He didn't mean to forget either. What if she's already had enough and moved on? If he counted it right, it's been eight months.

The expensive looking mobile phone started vibrating from the wooden study table. Len looked up, curious. Who would call him this early? It would surely be not the person he called last night, since he woke the person. For sure, the person was in deep sleep like Sleeping Beauty. So he took the phone and didn't even look at the screen to check who the caller is.

"Hello." He said in a cold voice.

"Oh. Is this a wrong time?" A teasing voice said from the other line. Len's hand froze.

"Gomen." He muttered under his breath.

"Well, hello to you too, Len. It's really nice to have an early morning conversation with you, my dear friend." The person on the other line sat down lazily at the seat beside the coffee table, staring at the rising sun.

"Good morning, Azuma-senpai." Len greeted politely. This was Azuma, and when it's him, there's no nice early morning conversation. And my dear friend? That sounded suspicious.

"Oh remove the formalities. I know you know me well." Azuma pointed out. The long-haired bishounen laughed a little at the stiffness in Len's voice. Of course, who'd be happy being called by Azuma this early? Azuma would never call someone unless it's of great importance. And this thing was really important. In fact, Azuma was a bit late. It irritated him for a while, but he got over.

"You know." There's no need to explain what his senpai knows. Len knew fully well that once someone knew that he already knew what he's lost, it'd reach Azuma in no time. He wasn't smart enough not call him, but they weren't the best of friends, not even the closest. His senpai was closer to the green-haired trumpeter.

"Of course I do. I just wish you called me first, but that's fine." Azuma commented. It's fine now, but what about when someone else knew it?

"Hn." Len stood up, walking to the balcony part of his room.

"So. What are your plans? You know well that you can't just go and kiss Kahoko senseless. Everyone has their eyes on you for months now. What's your plan?" Azuma pushed Len with questions. He wanted to know everything for him to visualize the outcome of the blue-haired's actions.

"…" Len was dumbstruck on the other line. He was overwhelmed by his senpai's questions. He hasn't thought over things yet. He didn't know what to do. Len never thought that knowing things would make him helpless. He was now a prison of his own knowledge – the knowledge of his own past.

"I take that as a no." Azuma sighed deeply, sipping his tea. He didn't expect that. The Tsukimori Len always had things in order.

"But that doesn't mean I wasn't planning on anything." Len added. For sure Azuma was already belittling him. That purple-haired guy really thought lowly of him.

"Then I have to wait then." Azuma smirked. He wanted feisty Len. The violinist would never ever let Azuma step on him. Both guys were big figures, both in music and in ladies, and there's no way one would be down. You couldn't choose from the two of them. Whether join Azuma, or chose Len.

"I'm going to see you later." Len stated. Azuma was obviously called. For sure he wouldn't miss meeting up with them later.

"Yes. I wouldn't miss that for the world." As Azuma answered, Len ended the line. That would be an interesting talk later.

Kahoko groaned; the sun started bathing her room. She didn't want to wake up anymore. Last night's events exhausted her. The red-head wanted so bad to hit her head for acting carelessly. She kissed him. Not just in the cheek, but in his lips!

The girl blushed as she though of it again. His lips were still warm and soft, just like the last time. When their lips touched, she thought life returned to her. The touch made her heart beat furiously; she thought it's going to explode right at her chest.

It's already done. It wouldn't happen again, the most insane thing that she's done in her entire life. She was ashamed of her action. It wasn't lady-like, or proper. She hoped the ground under her would just open and eat her.

A knock followed by a call pulled Kahoko from her thoughts. She sighed. There should be a good reason why they're disturbing her early in the morning. If she wasn't up, they'd probably star breaking the door now.

Kahoko dragged herself to the door, down to the living room. The smell of food from the kitchen was present in the air, and she could hear people talking downstairs. That's new. We have visitors this early?

"Good morning, sweetheart." A sickeningly sweet voice greeted Kahoko. She froze. That couldn't be. I'm dead. I'm dead. Kahoko shouted in her head. She couldn't believe her ears. The news had been sent. There's no way she could escape this.

"Good morning, grandmother." Kahoko greeted politely, facing the now pale-purple haired elder sitting elegantly at one of the seats. Her hair was designed fashionably, her clothing of a unique material, her pale blue eyes flashed in the red-head's face. She threw a ponytail in her direction.

"Tie your hair, dear. It looks like a haystack. Oh well, it's what you call style." Then, the old woman laughed. Kahoko fought the urge to scream at her. She picked the ponytail and set her hair in a messy bun.

"So, to what do we owe this visit? I'm sure I can call mother to have a word with you—"Kahoko trailed off. There's something in the look that her grandmother was giving to her that gave her shivers down the spine. It was really creepy, and intense. Like she's seeing through her. Like she could see what she's done, and what she felt about it.

"Why don't you change into more presentable clothes? I want to talk to you somewhere private?" Again, she smiled sweetly to her. Kahoko looked at her dumbly. She wanted to talk? What will happen to a simple talk?

"Uhh—"Kahoko hesitated. There's no way that it's just going to be a simple talk. Not when her grandmother's involved.

"It's really necessary." There's an edge at the elder's voice. Kahoko took a step back, afraid to look up at her grandmother. Some steps could be heard, then a cold hand lifted her chin, forcing Kahoko's gaze up.

"Change. Now." The voice was menacing. Kahoko nodded helplessly and tried to run quietly yet quickly to her room.

Once the doors safely locked, she breathed deeply. She's never been that scared in her life. Kahoko went to her walk-in closet and searched frantically for comfortable clothes. Then, she rushed to her table and took one music sheet.


I'm with grandmother. If I don't return `till this afternoon, do something.

I know there's something up in her sleeves, and I don't want to go with her. She won't take a no for an answer.

Help me. Please. Don't inform Len or any of them about this, except when Azuma knows. If ever he knows about this, tell him not to speak about it to the others. He's the only one I could trust with, also you.

Love you mom. If ever I won't return, tell Len I love him.


Kahoko looked around her room, afraid that this might be the last time. She went downstairs, not knowing if there's still tomorrow for her.

Len was sitting inside the car, butterflies in his stomach. He tried to shoo away the thoughts that started forming in his head. There's a big possibility that he wouldn't be let to live after today. Those people could be animalistic and might kill him (literally) if their self control would slip. Though through his worries, he felt happy. He felt whole.

The ride wasn't long. Len didn't think it took about fifteen minutes to reach their destination. As soon as the vehicle stopped, he gripped the handle harder. His knuckles were almost white because of his pale skin.

It's now or never. He finally loosened his hold, as he opened the door and stepped outside. Some of the ladies shifted their gaze at the blue-haired guy who looked more like a model rather than a musician. There was some snickering at the farthest side of the place.

The purple-haired guy was smirking at his company. There's the blond guy, who was shaking his head while laughing. Then the red-haired guy, his crimson eyes staring intensely at the two. So he brought them along, eh? The crimson haired stopped glaring at the two, and he diverted his gaze at the approaching figure.

"Finally. Nice to grace us with your presence, Len. It's been months." Etou Kiriya smirked, standing up and giving Len a manly hug. Len returned, earning 'Aww`s' from Azuma and Aoi. Even their death glares couldn't make the cousins shut up. Well, that's their nature.

"It's nice to meet you too. Gomen for disturbing you last night." Len apologized, sitting at the chair across Aoi. The blond gave him an appreciative smile before motioning for the waiter to come.

"Anything you want to order?" Aoi asked, offering Len the menu. Len looked at the menu for a while before returning it to the hand of the waiter.

"Black coffee, please." He ordered. The waited bowed and walked away. It's really distracting the girls from the other tables having four good-looking guys nearby. They could see them looking at their table and blushing whenever they caught their eye. They didn't start any conversation until the coffee arrived.

"So, why are we here again?" Aoi asked, sipping the contents of his own cup. He was there by surprise, being dragged by Azuma out of bed this morning. Then, he received a call from Kiriya, telling about the details of today's meeting.

"Because of him. And you know, you owe me one good night's sleep." Kiriya pointed to Len before yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"It's your fault." Len muttered, ignoring Kiriya's pointing hand. Azuma just laughed.

"We should control our voices." Being the eldest among them, Azuma stopped the two. For sure, with Kiriya's childishness and Len's indifference, this would break to a senseless fight.

"So, anyone suspicious around?" Aoi glanced around them. Nobody seemed to be looking at them constantly, but they still have to lower their voice. For sure, their grandmother would hire those who act good so they wouldn't notice.

"None." Kiriya answered, leaning closer.

"Okay. This is cool. You finally remember things and everything. What's next?" Aoi started.

"I haven't planned anything, so I need your help." Len said.

"You need our help? Wow. That's new." Kiriya commented.

"That's fine with me." Aoi said. "You're our friend, Kahoko's our cousin, so count us in." The other two nodded.

"Your help is appreciated. I can't ask for more from you."

"Just give us a ring, and we're in." Kiriya said.

You don't know what's ahead of you, grandmother. Azuma rejoiced internally. His grandmother was going down.

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