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Bane 2-Discovery

"Sapphire. Wake up." came a voice.
Sephy remembered who it was instantly. She woke up completely, her mind crystal clear. It was Bane.

"What is it?" she asked.
Bane threw down a bag beside her. She looked, and saw inside some clothes. Not to mention her communicator.

"A rally call has been initiated." said Bane. "The other's are already listed as missing. It would make sense for you to remain trusted as long as possible. Go and attend the call. Return here within four days, do not try and escape. If you are not back in that time, I will have to kill you. The shadows are still within you." he said, his voice lilting, his resolve clearly not.

Sephy nodded.
"Good luck." said Bane.

* * *

Sephy felt very strange, travelling with her clothes again. You wouldn't think a week would be enough to change your habits.
And she was nearly at the site of the call.

When she arrived, someone immediately found her and brought her into a room. There, someone began talking to her. A government official.

Also in the room was a golden furred pokeboy. He was wearing a state uniform.
"Miss Sephy." asked the official "This call has been put out after reports of a Chou in the area. Have you heard anything?"

Sephy was suddenly very alert.
"No." she said.

"Have you had any dangerous encounters?"
"Two of my pokeboys were killed." said Sephy, the memory making her wince.

The official sighed.
"I'm sorry for you." he said. "Do you have any information about the Chou?"
Sephy was quiet.
"Can you tell us?" said the official, excited.

Her next comment brought him down.
"No, I cannot."

"Sephy, we're going to have to keep you here. Give me your pokeballs."
She did, sighing.

He led her to a cell, and she went in.
"We should have cleared this up in a week."

A week? She thought.
She only had four days.

* * *

Four days.
It's been four days.

Will it hurt?

* * *

It had been five days.
Sephy was in her cell, wandering what was going to happen to her.

When the guard outside collapsed dead.

Bane came to the door of her cell, opening it.
"Come with me." he said, his voice level.
She stood up, walking out of the door, seeing dead bodies around, and one, whimpering guard in the corner.

"Can I trust you, Sapphire?" asked Bane.
Sephy nodded.

Bane tossed the pistol to her.
"Kill him." he said, nodding towards the guard.

Sephy swallowed, and fired the gun.
The guard collapsed, dead.

* * *

"Bane… said I should talk to you." said Sephy, entering one of the caves.

Emerald nodded, sighing.
"You found out?"

Sephy knew what she meant. The 'shadows' that should have killed her at least a day before. She nodded.

"He won't kill anyone if he can avoid it." said Emerald with a smile. "He cares."

Sephy wasn't convinced. It showed.

"You don't believe me." sighed Emerald. "A few years ago, a girl called Pearl was bought into the harem. She found out about this, and left. Bane didn't stop her. If you want to go, you can go. Any of us can. But why would we? Bane cares, and really, is what he wants so wrong? The survival of the fittest?"

Gods help her, it made sense.

"Sapphire, what's your real name? Sephy, wasn't it. Bane chooses his girls carefully. We all have a lot of ancestry from pokeboys. We seem to age slowly, as well as the odd eye colours you may have seen. Well, we fit in with him. He could live for hundreds of years, and if other people like us are any indication, so could we. My name was Emery. Twenty years past Bane took me as his." said Emerald.

Sephy was shocked.

"He gave me my name, a sign of my new life. For weeks, I thought of myself as Emery. I didn't want this. But, after that, I came around to his way of thinking. None of this is so wrong. He is right. He loves us. I am not Emery any more. I am Emerald." said the girl. "The question is, are you staying? Or are you going to go to Bane and tell him that you are his? Are you Sephy, or are you Sapphire?" said Emerald. "Make a decision. Good luck."

Emerald turned from Sephy, looking deeper into her cave.

Sephy stood, and left the cavern.

* * *

"Emerald told me more about you." said Sephy quietly. "She told me about Pearl, about everything."
Bane nodded.
"Then are you staying?" he asked.

"I have one question first." said Sephy. "A suspicion. Pearl, did she really leave?"
"Of course."
"No." said Sephy. "You killed her. It's the only thing that doesn't add up. If she had left and told the authorities, you would have been hunted down. You had to kill her. As you will have to kill me, if I leave."
"You're right." said Bane. "I killed her. And it killed me. I don't want to kill any of you. Please, are you staying or not?"
"My answer would not change whether my life was in danger or not." said Sephy.

She sat down.
"I am yours." she said.

She flipped up the skirt she wore, showing her cunt.
Bane smiled at her, clearly beyond glad at her decision.

He turned, pushing her onto her back, and then slipped into her, slowly.

It hurt. How could it not?
But he thrust slowly, his hand caressing her body. He paid as much attention to her needs as his, and it helped, the pain far outweighed by the pleasure crashing through her body.

And it was Sapphire, not Sephy, who felt it all.

* * *

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