Like Father Like Son,

Author: Gnasher1618.
Information: This Story Does Not Follow The Story Of High School Musical, But Has The Same Outcome.
Disclaimer: I Do Not Own High School Musical Or Any Characters Within My Stories.
Summary: After wandering through the eerie halls of east high Troy comes to his fathers office and sees a sight he could never have imagined ashamed of his father he try's to take control of the situation, failing his father decides its time to control the situation...COACH BOLTON (JACK BOLTON)/TROY...(Contains Incest And Graphic Sex Scene).
Authors Note: This Is One Of My First Fan fiction So I Hope You like It and I May Do More Chapters If You Want Me to (I Will Improve This Story Every So Often).

The whole of the week Troy felt ashamed and dirty, humiliated, he tried to avoid his father as much as possible, which of course was impossible as he had basketball practice daily, but as he watched his father preform layups, seeing his skin go taught, his abs jumping out at him, he felt the sudden urge to rip his clothes off and take him right there and then, watching the sweat glistening on his fathers skin he longed to reach out and touch him, like before, before everything changed.

I mean sure its disturbing, sure its incest and just generally wrong, but you have no idea what its like, i never instigated it, it just happened but I'm sure glad it did, and ill do anything to do it again.

I waited, waited until my squad went home then i decided it was time to face my fears, "Dad, we need to talk" i hesitantly insisted, "Not now Troy i don't have time for you", every since the... incident Jack was avoiding Troy as well, Troy reaching deep in his heart, plucking up the courage to go on "I love you" my voice a near whisper, "Troy... i... cant, i want to don't get me wrong, but this its all wrong", "you know what, were both wrong".

Deciding it had been to long since there last encounter troy charged at his father knocking the breath out of his, pinned against the wall Jack gave Troy a look of what could only be described as begging.

Slowly and seductively Troy snaked his arm around his fathers back and under his shirt, he stroked up the nape of his back then down to the back of his shorts, where his pushed his hands to his fathers crack and sharply inserted a finger into his father who seemed unfazed, Troy enjoying touching the body he had longed to touch for so long, contented, he pressed his head to his fathers before crashing his lips full of passion upon his fathers, they both engulfed each others mouths as thier tongues battled for dominance, troy by this time had inserted three fingers into his father and was batting of a fourth until his breath was taken form him as his father bucked his enormous cock into troys large member...