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Sasquatch - Chapter 11

Virgil hurried down to reception to find his father waiting with John, Gordon and Alan. "We come bearing gifts." Gordon joked holding up the bundles of McDonalds bags, the aromas caused Virgil's stomach to rumble in appreciation.

"Great I'm starved." Virgil grabbed a couple of the bags and directed his family towards I.C.U.

"So she's really ok?" Jeff asked, "And Scott."

Virgil nodded then shook his head, "Yeah, they're fine." As everyone stood in the elevator looking at him Virgil drew in a deep breath. "She lost the baby."

Shocked faces filled with tears and as the elevator opened on the floor that held I.C.U. The Tracy men exited the elevator with less enthusiasm than they'd entered it.

"She's still sedated. I'll just go check. OK?" Virgil told his family as he hurried on ahead. Scott was sitting beside the bed looking as if he'd not slept in a month. "Hey." He croaked, "Where'd you get to?"

Virgil looked over his shoulder then whispered, "Went to see Sally. Dad and the guys are here."

Scott nodded, "You've not told them?"

Virgil shook his head 'No', as Jeff stepped up beside him and greeted Scott, "Son. Are you OK?" he handed Virgil the bag he held and stepped into the room, "Is Zoey OK?"

Scott swallowed hard, "Yeah, we'll be OK." He looked at his father, "She doesn't know yet. So..." he nodded to the corridor outside the room. Nodding understanding Jeff leaned over the young woman and kissed her on the forehead, "You hold on sweetheart, we're all pulling for you." and then turned to follow Scott from the room.

Opening the bags, Gordon and Alan had started passing food around, and the six Tracy men sat on the benches in the corridor eating and sharing reassurances quietly.

Devouring the egg and sausage Mcmuffin, Scott studied his family, John Gordon and Alan all looked reasonably refreshed unlike himself and Virgil both of whom needed a shower, shave and change of clothes. He glanced at his father. Only years of reading the signs gave Scott the knowledge of his father's state-of mind. While Jeff appeared calm and controlled, the typical well dress tycoon. Scott recognised that Jeff was anything but calm, tension radiated from him, his posture stiffer than usual, a slight narrowing of the eyes. The signs where there, it would only take a small spark to fire his temper. Grimacing Scott thought about the rather large 'spark' down stairs. 'How the hell do I tell him Mom's alive?' Scott wondered, a quick look at Virgil indicated his brother was also contemplating the same question.

Having finished with the meal Gordon scrunched up a paper bag and tossed it across the corridor into a bin beside Scott, arms raised in self-satisfied elation he crowed, "And he scores..." John shook his head in mock despair and clipped the younger man upside the head, "Grow up."

"What?" Gordon looked around innocently, a spark of mischief in his amber eyes. "You need to lighten up Johnny boy." he encouraged with a smirk.

Eyes narrowed in annoyance John glared, "Just keep the noise down, OK?"

Frowning Gordon looked at his brother in confusion, "Why?" he asked in a tone of voice guaranteed to aggravate.

John gritted his teeth and glanced over at Scott, noticing his brother's tense shoulders as he hunched over talking to Virgil quietly. "Zoey's sleeping." He glared meaningfully at Gordon.

Being decidedly obtuse Gordon shrugged, "So?"

Rolling his eyes John compressed his lips biting back the first thing that sprang to mind and taking in a breath and he hoped a modicum of patience, "We don't want to wake her. Do we?"

Gordon grinned, "I thought that was the idea. She needs to wake up, the sooner the better." He glanced at Alan expectantly, "Right? The longer she's in a coma, or whatever the worse it gets." Slapping his hands on his thighs with a worryingly jovial grin plastered across his face Gordon bounced to his feet, causing Scott and Virgil to halt their quiet conference and glanced across the corridor. Scott raised an eyebrow in query at John's less than pleased expression. "Problem?"

John glared at Gordon, but the younger man patently ignored the look and crossed to stand in front of Scott, "Mind if I go in a chat with Zo' for awhile."

With one of the few real smiles he'd spared in the last twenty-four hours Scott shook his head, "Go ahead. I told her if she wasn't awake when you got here I'd let you at her." He stood putting a hand on Gordon's shoulder giving it a squeeze of encouragement and thanks, "If you can't wake her..." he shrugged a cloud passing across his face, unwilling to finish the sentence.

"Don't worry Bro'. She'll be up bugging you in no time." Gordon reassured, then with a snide glance at John strode into the room, already talking a mile a minute. "Hey Tinks... What you doing lying around? Did I ever tell you the one about....?"

Sitting back down Scott smiled, Gordon's optimistic outlook on life could be exhausting at times, but at other times, like now, it was all that kept Scott going and hoping. Gordon would see Zoey back on her feet through sheer will power if that's what it took. He knew Gordon felt he owed Zoey for the time she'd spent with him during his own recovery. Maybe this would go some way to evening the score.

John shook his head, "That's just cruel Scott. I thought you loved her?"

"I do." Scott's grin spread wider, he rubbed at his face realising that he was getting over tired, "But let's face it Gordon's jokes are enough to make St Peter want to choke him? She's gonna wake up just to tell him to shut up... I hope." He finished on a whisper, the smile fading once again as exhaustion swamped him. Yawning widely he leaned back in the chair blinking and trying to hold the sudden tear at bay.

Beside him Virgil shared a concerned look with John and Alan, they were all worried to see the usually stoic Scott so close to the edge.

Beside Virgil, Jeff leaned forward to look at Scott around Virgil, he'd listen quietly as his boys spoke, reassuring each other. Their obvious care and concern for Scott and Zoey made him proud that he was able to claim them as his son's, no matter how little he felt he deserved any praise for their upbringing at present. He shuddered internally, it was right that they looked out for Scott now, he'd been the one looking out for them most of their lives.

Standing he moved around Virgil and crouched in front of Scott, his knees creaking in protest, with a groan he knelt on the floor a hand resting on Scott's knee, "Son?" he looked up at the man, seeing the boy he remembered in the worried blue-grey eyes. "Scott?" When Scott's eye's met him in acknowledgement a weight lifted off Jeff shoulders, the lightening causing him to give a small smile, "She's be alright... She'd tough."

"I know." Scott replied, although the tone lacked conviction.

Jeff squeezed the knee he held, "I'm sorry..." at Scott's frown of confusion Jeff clarified, "The baby... I'm so sorry Son."

The tears he'd been partially successful in holding back broke through and Scott's shoulders shuddered as a grief filled hiccough burst from his chest. Slumping forward into his father's arms, Scott let the grief at the loss of his child pour from him into his father's embrace. Half couched Jeff supported the weight of his son, his back and legs protesting loudly at the additional weight and awkward position, ignoring his body's protests Jeff held the younger man rocking clumsily. Behind him he felt another son pushing a chair against his legs and helping him to lower himself and Scott so that they could sit comfortably. Jeff doubted that Scott noticed, as sunk in grief as he was, but the respite was welcomed by Jeff, he glanced over his shoulder to thank John and Virgil for their care. Beside him Alan knelt rubbing Scott's back in the same manner the older man had done for him over years of nightmares.

As the wave of grief wore its self out, Scott heaved in a breath and glanced up through heavy tired eyes, sniffing he wiped self-consciously at his face "Sorry."

"You've nothing to be sorry for Son." Jeff replied, he patted Scott's knee in reassurance.

"I've got Zo'. I should be happy with that." He looked guiltily at his father, "I've got Zoey, and there'll be other babies... I hope."

Jeff nodded in agreement, "Yes there will..." he looked at his sons. John and Virgil behind him, Alan kneeling on the floor beside Scott and the sound of Gordon chatting away in the next room, pinching the bridge of his nose and breathing deeply at the remembered pain, he gave a strained smile, "You boys are proof of that."

"Mom miscarried?" Virgil asked with a frown he glanced at John and Scott, both looking as surprised as he was.

Jeff leaned back in his chair, his back aching and heaved a sigh, old hurt filled memories brimming in his eyes, "Yes, we lost one between John and you." He smiled at Virgil, reaching out to grasp his hand and squeezed, "You're Mom was so scared while she carried you. That she'd loose you as well. She was over the moon when you went over term." With a snort of laughter, Jeff smiled quietly, "Only woman I know who wasn't upset when she went over her due date."

He glanced at Alan, "Then there were two more between Gordon and Alan."

Scott frowned, "I don't remember that?"

Jeff shook his head, "You wouldn't, they were early term, and you're mother didn't want any of you upset. That's why Alan's was such a surprise. We didn't think we could have anymore. But your Mom..." he shook his head in remembered wonder, "She just... Well let's say I couldn't say 'No' to her."

Scott smiled in understanding, "I know what you mean. Zoey gives me that look and..." the smile morphed into a smirk. Jeff nodded an identical smirk on his face. Beside them John, Virgil and Alan shared mystified looks, "I'm never gonna let a woman manipulate me like that." Alan insisted.

Scott and Jeff looked at Alan then at each other and burst into laughter, "We'll see." Jeff choked between laughs, "We'll see." He ruffled the younger man's blond hair, scowling Alan pulled away a flush of embarrassment colouring his face. Standing and stretching he pulled a chair nearer and slouched with a foot over one knee, a typical teenage pout on his face. Jeff smiled at the familiar posture, Alan was slowly growing out of the teenage pouts, but occasionally he'd relapse. 'My baby boy is nearly a man.' He thought with a sentimental smile.

As the hysteria passed Scott relaxed back against his seat, he felt drained having used more emotions in the past day than he usually allowed himself in a year. Glancing at Virgil standing behind their father he met the younger man's troubled brown eyes, eyes the same colour as their mothers. 'Mom.' He looked back at his father's peaceful looking face. 'Damn, I don't want to upset him. But...'

Looking at Virgil again a question in his eyes Scott glanced meaningfully at their father then nodded down the corridor towards the elevators. Virgil nodded in understanding and moved down the corridor to wait for Scott and their father.

"Ah Dad?" Scott voice leaked hesitation.

Jeff turned from chatting with John and Alan, an eyebrow raised in query. "Yes?"

"We need to talk." Scott stood squaring his shoulders and glanced down the corridor to where Virgil stood waiting.

Concern flared in Jeff's grey eyes, he frowned looking up at this suddenly stern young man, barely recognising his son. "Now?"

Nodding firmly Scott repeated, "Now."

Jeff followed Scott's line of sight and noticed Virgil's equally grave visage, 'What now?' he wondered and glanced at John.

John's open confusion added to Jeff's. Standing Jeff nodded, "Ok." He nodded towards Virgil, "Down there?"

Scott nodded and Jeff turned towards Virgil. Automatically John stood to follow, Scott's firm hand on his shoulder stilling him, "Not now John. Virge and I need to talk to him alone. I'll fill you in later."

John frowned angrily, "Why? What's going on?"

"Later." Scott's tone left no room for argument.

With a pout that rivalled Alan's for sheer passion, John sat heavily in his seat, laser blue eyes cutting Scott to the quick, "This better be good." He growled.

Nodding in agreement. Scott followed his father and Virgil to the corner by the elevators.

Standing with his feet braced, Jeff noticed that Scott and Virgil had placed themselves between himself and the others. Both had faces devoid of emotion, hands clenched by their sides as if not sure what to do with them. 'Here it comes.' Jeff thought to himself, he'd thought they'd got passed the earlier problems, but now he wondered if he was going to be given the chance to make things right. Was this the end? Had Scott and Virgil decided the risks were too great?'

Scott dragged in a breath and shared a quick sideways glance with Virgil before focussing on his father, "Dad. There's no easy way of saying this so I'm just gonna say it OK?"

Jeff nodded stiffly bracing himself for the worst.


Outside the ICU John listened absently to Gordon's patter of lame jokes, the constant barrage didn't seem to have a beginning or end, he marvelled that Zoey hadn't woken and strangled the joker yet.

Perched on the edge of his seat John watched the proceedings along the corridor, he hadn't missed the fact that Scott and Virgil had practically barricaded their father in the corner, nor the tense postures they had all adopted. Whatever was happening John knew Scott and Virgil were in it together, a tag team that was unrivalled, John's concern for his father grew. John's own emotions were in turmoil, as the family peace keeper he felt compelled to intervene, but Scott's earlier statement had been adamant. "Damn it Scott. I hope you know what you're doing." Beside him Alan's face mirrored his own concerns, with automatic big brother instinct his threw an arm over Alan's shoulder pulling the slighter man close, gaining comfort from the bond himself.

Eyes never leaving the confrontation by the elevators John sipped at his cold coffee, grimacing at the bitter taste, he glanced down at the cup. Alan's sudden indrawn breath and burst of movement alerted him, his eyes following Alan's hurried movement down the corridor, passed the younger blond to the men in the corner. Virgil's bellow for assistance while Scott supported a collapsed Jeff Tracy penetrated John's stunned immobility. Staggering to his feet he yelled for Gordon and raced towards his father, cradled in Scott's arms on the floor.

Gordon stopped mid joke at the sudden shouting, used to have his name screamed at the top of his brothers' lungs, he didn't react immediately, patting the sleeping Zoey's hand he smile, "Be back in a sec." He stepped towards the door, a volley of hospital personnel raced pass, causing him to glance in the direction they'd hurried. With distant curiosity he watched the activity in the corner by the elevators. The pale man on the floor over which several hospital staff seemed to be labouring seemed vaguely familiar in a surreal sort of way, around the slow moving intense activity on the floor, slower moving forms stood, shock, horror, terror radiated from them as they clutched at each other, the noise from the commotion was subdued and distant. With sudden impact the motion and clamour broke over him in a horror filled rush, "DAD!" Gordon raced down the short corridor desperate to reach his father, only to have Scott step in his path and catch him. "DAD! DAD!" Gordon reached blindly around the obstacle that was his brother, the desperation of a lost child in his voice.

"Gordon. GORDON!" Scott shouted, shaking the younger man, trying to get Gordon to look at him. Slowly Gordon registered Scott presents, and ceased to fight. "Dad?" he whimpered fear rampant in his eyes.

Virgil appeared beside the brothers' and rubbed at Gordon's tense back, "He's alright. He just fainted." He glanced at Scott to reassure himself that Scott wasn't about to do the same thing, as grey as he looked Virgil wondered how his brother was maintaining an upright position, let alone keeping a grip on Gordon.

"Fainted?" Gordon looked from Virgil to his father now sitting up, leaning against the wall. While still pale he looked decidedly better than he had on the floor. "Why?" he stepped away from Scott.

"That's what I want to know!" John added, an aggressive tone in his voice, he glared at Scott and Virgil.

Scott swallowed heavily and glanced at Virgil, nodding in support Virgil moved towards their father where he sat Alan tucked beside him. Scott turned to follow and was pulled up short by John, "NOW!"

Scott shot a glacial look at John, only to be met by an equally enraged gaze. Scott took a step back, while John was acknowledged as the most level headed and even tempered of the brothers, he was by far the most violent when aroused, and Scott realised he'd never seen John quiet so 'annoyed' as he was now.

With a resigned sigh he nodded away from the group on the floor and was relieved when John followed him towards a glassed partition area. With one eye on his father Gordon followed and stood a step back to listen in while maintaining a weather eye on Jeff.

Scott placed his back against the wall, if John was going to come at him, he'd rather be prepared. Running his hands through his hair Scott studied his brother, John was usually the one he confided in, but this time it was so much harder. "John." He closed his eyes taking another fortifying breath, "Johnny...." John's face had morphed from livid to alarmed.

"For Christ sake Scott. Just spit it out." He growled.

Gordon glanced at the two, surprised by John's aggressive tone; his attention was captured by the intensity of the moment. 'What the hell?' he wondered.

Scott glanced between the two. "Ok. Ok... I'm getting there. This isn't easy." Locking eyes with John he blurted, "Mom's alive."

"What?" Gordon asked incredulously.

John shook his head, "No. She can't be. Not after we left her behind. No."

Scott stepped forward and placed a hand on each of John's shoulders, "Yes John. I've seen her. The woman the National Guard pulled out with Zoey..." he squeezed John's shaking shoulders in support, "It's her, her and the baby."

John continued to shake his head, disbelief and disgust filling his mind. "No.... No.... We left her. I left her."

He pulled violently from Scott, swing away and paced towards the dividing glass panel looking through at his father, now sat on a chair between Virgil and Alan. His mind flooding with emotions, fear, grief, horror, disgust, anger.... blinding white anger, suddenly the glass in front of him burst a shower of cascading shards scattering the image of his father. A roar of voices intruded on his inner turmoil, Virgil's appearance beside him yanking him away from the mess of twisted and shattered safety glass.

From a distant world he watched Virgil wrap a jacket around his bloody fist, dimly he wondered how his hand had been injured, he watched in removed fascination as Scott parlayed with the hospital security. He found himself settled outside the ICU ward again, his hand bandaged and his father sitting beside him talking quietly.

John frowned, the last several minutes, hours? Seemed to have disappeared, he looked at Jeff sitting beside him, looking tired and worn, but still his father. Jeff smiled seeing the return of comprehension in John's eyes.

"That's my boy." Jeff rubbed the back of John's neck, running his fingers though the curls at the base of his head, "You alright now?"

John nodded, though in truth he had no idea what his father was talking about. He glanced around the corridor. Alan and Gordon were sitting across the way in chairs, heads close together in a pose known to cause mass panic on Tracy Island. There was no sign of Scott or Virgil; he looked back at his father questioningly.

"Scott's in with Zoey. Virge has just gone to get coffee. He'll be back shortly." Jeff answered the unspoken question.

Nodding John glanced at Gordon and Alan again, then at his hand rubbing at the bandage and the dull ache.

Jeff placed a hand over John's to still the movement, "Leave it, you'll start it bleeding again." At John's confused looked Jeff gave a rueful smile, "Don't remember?"

John shook his head, he couldn't even work out his confusion at the moment, let alone how to vocalise it. "What happened?"

Jeff sighed, having heard from Scott and Gordon what had happened.

Across the corridor Gordon sniggered, "You killed the window. That's what happened."

John looked at the family joker, "What?"

Gordon and Alan shared mock looks of terror, "Yeah remind me never to get between you and a window again." Alan laughed.

"Boys!" Jeff reprimanded.

Instantly remorseful Gordon and Alan subsided. John looked at his hand then at his father again, "I hit a window?"

"Yeah." Jeff nodded the rueful smile returning. "Scott was telling you about your Mom..."

John's eyes widened in pain as the memories came flooding back, trembling he looked with horror at his father, "I left her..." tears poured down his distraught face.

Jeff shook his head and pulled his trembling son into his arms, "No John, you didn't."

Trying to pull away, John shook his head, "Yes... yes I did."

His agitated cry drew Scott from Zoey's bed side, finding his brother struggling in his father's arms, Scott crouched beside him, "John. John look at me. John."

Fatigue and pain from his abused ribs and hand overcoming him John gave up a leant against Jeff, looking at Scott tiredly.

"That's it little brother. Look at me. You did nothing wrong. You hear me. You didn't leave her." Tears trailed down Scott's face and John reached out and wiped one away, smiling at the contact Scott grasped the hand in his and held on tight, "We did what Mom would have wanted us to do. We looked after the babies. Remember, she told us to look after them and we did."

John shook his head unwilling to let the guilt go.

Pushing the younger man up so he could see his face Jeff met John's wary eyes, "John the rescue teams said she was gone, you did what you had to. No. You and Scott did what I should have done. You know what it's like on a rescue John, think about it, what else could you expect to have done?"

John shook his head unable to think of any other course of action. "But."

"No. No buts." Scott interrupted, "We did what had to be done, just as we've always done. We stuck by each other."

John nodded and leaned his head on his father's shoulder, tears continued to trickle down his face, but soon gave way to the sound of soft snores. Jeff continued to rub his back gently.

Sharing a look of understanding with his father Scott stood and stretched. He glanced around wondering if Virgil had found the coffee or had got lost again. Shoulders heavy with exhaustion and too much worry Scott returned to Zoey's bedside to find Gordon had returned. The younger man was no longer cracking his lame jokes. Instead he sat quietly holding the young woman's hand. Tears glistening on his cheek, he spoke softly, "Zo', you gotta wake up. I don't know how to do this Zoey. Scott said you found Mom..." he sniffed wiping ineffectively at the dampness on his cheeks, Scott stilled the impulse to step in and comfort his brother, Gordon needed this time, even unconscious Zoey was able to relieve this brother's pain. "I can't remember her Zo'. How can I not remember her? What's she gonna think of me, huh? Com'on Zoey, give me a joke. Show me how to find the laughter in this..." running out of words, Gordon slumped in the chair beside the bed and laid his head on the mattress beside Zoey's hand, his shoulders shaking with silent tears. Wordlessly Scott crossed the room and lay a hand on Gordon's back rubbing gently, looking up, sad amber eyes met sober grey. The quiet communion between brothers was broken by a croaky whisper, "At least you've quit with the lame jokes..."

Both brothers swung towards the bed to find a pale Zoey grinning at them, seeing the matching anxious tear streaked faces, the grin turned to a frown of worry. "What? What's wrong?"

Scott shook his head in disbelief; only his Zoey would wake from a life threatening coma and ask what's wrong.

Stepping close to the bed and drawing her into his arms he smiled, his heart lightening for the first time in what felt like years, "Nothing. Nothing's wrong. Everything's going to be just fine now."

Grinning like a mad cow, Gordon ran out of the room to share the good news and ran straight into Virgil returning from his coffee run, skidding Gordon back peddled but the highly polished hospital floor was his undoing. Sliding with impromptu grace his careered into Virgil, taking Virgil's legs out from beneath him, the tray of drinks flew up into the air did a flip and tumbled spilling warm brown liquid across the two brothers on the floor.

The sudden crash and Alan's roar of laughter causing John to wake with a start and look around, Gordon and Virgil sat in the middle of a spreading brown puddle, wearing smears of brown and white foam was too much for the over wrought astronaut, joining Alan in hysterical laughter John collapsed in his chair.

Scott appeared at the door supporting a weak but conscious Zoey, "What happened?" Scott demanded before seeing the evidence and working it out for himself.

Jeff shook his at Gordon and Virgil then glanced at Scott, seeing Zoey he stood and crossed to hug the young woman.

Pulling her close he smiled at his son's reluctance to let his wife out of his arms. With a soft smile and a kiss to Zoey's forehead, Jeff smiled at his sons, "It looks like everything is back to normal."

The ridiculousness of the statement sent everyone into peals of helpless laughter.

"No coffee then?" Scott asked catching his breath; Virgil's killer look sent him into hysterics once again.


Jeff Tracy stood at the back of the elevator as the other occupants emptied out of the compartment, with a resigned breath he pushed himself away from the back wall and out into the corridor, the quiet hiss of the doors closing behind him. Looking at the signs above the elevator foyer Jeff nodded to himself and headed down the left hand corridor. Virgil had volunteered to accompany him for this excursion, but Jeff felt he needed to do this himself, he'd allowed his boys to take too much responsibility over the years, responsibilities that by rights were his. He'd have come sooner but with his own collapse followed by John's nervous breakdown the past several hours had sped by. Now it was just after one in the afternoon, and Jeff Tracy entered the children's ward of the Denver Trauma Centre, it had been several years since he'd last been in a children's ward, not since Alan had last broken something, 'An arm? Or was it his leg that time?' Jeff shook his head ruefully, with his boys, one or the other was always in the wars, remembering which one, when and what had happened was beyond him, though he had no doubt that if he asked Virgil he'd get a full accounting of the incident. 'That's my boys,' he thought, 'between them they've got it all covered.'

His shoes squeaked on the shiny floor, echoing in the quiet corridor leading to the nurses' station. An attendant passed with a trolley loaded with used food trays, and Jeff stepped back against the wall. The smell of the hospital along with the hushed atmosphere left him cold. A shiver ran up his spine, 'Will she know me?' he wondered, 'What do I say? What the hell am I doing?' Frozen against the wall as fears seared his soul, Jeff stared at the nurses' station with unseeing eyes.

Turning to leave before he made more of a mess of things than they already were, Jeff was halted by a gentle hand on his arm. Stiffening at the affront and looking at the hand intending to tell the impertinent person to remove it, Jeff hesitated. The hand was slight, with split nails and badly bruised, he eyes followed up the arm, his heart racing in panic. With a profound feeling of fate his eyes met brown eyes full of the same hopes and fears beating in his own chest. 'Lucy.' The word held more meaning than a thousand of the best prose ever written.

Lucy inspected the man in front of her; she recognised his posture, one of wariness. The face was familiar if older, lines where once there had been smooth skin, more frown lines than smile lines she noted. His eyes once a vivid blue, had dulled to a bluey-grey, matched by the sprinkle of grey though his hair. Yes it was her Jeff, older, wiser, a little less sure of himself than he once was, but still the man she'd married, the father of her children. Her soul mate.

"Jeff?" the word came out questioningly, the voice rough with disuse.

Jeff choked as emotions rushed through him, with convulsive movements he pulled her into his arms, burying his face in the warm, sweet smelling hair he remembered, the feel of her arms surrounding him like the memory of a dream. "Lucy. Oh Lucy." He whispered, terrified if he spoke too loudly the spell would be broken and he'd wake from this dream.

Frozen in time the couple stood clasped in each other's arms, eons passed in the blink of an eye.

The sounds of the hospital finally intruded and the couple pulled apart, but only far enough to look in each other's eyes, glancing quickly around the corridor Jeff spied a couch and pulling Lucy in his wake, settle them comfortably hands clasped. Minutes passed in silence as the each studied the other, words were unnecessary shared memories spoke for them.

Lightly Lucy wiped a tear from Jeff's cheek, running her fingers though his hair behind his ear and back to the side of his face, a gentle smile on her face, she touched the lines on his forehead, smoothing them. "Still frowning, I told you it would give you wrinkles."

Jeff gave a rueful smile, "Not frowning, the boys." He shook his head, and ran his own fingers through his hair, "And the grey hair."

Lucy sniggered, "Likely excuse."

"Oh Lucy... I've missed you."

Lucy's smile broadened, "and I you."

In quiet words and tender touches the couple recaptured what had been lost and found, hours passed without notice.


Scott paced the corridor outside the ICU, hands in his pockets, head bent watching the floor. In the chairs lining the corridor his brothers sat watching, none of them willing to tell the eldest to sit down, Scott was past the point of reason, too much stress, caffeine and lack of sleep had taken its toll on the eldest Tracy son, and Scott had little to no patience left.

The closed blinds of the ICU caused him more concern than he wanted to recognise, when the Doctor had requested he leave the room while Zoey was examined, he'd immediately refused, but Zoey's quiet persuasion had succeeded where the Doctor's decree had failed.

Movement by the door prompted him to stop his pacing. A nurse exited and crossed to the nurses' station, picking up a folder she returned to the room without looking at any of the expectant men watching her. Scott glanced at Virgil questioningly, Virgil shrugged in reply. Wearily Scott sank down into a chair between Virgil and John, head in his hand, he rested his elbows on his knees.

"She's alright." Virgil said quietly, "They just want to make sure everything is..."

Scott glanced up questioningly, "everything is what?"

"Nothing." Virgil shook his head, "Forget I spoke." He pulled at his collar stiff with dry coffee.

Scott frowned, "No. You were going to say something. What was it?" He sat up half turning to face Virgil, giving John his back.

Virgil glanced over Scott's shoulder at John, who shrugged giving a 'You started it' look.

Glaring a meaningfully 'Thanks for nothing,' at his blond brother; Virgil looked Scott in the eye. "They just need to make sure everything's clear."

Scott frowned, "Clear?"

Sighing Virgil looked at Gordon and Alan, listening intently then at John over Scott's shoulder, "Look it's not something Zoey would want me... discussing... now..." he nodded his head towards Gordon and Alan.

Scott looked at Gordon and Alan's intent faces then at John behind him and back at Virgil. Standing he pulled Virgil reluctantly to his feet. Looking disappointed Gordon slumped back in his seat.

As Scott set off down the corridor the door to the ICU opened and the Doctor stepped out, immediately changing direction Scott cut off the Doctor's departure. "Doctor Mahoney. How is she?" he demanded in a tone not to be taken lightly. Dr Mahoney gave Scott a look intended to put him in his place, but he hadn't reckoned with the Tracy character. Virgil joined Scott an eyebrow raised in query. As the other three brothers also stood to face Dr Mahoney he sighed and took a quick look around, thankful that at least Jeff Tracy seemed to be absent. "Your wife is doing as well as can be expected Mr Tracy."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Dr Mahoney stiffened at being addressed so abruptly, "It means she is recovering as expected."

"When can she come home then?"

Dr Mahoney looked at the harried dishevelled looking man, his companions seemed little better. He'd expected somewhat better from the likes of the Tracys'. 'Money obviously doesn't breed refinement.' he thought with a sneer, he wondered what the polite young woman in ICU saw in this vulgar man. "I imagine she will be able to go home in a few days. The head injury needs to be watched, although I don't expect anything untoward."

Scott's agitation at Dr Mahoney's stuffy tones gave Virgil cause to lay a hand on his elder brother's arm, "I'm a Doctor." He addressed the surgeon. Dr Mahoney's obvious look caused Virgil's ire to rise rapidly, he put his hand out, "Virgil Tracy, degree from Sydney University, Australia. I believe we have the facilities to look after Zoey on the island. I've looked over her documentation. She's recovered extremely quickly from the head injury, although I acknowledge she's got a way to go. But considering the other... factors, I believe she'd probably be more comfortable at home."

Dr Mahoney reluctantly shook the younger 'Doctors' hand. "Dr Tracy, I'm sure your facilities are... adequate. But I believe Mrs Tracy's health would be best served by remaining here for the duration."

Virgil's eyes narrowed in annoyance with a tight smile he nodded, "I'm sure you're right. I'll of course discuss the issue with the Chief Medical Officer. Perhaps you'd like to point me in the right direction?"

Dr Mahoney glared at the younger man, "Of course if Mrs Tracy would like to leave there is nothing I can do to stop her."

"Of course." Virgil agreed.

With a huff Dr Mahoney looked at Scott, "If that is all?"

Stepping out of the surgeon's way Scott gave a tight smile, "Doctor. Thank you."

Nodding stiffly the surgeon strode down the corridor his white coat flapping behind him.

John looked at Virgil surprise evident on his face, "What was that all about? You haven't qualified yet."

Virgil shrugged, "Didn't like his attitude from the start, and I know enough about head injuries..." He looked at Scott, ".. it will be alright, well it will be with rest. She'll be better able to recover... from everything, at home."

Turning back to John he grimaced, "The media is already clamouring outside. How long before they find out about the miscarriage? She doesn't need that."

Scott nodded, "No she doesn't." Heading towards the ICU he pushed the door open then glanced back at his brothers, "John start sorting out transport. Virgil find Dad." He frowned, "and Mom. See about getting Sally discharged. Gordon, Alan I want you to check on security, make sure we're covered." He gave Gordon a meaningful stare, "You know what I mean?"

Gordon nodded smartly, "Yes sir. Com'on Al." He tugged Alan arm and the two headed towards the elevators with determine strides.

John and Virgil looked at Scott questioningly, Scott just smiled, "Problem?"

"Ahh. No." John pursed his lips, "We'll get to it then." Nodding the two brothers disbursed to carry out their allotted tasks.

Turning back to the room Scott faced a nurse exiting, "How is she?" he asked quietly.

Nodding towards the corridor the nurse guided Scott away from the room, "Physically she's well." A slight pause and a look of concern crossed the nurse's face, "Emotionally." She shook her head, "She asked about the baby, I'm afraid we had to tell her."

Scott's angry glare caused the nurse to hesitate, "I'm sorry Mr Tracy, but she already suspected, the Doctor only confirmed her suspicions."

Nodding rigidly Scott looked towards the curtained room, "I'm taking her home as soon as I can. Today if possible." He glanced back at the nurse to gauge her response; the nurse's look of concern caused him to smile, "My brother's a Doctor. He'll see she gets whatever she needs, but she needs to be at home."

Nodding the nurse smiled, "Yes. I suppose." Shaking her head she touched Scott's arm gently, "Take care Mr Tracy, she's going to be quiet... overwrought. It will take time. But she'll heal."

"Thank you." Scott turned towards the ICU and again opened the door, in the subdued lighting Zoey reclined against the raised bed, head turned away from the door.

"Zo'?" Scott stood in the door, unsure on how to approach her.

Sorrowful eyes met his, "I'm sorry." Zoey whispered, "Scott I'm so sorry."

Instantly he was across the room, perched on the bed he pulled her into his arms, "You've nothing to be sorry about Zo'. It..." burying his head in her hair he sighed, "It was just one of those things..." He rocked her while she cried, letting his own tears fall, knowing this wouldn't be the last time they cried for the baby they'd lost.

"How?" Zoey's tear filled voice broke through Scott's grief and he pulled back to look at her.

"How?" he frowned unsure what she meant.

"How'd it happen? I don't remember..." furrowing her brow she looked around the room, "I'm not even sure where I am." Touching her head where the bandage covered the wound on her temple, "Did I fall on the stairs?"

Scott shook his head, "No. You were on the rescue."

"Rescue?" Zoey shook her head and then closed her eyes as the room spun woozily. "What rescue?"

Scott looked around the room, trying to find answers to questions he didn't even understand, he wished Virgil was here to reassure him Zoey's lack of memory was alright.

"Ah... What's the last thing you remember?"

Squeezing her eyes closed in thought Zoey muttered, "You coming to bed?" she looked up at Scott, "Last night?"

Sighing Scott shook his head, "The klaxon went off about... ohhh five o'clock. We got called to an avalanche in Colorado."

Zoey's look of surprise wounded him, "You really don't remember?"


Deciding to leave the details till they got home, and once he could talk to Virgil about the implications, Scott pulled her into his arms. "You fell and hit your head on a rock in the snow. The injury, medication or something, I'm not sure what, caused the baby to..." he stopped as tears bloomed in Zoey's eyes again, "It wasn't your fault. It was an accident OK?"

Nodding Zoey buried her face in Scott's shoulder, holding her close he allowed the tears to fall.

Sitting up Scott wiped the drying tears from Zoey's face, "I'm taking you home. Virgil's looked at your stuff. He says you'll be alright to go home. OK?"

Zoey nodded tiredly, "Please."


True to form John had transportation arranged quickly, quietly and efficiently. An air ambulance was to meet the family on the helipad of the trauma centre and ferry them to Denver airport where Tracy one waited, fuelled and ready for takeoff. John's only concern was who was going to fly them home. Scott and Virgil were obviously exhausted. John himself felt as if he'd been put though his grandmother's old washing wringer and he imagined his father felt much the same way. With a start he thought of his grandmother, in all the commotion no one had bothered to call the older woman on her world cruise. John winced; they'd pay for that infraction, no doubt about that.

"I guess that leaves Gordon and Alan." John shook his head, he'd never believe he'd see the day they would be relying on the terrible two. Crossing the entrance of the hospital John grimaced at the flash of a camera, a quick perusal of the area located the camera man. Striding across the room looking fiercely at the man, John watch with satisfaction as the man scampered from his hiding place and disappeared into the closing night. "Good riddance."


Virgil found his father in the children's ward sitting beside the bed a hand resting on the bed beside Sally, while Lucy sat on the bed an arm around the child talking to her quietly. The small child hunkered into her mother, troubled amber eyes warily on the man beside the bed.

Virgil stood in the doorway and knocked on the open door quietly.

Looking up both adults smiled to see their middle son, "Virge? How's it going?" Jeff asked standing and facing the younger man.

"Fine." Virgil moved into the room, Sally's wary eyes moving rapidly back and forth between the men, "You?"

Jeff glanced at Lucy and Sally on the bed then back at Virgil, "We're getting there." He answered with a smile.

"Good. Good." Virgil looked at his mother and the child on the bed, 'she really does look like Gordo. Damn, I hope she's got more sense.' "Ah... Scott wants to get moving. They've OK'd Zoey. Sort of." He grimaced and looked at Jeff, "Actually the surgeon's being a bit awkward about it. But the media has set up a circus outside. John and I thought it would be best to get out while the going was good."

Jeff nodded in understanding and looked at Lucy, "Are you ready to come home?"

Taking in a shuddering breath Lucy nodded hesitantly, "I suppose. But..." she looked at Sally then back at Jeff and Virgil.

"It's alright. I've already checked, she's on antibiotics intravenously. I've got the gear at home to deal with it. Everything else I can sort. The stitches will need to be removed in a week, but I can do that.... or Zoey if she's up to it."

Lucy frowned and looked at Jeff to confirm Virgil's statement; smiling Jeff crossed the room and wrapped his arms around Lucy, laying a hand gently on Sally's shoulder, which she accepted suspiciously. "It's alright. Virge has a year left of study until he's qualified as a Medical Doctor... among other things." He grinned at Virgil, "You'll find your sons have accumulated an amazing range of skills."

Nodding in agreement, despite not understanding Lucy leaned into the man behind her. "When do we leave?"

Virgil clapped his hands together, "No time like the present. Just wait here... I'll be back in a moment." With that he disappeared and returned shortly with a wheelchair, and a nurse carrying paperwork for Lucy to sign.

Lucy shook her head at the officious manner in which her son had Sally discharged into his care, before she could take it all in Jeff and Virgil had them in the elevator on the way to the ICU ward to collect Scott and Zoey.

"John should have the transport sorted and Gordon and Alan are sorting security."

Jeff frowned, "Gordon and Alan are dealing with security?"

Virgil shrugged, "Ran out of other jobs for them. We had to give them something to do. You know what they're like. Idle hands and all that."

Jeff shook his head, suddenly feeling a head ache coming on.

Exiting the elevator Jeff led Lucy towards Zoey's room, Virgil pushing the wheel chair and chatting quietly. "It's going to be alright Sally. We're taking you home."

The child's sudden trembling caused Virgil to stop and crouch beside the chair, giving the IV a quick check he looked at the girls pale face, "Hey what's wrong." He laid a gentle hand on her knee.

Wide amber eyes stared at him, tears pooling and trickling down her pale cheeks. Wiping them away Virgil smiled, "It's going to be alright, you're going home."

"Dddddon't wwwant tttto." Sally whispered the trembling increasing as tears continued to flow.

Virgil frowned, "You don't want to come home?"

Sally shook her head.

Leaning back on his heals Virgil studied the child, "Sally. You know you're not going back to the mountain. Don't you?"

Shaking her head, Sally eyed the quiet man knelt in front of her. She'd never seen another person except for her mother and Dwayne. The number of people in the hospital had overwhelmed her. She couldn't understand what was happening, except that her mother seemed to like these people, had said that that other man was her father, and this one her brother.

Sighing Virgil gave an encouraging smile, suddenly realising what a battle they had in front of them with this child. "Sally. You are coming home with us. To our Island. That man? Dwayne? You'll never see him again. You'll never be hurt again. You're safe."

Sally's wide eyed look of scepticism gave Virgil's heart a tug, and with brotherly instinct he pulled the child into his arms, rocking her till her stiff body relaxed against him. "Shhh. Hush... it's alright, we've got you now." He chuckled, "You've got five older brother's Sal'. No one will ever be allowed to hurt you again. I can guarantee it."

John stepped out of the elevator to find Virgil crouched on the floor a small girl cradled in his arms, surprised John stumbled to a halt. "Virge?"

Looking up Virgil gave a small smile, and pushed Sally upright in his arms, balancing himself he looked her in the face, "Sally, may I introduce brother number two. This is John."

John sucked in a deep breath, he'd registered Scott's words earlier intellectually but to suddenly be faced with his baby sister hit him hard. Dropping to his knees in front of Virgil and Sally he reached out a tentative hand to stroke her hair. "Hell, she's looks just like Gordo."

Virgil laughed, "Yeah... he's gonna love it."

John nodded a smile blooming across his face as he stared into his sister's eyes.

Sally looked between the two men, never had she seen such looks, a tentative smile lit her face as she reached out and touched John's hair, "Like Mom's."

Tears of happiness pooled in his eyes, John nodded, "Yeah. Like Mom's."

Virgil snorted, "Out of a bottle maybe."

Giving a mock glare, John sniggeringly agreed. "We ready to go then?"

Virgil nodded, "Almost, I've just got to get Scott to finalise Zoey's paperwork. She'll need to sign it. You got the transport sorted?"

John nodded and helped Virgil to stand and seat Sally back in the wheelchair, he bumped Virgil away from the handles and started pushing the chair towards Zoey's room. "Heard from the terrible two?"

Virgil shook his head. "No. You?"

John shared a worried look with Virgil, "I hope Scott knew what he was doing sending those two off to organised security. I mean what needed organising?"

Virgil shook his head, "I don't want to think about it."

Silently agreeing John joined Virgil at the nurses' station where he had begun filling in paperwork.


Gordon grinned from his position in the corner of the hospital foyer as he watched John chase the cagey photographer out of the hospital, he knew from personal experience the power of John's glare when he'd been riled. It was one of the few things that gave Gordon pause, not for long, but it did tend to make him think twice, which was more than any of his other brother's accomplished. Watching the photographer join his clique outside Gordon's grin grew evil.

The buzz of his watch drew Gordon's eyes from the mass of paparazzi, raising his wrist surreptitiously and pushing the ear piece more firmly in place, he smiled at the smirking face of his baby brother, "Got it?"

Alan shrugged nonchalantly, "Of course."

Gordon nodded, "You in place?"

"Yeah. When do you want me to make the move?"

"I'll let you know in a moment, I'll just contact Scott and see what's happening."

"F-A-B." Alan's grinning face was replaced by the dial of the watch face. Quickly Gordon tapped blue the button on the side of the watch to contact Scott.

"Hey Fish. How's it going?" Scott's sober face filled the screen, Gordon frowned at the tired look on his brothers face. It worried him for than he cared to admit that Scott was so shattered, it was not something Gordon was used to seeing in his big brother.

"We're ready to roll. What about you?"

Scott looked away from his watch and spoke to someone Gordon couldn't see. The muffled conversation lasted a few minutes and then Scott looked back at Gordon. "Give us five minutes to get down to the rear entrance, John's organised an air ambulance to take us to Denver airport. Are you and Alan alright to get there?"

"No problem."

"F-A-B. Start operation five minutes from my mark."

"F-A-B." Gordon replied.

"Mark." Scott shut the com-link and turned to his father. "Let's move."

With an efficiency born of years of training the Tracy clan moved down to the rear entrance of the hospital. Hustled along, Lucy followed the two wheel chairs as Zoey and Sally were raced down service corridors and into the rear goods lift. Clutching Jeff's hand in fear of being left behind in the rush, Lucy's mind whorled with the organisational power apparent in her sons' actions. They're unspoken understand of each other's needs, John and Virgil's automatic deference to Scott spoke volumes. She glanced at Jeff, expecting him to take charge, but he seemed to be comfortable allowing Scott the initiative.

Reaching the small foyer that led from the helipad to the emergency department, the Tracy's stood watching the large helicopter land, a mass of paparazzi spilling forward in anticipation of the latest scoop.

Scott glanced at his watch, "4 minutes, 35... Gordon should have them out of our way in 25 seconds, get ready to move." He gave John and Virgil a quick look where they stood with the wheelchairs, sharp nods of understanding met his statement. Glancing at Jeff, Scott raised an eyebrow in query, Jeff also nodded... "Have you any idea what he's got planned?"

Scott shook his head and Jeff grimaced, and then gave Lucy a reassuring smile.

A sudden exodus of the gathered media was their queue to leave, gathering his family up, Scott hurried them towards the waiting heli-ampulance.


In the front entrance, Gordon alerted Alan of the plan and counted down the minutes, as the allotted time past he drew a deep breath and strode across the entrance foyer in full view of the swarm of media outside. As the first journalist noticed him and shouted to his photographer, Gordon gave a convincing look of horror and dashed out a side entrance, apparently shouting into his mobile phone. He ran across the car park allowing time for the media to register his presence and follow, just as he reached the first line of parked cars, a huge black stretched Hummer screamed around the side of the hospital wing, screeching to a halt, Gordon raced around the front and dived in the front passenger door, the Hummer peeled out of the car park, leaving smoking tire tracks. The assembled media raced for their respective vehicles and gave chase.

Inside the Hummer, Gordon grinned at Alan, "When I said something to grab their attention I didn't quite me this."

Alan shrugged, his grip on the steering wheel firm, "Hey, it's got style. Virge would be impressed."

"Not if you stack it." Gordon squealed as Alan slalomed around a traffic island.

"I won't." Alan replied with a confidence born of youth. Planting his foot he gave the Hummer a burst of power rocketing through the early evening Denver traffic.

"You know where you're going?" Gordon asked looking in the mirror to see various cars and vans attempting to follow their path through the busy traffic.

Alan nodded, "Yep."

Gordon glanced at his brother, "You know this is spectacular, I admit it. But how are we gonna loose them now?" He looked in the rear vision mirror noting they still had several tails.

Alan grinned across at Gordon with a grin Gordon knew well, it was one he sported regularly. "There's a reason I picked this." His smirk growing Alan swerved around a line of traffic and in to a side street. "Did you know that there's a four-by-four car show in town?"

"No." Gordon shook his head, "Strangely enough that wasn't on my calendar."

Alan chuckled, "Should have been. This year's specialty is stretched Hummers, there's a whole heap of them on display outside the Hyatt Place and scattered about town" He pointed to two pulling out of a side road and heading in differing directions, taking another corner hard, Alan careered through an intersection, just as the lights turned red behind him, catching the pursuing paparazzi.

Gordon looked with amazement at Alan a wide grin on his face, "The Force is strong with you my young apprentice." Sitting back to enjoy the ride Gordon watched Alan's growing talent for driving, 'Dad's gonna have to give and let him race.' He thought, 'the kid's a natural.'

Alan's grin stretched from ear to ear, pushing harder on the gas, he whooped with delight, and planted his foot hard against the floor, the Hummer jumped forward, streaking around the building traffic and jumping an island before racing down the street in a insane burst of speed.


At the airport, Jeff thanked the pilot of the air ambulance and followed his family across the tarmac to the waiting Tracy one. Climbing aboard Jeff noted Scott and Virgil in the cockpit already warming the engines. A quick glance at John's tight face alerted him to the tense atmosphere. "I'll talk to him. How far away are Alan and Gordon?" Jeff spoke to John quietly so as not to alert Scott and Virgil.

"I don't know. I don't know what they were up to. Scott arranged it."

Nodding Jeff patted John on the shoulder, "Settle your mother and Sally. I'll take care of those two."

Moving in to the pilot's cabin to stand behind Scott, Jeff laid a hand on his sons' tense shoulders, "Scott, you're just warming her up. Gordon can fly."

Scott shook his head, "I'm fine."

Crouching between his son's Jeff looked up at Scott, "No you're not. Where's Gordon anyway?"

Scott glanced at his watch, "He should be here any minute."

Jeff nodded, "What were they up to? Creating a diversion?"

Scott nodded, "Yeah. Like I said, I don't know what. I left that up to Gordon to sort out. He glanced from the panels in front of him to look at Jeff. "Figured it was his forte."

Jeff chuckled, "About time that skill got put to use."

Virgil grimaced, "Don't encourage him."

Jeff shook his head, "You're wasting your time trying to fight it Virge. Gordon's...." snorting a laugh, and patted Virgil's back while standing he looked out the front window. "Gordon. He's not going to change now."

Virgil shook his head resigned and continued readying the plane for its long journey home, "I've got flight plan clearance; we can take off when we're ready."

Scott stretched and relaxed back in his seat, "I'm ready as well, just waiting on the terrors." He grinned at his father and Virgil.

A screech of tires drew his eyes from his brother's worried frown, across the tarmac a large black vehicle sped, zipping around obstacles with amazing grace for such a large unwieldy vehicle.

"What the hell?" Scott verbalised his father's thoughts.

"A Hummer... the idiots have got a stretched Hummer." Virgil seemed to be caught halfway between outrage and admiration. "Who's driving?" He glanced at their father quickly then watched at the car careened towards them at a speed that threatened to launch the thing into space.

With a squeal of brakes and a plume of rubbery black smoke the Hummer did a handbrake turn and came to a sudden halt in line with Tracy one.

Standing and stretching to look out the side window, Virgil noted that the front passenger door was in perfect alignment with the steps of the plane, nodding in appreciation he muttered, "Nice one."

The doors of the car flung open and Gordon dived out of the passenger side, looking towards the distant airport gates, he punched the air in excitement, and turned to face Alan as he circled the front of the vehicle at a run, high-fiving each other the brothers turned towards the plane and bounded up the steps into the cabin.

"Hey Johnny." Gordon crowed excitement pumping through him, "Hope you weren't waiting long, got caught in a little traffic, you know what it's like."

John shook his head unable to keep a straight face in the face of Gordon and Alan's fervour.

"Dad's waiting for you in the cock-pit. Scott wants to fly... but..." he left the sentence unfinished, Gordon and Alan knew the score.

Nodding Gordon strode towards the cockpit, Alan on his tail. Passing through the cabin the two froze as they caught sight of the woman sitting in a seat at the front. Time stilled as the three stared at each other. Lucy sat stunned, while she'd known her youngest boys had grow, their sudden appearance in such a volatile manned had left her breathless, beside her Sally leaned against her wide eyed in amazement at the noise coming from these two wild eyed men.

Gordon's eyes travelled from his mother to the girl at her side, his eyes widened in amazement a smile lit his face, and timidly he crouched down reaching out a hand taking a curl of hair in his fingers, "Red." He looked with amazement at Lucy, "I always thought I'd be the odd one out."

He ran his hand through his dark locks, "Guess I'll have to grow this out, huh?"

Lucy smiled and reached out to run her hands though his hair, "Whatever you want Gordon."

The quiet moment was broken by Scott's shout from the cockpit, "Gordon, If you're flying then get your ass up here. We've got company coming."

Standing Gordon grasped the still stunned Alan and pulled him toward the forward cabin. "Com'on Spout. We've got work to do."

The two disappeared into the pilot's cabin and the roar of the engines was soon felt.

As the plane started to taxi across the airfield, Jeff, Scott and Virgil joined the others in the rear cabin and strapped in.

Scott looked at Zoey, "Hold on tight, it's going to be a fast take off."

Zoey barely had time to nod as the engines screamed in protest at the increased speed and the plane shot down the runway lifting just within its lowest limits, for a moment it felt like gravity would pull them back down, but with a roar the plane soared into the night.

The Tracy's were going home... all of them.

The end... almost (LOL)

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