"Bella come here please" my mother, Renee Swan asked.

"Yes mother"

"Your father wants a word with you sweet heart"

"Why?" I tilted my head to the side

"Just wait and see" she replied with a smile on her face

I skipped along to my papa, my father was always busy, and he never hardly had time for myself and mummy he was always with Uncle Billy.


"Ah, my little angel Bella" he opened up his arms and I ran and jumped myself into them, I smiled into his neck while he laughed at my eagerness

"What is it daddy, mummy said you needed to speak to me"

He set me down onto the huge brown leather chair of his study and kneeled in front of me still holding my hands

"Now, daddy has to tell you something about your future Bella" he looked seriously at me his deep brown eyes burning into mine "Bella do you remember the tales I used to tell you when you were 3, about the dark prince vampire and the wolves?" I nodded "Well those weren't stories my angel, there're vampires out there sweetheart and we are the protectors, we are the wolves my angel"

"I don't understand Daddy; I've never seen the dark prince or a wolf"

"My angel we're going to show you now ok? Don't be scared he won't hurt you, he's your friend"

I nodded, if my daddy says he won't harm me then I believe him.

He turned his head towards the double doors behind him and said "Ok"

A giant brown wolf the size of two men walked confidently yet hesitantly into the room

"Bella, this is your uncle Billy"

I looked shock at my daddy, why hadn't he never told me this before

"Does that mean your one also daddy?" I asked

He smiled "Yes, along with you my brave little darling" he kissed my forehead "But you are the chosen one my darling you are the one who shall lead us against the vampires to win the war"

"Daddy" I screeched "I'm only 6"

They both laughed "Not now my angel, when you are at the age of 13, you shall change into a magnificent wolf"

He stroked my hair aside which was hiding my eyes

"Does mummy know daddy?"

"Yes" he smiled "We decided it would be better to tell you now"

I then heard a scream from the other side of the house, it sounded like my mummy

"Stay here darling don't move" my daddy let me go and changed into a wolf in front of me, I was shocked

"Daddy" I shouted I ran after him running through the fields towards the other end of the house "Daddy" I shouted my little pink dress with daisies swayed along with my brown curled hair my white little heeled shoes clicking with the wooded floor. I ran into the room my mother was there last that's when the smell hit me. Copper, rusty smell. I looked at the rocking chair my mother was sitting on when I left but I saw her on the floor

"Mummy?" I walked to her, her body was on the floor dripping with blood from her neck her eyes still open from the shock. I bit my lip "Mummy" I sobbed, no I shall not cry, I chanted to myself. I slowly walked to her I saw her blood stained necklace which held our photos. I traced it with my shaking finger. "I'm sorry mummy" I whispered I curled up to her looking into her eyes one last time before closing them I undid the necklace for me to keep, it felt wrong in a way seeing as I was taking it from her, but she always wanted me to have it.