Disclaimer: Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner are Chuck Jones's (as is the image above, which comes from "Lickety-Splat"). "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" is Burt Bacharach's.

Anvils keep falling on my head
The Road Runner darts away, and I get crushed instead
Uff da, what a life
These anvils keep falling on my head,
They keep falling

So I just called up the Acme Company,
And I asked if they could send some atom bombs to me
That was a mistake
These missiles keep falling on my head,
Like the anvils

But I won't quit
Oh, no
Whatever gods protect him,
I'll dissect him
And then we'll see if his cuckoo's charm can resurrect him

Anvils keep falling on my head
I'm crushed, battered, bruised, and blown away, but I'm not dead,
And I'll never be,
'Cause I've got a bird to kill, and I'm gonna do it
Just wait and see
Soon he'll be inside... me-e-e-e-e-hee-hee-hee