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That Dobe is late Sasuke thought agitatedly to his self as he sat waiting around on the large rock where he had agreed to meet his teammate that morning, so that they could train together.

In one of their more heated arguments the day before, the moronic blond had gotten it into his head again that he could 'beat the shit out of' the Uchiha heir; so of course, said Uchiha heir had retaliated by daring him to try it.

They had almost come to blows right where they stood too, before Kakashi had calmly intervened, telling them to cool their jets before everything got out of hand and a passer-by got injured, at which he wouldn't be happy, and would make sure they only got D rank missions for the rest of their ninja lives.

Not at all impressed with the concept of having to cut grass and catch any more psycho kittens, both boys had relented, and fell to giving each other evil looks for the rest of the day.

Before departing to go home that afternoon, the white haired Jounin had said a pleasant goodbye to Sakura, before turning to Sasuke and Naruto, saying; "Seeing as you seemed so eager to rip each other apart today, before team 7 starts training tomorrow as a group, you two can get in a few extra hours of sparing, I think it might help you keep yourselves under control in public better. Work up a good sweat!" Then smiling at them behind his mask, he had turned and walked away with a casual wave of his hand that served as their goodbye.

Naruto had immediately started complaining about having to spend more time with Sasuke than he needed to, having to get up earlier 'what about his breakfast?' and how training on his own would have been better, because his team mate was 'an asshole'. The idiot had made sure to whine right in his face to annoy him even more.

Although Sasuke had known that Naruto was just trying to get to him, he couldn't help but take the bait laid so obviously before him and snap at the blond; one, for being too close, two for complaining too loudly and three, for having created the whole mess in the first place because he was a loud-mouthed moron.

Naruto had only grinned slyly at him, obviously pleased that he had managed to get under the Uchiha's skin; before dictating to him where they should meet, and at what time, before turning to leave as he muttered something that sounded distinctly like 'time of the month'.

Rather than kill the Dobe where he stood for the remark, Sasuke had taken a calming breath and had vowed silently to wipe the smirk off the idiot's face the next day when he was actually permitted, near enough, to beat the living daylights out of him.

Sasuke almost wished he had given in and hit the idiot. He had been waiting for over half an hour after their meeting time, and there was still no sign of Naruto, which aggravated him to no end. He stood, decided. He would go to the blond's apartment and drag him out of bed if necessary, and maybe give him a good kicking, just for good measure.

That Dobe must still be asleep he thought, as he banged on the apartment door for the third time.

Just as he was about to continue his assault on the innocent piece of wood it opened and he was greeted by the sight of his teammate; annoyed, sleepy looking, and very nearly naked.

Sasuke paused; his hand still raised to knock the door again, and stared.

Naruto stood in the doorway, in naught but a pair of dark blue boxers, his hair tousled from sleep and his eyes practically closed against the daylight. His mouth was open just a little, and he was breathing shallowly; clearly he had only just woken up.

"Uhh" He muttered, reaching up to rub a hand over his tanned face "Wotcha want?"

He obviously wasn't a morning person Sasuke mused, his eyes dipping to the others toned stomach, then inadvertently moving lower still…

The Uchiha wrenched his eyes up to the blond's face before he was noticed, and snapped sharply at him; "We should be training right now loser! Can't you set a goddamn alarm?"

For the first time since he opened the door Naruto opened his eyes properly, and though sleep still clung to his eyelashes and he kept blinking in an attempt to rid himself of his tiredness, he finally seemed to be aware of who he was talking to.

To Sasuke's surprise, a smirk spread across the blond's face "It's pointless setting an alarm, I always sleep through them anyway."

He yawned, reaching his arms above his head, stretching and leaning to loosen up his back, causing his toned stomach to become the centre of the Uchiha's attention for a moment, before he caught himself and glued his eyes back on the blond's face.

What was with him? He didn't normally have trouble controlling himself around his teammate. Though, he admitted to himself; Naruto wasn't usually half naked with a bed in the immediate vicinity. Of course, it also helped that the blond annoyed the hell out of him most of the time too. Keeping his eyes averted from the others increasingly appealing figure, Sasuke swore at his teammate for making him wait, and then not even being awake when he got there.

Naruto just laughed at him, curling his fingers in a 'home here' gesture, then stood back to let the brooding teen into his small home, "It's a good job you didn't just kick the door in, yah know" He said grabbing a folded towel from a table in the corner, wrapping it around his shoulders as he started out of the room.

"Why?" Sasuke asked, "and don't shower, you don't have time, you're just going to get sweaty anyway, idiot." He said before thinking, and then hearing the other implications in his words, quickly looked to see if the blond had noticed.

Naruto, it seemed, was too dim to pick up on any implications, and replied "But if I don't shower now, I can't until tonight because I'll be training all day!"

"It doesn't matter, just hurry the hell up already!"

"Jeez. Okay, okay!" Naruto muttered, walking into the bathroom anyway, scratching the back of his head as he went and leaving the door open.

What the hell? Sasuke thought to himself, what does he think he's doing leaving the door open like that? Loser. Turning away from the open bathroom door, the Uchiha noticed that the front door to the apartment had also been left open. He sighed, wondering how the blond had even made it this far in life.

After shutting the front door for his teammate, Sasuke turned back around at the sound of water running. "Naruto! Shut the door if you're in there!" He stormed over without thinking, reaching for the door handle to slam it shut. Stupid Dobe, is he trying to tempt me? His hand faltered on handle. Damn the blond!

"Why? It's not like I'm naked or anything." Naruto stood, still in his boxers in front of the sink. He had been washing his hair it seemed, the water dripping from his head onto his shoulders, running down his chest and stomach.

"You're not properly dressed either though!" Sasuke retaliated indignantly. Seeing Naruto like this was driving him crazy.

The blond just laughed "Then it's a really good job you didn't break down that door, 'cause I sleep naked!" Sasuke groaned silently as his teammate laughed again, oblivious to his inner struggle. The images that his mind supplied tortured him; Naruto sleeping atop the cover on a hot summer's night, a light sheen of sweat coating his bare skin as he tossed and turned. Or Naruto, moaning in his sleep, biting his lip at a particularly good dream; maybe even one that involved Sasuke. He shook his head, willing the images away, and looked over at the dense blond, who now wore a smug grin.

"Heh heh, I never knew you were such a prude, Sasuke-"

Sasuke snapped.

Naruto found himself suddenly pushed up against the tiles of his bathroom wall, the cold sensation on his back a stark contrast to the heated body pressed against his front. One of Sasuke's hands pushed his shoulder firmly against the tile. His grin faltered.

"I am not prudish." He heard the Uchiha grind out, before the boys lips crashed down onto his own; kneading roughly.

"Whoa! What are you doing?!" Naruto cried, wrenching his head back a moment later, his face red as he wondered what had brought on the others sudden change in mood. He was used to surly, brooding Sasuke, not grab you and kiss you Sasuke! "That was my first kiss!"

His answer was a growled retort "You kissed me first, Uzumaki!" Naruto knew that he was talking about that time in the academy.

"That didn't count, it was an accident!" The blond spluttered, embarrassed. He had just called his teammate a prude; was he trying to prove a point or something? Unsure, he bit his lip, his eyes dipping to the others mouth, already darkened from their hard but brief kneading against his own. He wondered if his looked like that too. Unable to stop himself, he ran the tip of his tongue along the seam of his lips, tasting the Uchiha heir. Realising how it looked, Naruto quickly pressed his lips together tightly, his eyes snapping up to his teammates. Both of them seemed shocked by what he had just done.

Sasuke's free hand took hold of his jaw as he leant in again, stopping when his lips were barely an inch away from Naruto's, he said firmly "Open your mouth."

The blond was inexperienced, sure, but he'd flicked through enough of the pervy sages novels to know what Sasuke wanted. He wanted to put his tongue in his mouth. He'd thought about kissing a nice girl like that before in the past, but for some reason the only person he could imagine in that moment was the Uchiha. He gulped, feeling his cheeks grow hotter. Curiosity and uncertainty warred within him.

Even as he thought of bolting for the door he found himself parting his lips ever so slightly; even as he scowled at his teammate. Why am I doing what he wants!? Am I an idiot..?

The hand on his jaw loosened a little. "Good" he heard as the distance between their lips closed almost brutally.

Sasuke slid his tongue into his mouth.

"Aah" He gasped in shock, wondering why he was still just stood there, and wasn't kicking the bastard's ass. The sound was swallowed by the Uchiha as he hungrily kissed him, owning his mouth. Naruto told himself he didn't want to kiss back, but he wasn't sure how to either.

A cool hand smoothed across the skin of his side. huh? His teammate had obviously taken his 'aah' of shock as an 'aah' of pleasure. Though, you did let him kiss you this time…

He lifted his hands and planted them on the Uchiha's shoulders, fully prepared to push him off and beat him into oblivion. Instead, he found himself digging his fingers into his teammate's shoulders roughly, trying to find the anger he should have felt. His skin felt too tight and hot; his legs felt weak and tense at the same time. He fought the urge to try sliding his tongue into Sasuke's mouth.

The hand on his side slid around to his stomach, and up his front, grazing over his nipple.

"Hnn." He had meant to say stop it but the words had dissolved before they reached his tongue. What the hell?

Sasuke bit down on his bottom lip and sucked, hard. Naruto fought the sound welling in his throat at the strange sensation, but failed. His stomach felt as though he had swallowed lava, a burning sensation prickling his skin wherever the Uchiha's fingers touched. He found himself biting his teammates lip in retaliation and mentally kicked himself. He was getting caught up in the kiss, he thought as the others tongue slid once again into his waiting mouth. He kissed back this time, just as hard and angrily as the Uchiha, surprising them both once again.

Sasuke's wandering hand found his nipple again, the pad of his thumb brushing over it in an upward stroke and then back down as the hand moved to his hip; fingernails scraping over his sensitive skin as they went.

The harsh kiss continued until Naruto finally found his senses. Not sure that he wanted to stop, even then, the blond cursed himself inwardly, and shoved hard on Sasuke's shoulders, shoving him away roughly. They both stood, flushed, breathing heavily and scowling at each other in the artificial light of the tiny bathroom.

"What the hell was that?! Bastard." The insult lacked its usual vehemence, so the blond swore again to drive home his point.

A smirk spread across the black haired teens face "You tell me, Naruto." His dark gaze defied the blond to say he hadn't responded.

"Argh!" Frustrated, Naruto yanked a hand through his damp hair then pointed a finger at the Uchiha "You! You attacked me!" He jabbed his thumb at his own chest. "What kind of person kisses-" He faltered, growing redder "What kind of person does THAT? I'm a guy, for god sake!"

"But you're the one who enjoyed it too, isn't that worse?"

The blond felt his eyes widen in anger at the question "How could anyone enjoy that?! I should kick your ass, you bastard!"

Sasuke felt his brow arch at his teammates words. He was protesting a little too much; he knew he had kissed back, even arching his back at Sasuke's touch, though he might not have realised at the time. They had always been rivals, working against one another, even though they were on the same team. Naruto had chased him down when he had thought to leave the village and had fought him until the bitter end, threatening to break all the bones in his body if that's what it would take to bring him back. Sasuke had ultimately chosen to stay because of Naruto's actions. Neither of them had changed much after; they were still at each other's throats whenever they needed to blow off steam, train harder, or just be mad at someone that wasn't themselves. But a deeper bond had grown between them. And now Sasuke knew that there was a chance they could be more than just friends and rivals…

The Uchiha smirked inwardly; he had withheld for so long it seemed now, and it was about time he was rewarded for his good behaviour. They had both grown so much stronger, but it was time to show Naruto who was really the boss.

"Hey! Asshole! Why are you looking at me like that?!"

His eyes locked with his teammates', dark against bright blue. He felt an evil grin spread across his face as he stepped towards the blond.

He reached out and yanked the shorter teen forward harshly. After grabbing both of his hands he proceeded to swiftly drag him through to the bedroom and throw him down onto the bed, straddling his hips roughly. He unwound the bandages he had wrapped around his left arm.

"I'll show you how you can enjoy it, Dobe" He said, his voice sounded guttural, even to his own ears.

"WHAT THE HELL! Bastard, this isn't funny, lemme go!" Naruto tried to thrash the black haired teen off him but to no avail; he was planted firmly on top of him and he didn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Shit.

"Hnn." It was more a grunt than a moan.

Naruto stopped thrashing around suddenly; not only was it not a good idea because it wasn't getting him anywhere and it was making him strangely hotter somehow; but he was sure that Sasuke had just made a weird sound.

The Uzumaki found his arms being yanked above his head, where they were attached to the headboard of his own bed with the bandages from the Uchiha's arm. What the..?! That's not good…

"You should have stayed still" Sasuke huffed as he triple knotted the bandages around his team-mates wrists.

"WHAT! And just let you do whatever to me?! I don't think so!" Came Naruto's scathing retort as he began to try and free himself from his restraints. "Aahn this isn't fair, let me go! I'll kill you, you Pervert!"

Sasuke sat back to admire his handiwork, looks like he's staying there for a while he thought to himself as he smoothed both of his hands across the toned stomach beneath him.

"Get off me! Hey! Don't go doing perverted things to me, ahh" Naruto bit back a gasp at the Uchiha's touch "Bastard."

"I'll show you perverted..." Smirking, Sasuke leaned forward to lie flat on top of the blond and purposefully ground his crotch into his teammates, looking intently at his face to catch his reaction.

Naruto's jaw dropped at his rival's sudden obscene movement, too shocked to even make the sound that had welled in his throat. What the hell was even happening?

"I wasn't asking you to show me!" Naruto didn't know what to do. His teammate had tied him to his own bed and was rocking his hips against him, while he could do little else but try not to roll his own hips. Why am I not putting up more of a fight?!

Sasuke dipped his head forward, and licked along his captive's bottom lip then, at his gasp of surprise, slipped his tongue once again into his mouth.

"mmff-fhh" The blond tried to turn his head away but found that his jaw was being held in place by the Uchiha heir once more. He bit his friends lip hard, but only elicited a groan as he was kissed more fervently. He couldn't stop the moan that broke from him as Sasuke ground their crotches together once more; he began to kiss back in earnest.

Cursing himself for responding to Sasuke's heated kisses he gasped into his rival's hot mouth, feeling heat pool in his groin. His face grew hotter with embarrassment. Ahh...crap, he's going to notice…

He felt the hand that had previously been at his side glide up his ribs to his chest, where it began to tease at his nipple.

"Aah..hh" The blond's chest pushed itself upward, toward the Uchiha's touch, as he yanked their lips apart; a thin line of saliva momentarily visible connecting their tongues. "S-stop".

"When you're already this turned on? I don't think so, look what you're doing to me" His rival once again rubbed their crotches together.

"Nngh" The thin fabric of his boxer shorts provided little barrier at all and it was soon pretty obvious to them both that he was as turned on as his captor; no matter how hard he was fighting not to be.

"Mmm" Sasuke leaned down and licked the shell of his teammate's ear, revelling in the choked gasp that fell from Naruto's lips as he fought not to make a sound. The Uchiha bit down on his earlobe, gently this time, before trailing his tongue along his rivals neck and collarbone, nipping at the skin there, before sinking his teeth into the tender flesh.

The blond screwed his eyes shut tight when he felt Sasuke bite down where his neck met his shoulder. That's going to mark, Teme!

He felt his face growing impossibly redder as the Uchiha continued to lick and bite his neck, sending waves of sensation down his spine and causing yet more blood to rush to his groin.

Sasuke pulled back to look down at his friends body. A pink blush had spread across the blond's chest as well as his face with his arousal; his nipples were pearled and his stomach twitched.

The black haired teen could barely contain a reverent sigh as he grazed the pad of his thumb over one of Naruto's nipples; eliciting another cut off groan and a few choice swear words from his rival.

"They've gotten so hard...does it hurt?" He leaned down and licked one of them. The blond's back arched.

"SASUKE! Do you have any idea how weird that is?!"

Sasuke only leaned down again and sucked his other nipple, this time blowing on it too, causing Naruto to hiss in a shocked breath at the sensation. Struggling not to show his rival how good it had felt the blond scowled up at him defiantly.

"Weird? maybe. But you liked it." The Uchiha flashed his teeth at the blond in a self-satisfied grin. Even in this there was rivalry between them; Sasuke knew that if Naruto's hands were free, he would more than likely be trying to push him down instead, rather than put a stop to what they were doing. Luckily, Sasuke thought to himself he had the upper hand.

"Liar! I swear, when I get free ill-".

"Who's the liar? Hmm?" The Uchiha moulded his hand around the other's erection. He leaned forward again and took a pearled nipple between his lips, scraping it with his teeth before licking away the sting, all the while rubbing his captive through the cloth of his boxers.

A full groan finally tore from the blond, his hips bucking up once before he pressed them into the mattress, digging his heels into the bed in an attempt to stop himself from thrusting again. He bit down on his bottom lip hard enough to draw blood. He had never felt anything like it; his muscles were coiled so tightly he felt as though he might shatter. He had never even touched himself before, but he knew if Sasuke left him now, he would. He'd do anything to relieve the ache in his stomach. He screwed his eyes shut tight, willing himself not to explode; he couldn't let that bastard win.

Seeing Naruto struggle not to respond lit a perverse fire in in the Uchiha. He felt hot, his body almost shaking with the force of his desire for the blond beneath him. He needed more. He wanted more. He wanted to take more. He had to win. He had to make Naruto come.

He flicked his tongue over the bud between his lips one more time and sat up, halting his ministrations. The blond groaned but bit back the sound again with a curse, glaring up at him through barely concealed lust.

Sasuke pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it to the floor.

"H-hey! Don't go taking of your clothes, asshole!"

"Why can't I? You're already half naked." He smirked down at the blond, reaching to grip his teammate's length through his boxers once more.

"It's MY damn house! You can't just – Ahn-" He broke off, baring his teeth as Sasuke gripped him hard, squeezing the base of his cock; he could barely draw in breath. He swore at the Uchiha vehemently even as his hips bucked upward to increase the pressure.

"Give up Naruto; you know I've already won." He was baiting the blond, daring him to argue further; they both knew it. Naruto's eyes narrowed up at his captor, blatant defiance in them. He yanked suddenly at his restraints, the bandages pulling taut, biting into his skin as he struggled; swearing at the Uchiha.

Sasuke almost grinned; Naruto wanted to win their battle of wills and wouldn't give in, even tied up as he was. He doesn't stand a chance…

The Uchiha pulled down the waistband of his boxers slightly, revealing half of the blond's straining member, eyes still locked with his teammates. The blond gasped, ceasing his writhing.

"N-No! Don't look at it…" The blush staining his cheeks deepened. Ignoring him, Sasuke swept his eyes down, gauging his friend's arousal. His teammates cock wasn't quite as big as his own, he thought with silent satisfaction, but it was impressive none the less. The tip was slick with his desire and the Uchiha wanted to taste it.

The blond squirmed beneath his scrutiny as Sasuke bit his bottom lip.

"What are you planning? Teme."

The dark haired teen didn't answer him, but yanked the front of the boxers down further. As his teammate lowered his head Naruto's breath hitched in his throat; he knew what Sasuke was about to do, and he couldn't force himself to utter a single word in protest. In fact, he didn't dare utter a sound for fear that the Uchiha might stop. He suddenly, desperately, wanted to know what it would feel like.

Sasuke's gaze met his and the older teen grinned, his lips barely a breath from the blond's throbbing member. Then he licked slowly, so slowly up his length from base to tip. Naruto groaned closing his eyes in surrender for a moment as a shiver sliced through him. He bit down on the inside of his cheek as he felt a second lick and then a third, before wet heat encompassed him completely as Sasuke took him into his mouth. And sucked.

"Ahhhn..." Naruto's eyes flew open at the pleasure, his mouth opening on a breathless moan as his thoughts derailed.

He felt the rough side of his rivals tongue slide up his hardness and he was lost, suddenly reaching to entangle his fingers the others hair; the bandages holding him captive preventing him. He moaned in frustration and tried rolling his hips up to push himself further into Sasuke's mouth, needing more. The Uchiha grabbed his hips, fingers digging into his skin hard enough to bruise, and forced them down into the mattress to prevent him from bucking upward. Then he slid his mouth slowly down his length again. Too slowly Naruto thought, gritting his teeth; it was torture. The bastard was doing it on purpose.

He moaned, pulling at the bandages binding him. Heat pooled in his loins with every agonisingly slow decent of his rivals head. He was so close already, so damn close. His canine dug into his lip, drawing blood. He swore; throwing his back against the pillow as his vision wavered. He fought to hold off, even as he raced towards oblivion. "S-stop-" He managed to groan, wanting desperately to be ignored.

Sasuke stopped. Naruto almost cried out; he did curse. The Uchiha tugged his boxers the rest of the way off roughly, throwing them to the floor. He sucked two of his fingers into his mouth, looking down at the blond; moving them in and out of his mouth momentarily, coating them with saliva.

The blond rolled his hips, breathing raggedly from being at the precipice of climax. He was so turned on it actually hurt. He could guess what his rival was going to do next, and he licked his bottom lip in anticipation, tasting blood.

The Uchiha took his fingers from his mouth and replaced them with his teammate's cock once more, his hand moving between Naruto's legs. He began to slowly push one slick finger into his rival's entrance.

Naruto tensed, but moaned once again. He pushed his hips down slightly to meet his teammate's hand; adjusting his hips to become more accustomed to the new sensation, still straining to remove his bonds.

Sasuke sucked hard on his rival to distract him as he added a second digit. The hot wetness surrounding his fingers made his cock twitch; he wanted desperately to be inside the blond. He crooked his fingers in a 'come hither' gesture, pushing them a little deeper as he did so.

"Aanh." Naruto's moan reverberated around the room, stoking the Uchiha's desire further. "A-again..." The blond demanded brokenly, his eyes screwed shut. Sasuke complied, crooking his fingers again. His teammate's hips lifted from the bed, a broken sob falling from his lips as his eyes flew open once again, rolling back into his head.

Sasuke added the third finger slowly, still distracting the blond with his mouth. He had expected his rival to protest the intrusion, but he suspected that he was too far gone to fight him any further. It was a testament to Naruto's will power that he hadn't come already.

Sasuke let his teammate's length fall from his lips, taking it in his hand instead, pumping it as he slowly thrust his fingers in and out; paying cruel attention to the spot that had driven Naruto wild.

"Hnn- No more...can't…" Despite his words the blond began thrusting his hips, trying to move the hand fisting his cock faster "I'm gonna-" Naruto's back bowed suddenly, his desire pumping from him in hot bursts as he cried out in pleasured relief. Spent, he sank back into the mattress, panting; scowl absent in place of sated shock.

Sasuke had never seen anything so erotic; he wondered if his teammate had ever touched himself before, and made a mental note to ask him. The idea of being the first to make him come was heady. He released the blond's member and brought the hand to his lips, tasting his rival. He heard a muffled sound of surprise and looked down into his friend's eyes, another grin spreading as he licked the length of one of his fingers.

His cock strained against his boxers, jutting forward. He pulled his fingers gently from the blond and knelt up, slipping his shorts and underwear down his legs swiftly; he moved up the bed to kneel in front of Naruto's face.

His rival looked up at him, attempting a glare; but his gaze strayed quickly to Sasuke's aching length and he gulped, biting his bottom lip as he met his eyes again.

The Uchiha was surprised to hear no protest as he straddled the blond's chest.

He guided Naruto's mouth over his erection, sighing in pleasure as he was sheathed, "Use your tongue. Hnn, like that…wet it more." He moaned quietly as Naruto complied, sloppily circling his tongue around him, his eyelids lowering to half-mast as potent desire flared within him.

Sasuke buried his hand in the blond's hair, thrusting into his mouth smoothly. He wanted to close his eyes at the pleasure, but couldn't look away from the sight of his cock disappearing into his rival's mouth. Perhaps he really was a pervert…

He hissed in a breath as Naruto's teeth scraped his length, surprised at the pleasure of it. He fisted more of the blond's hair, unable to stop himself from trusting more deeply into his mouth. He felt his stomach twitch; knew he had to stop if he didn't want to come too soon. Biting the inside of his cheek he shoved his length roughly into the cavern enveloping him one last time, pleased when he felt his rival choke at his size.

He pulled out completely and moved again between Naruto's legs. He eyed his teammate's already hardened member and shot him a smug grin. The younger teen's face grew red as he glared at the Uchiha, opening his mouth to no doubt curse at him. Sasuke fisted his rival's length, effectively silencing him. He roughly pumped him a few times before releasing his cock to prop the blond's hips up.

The Uchiha positioned his still slick cock at his rival's entrance before pushing the tip of himself inside. He waiting a few seconds to continue, searching his friends face as he fought not to thrust home.

"Hnn." The blond shifted uneasily beneath him but didn't utter any protest as Sasuke pushed himself into him incrementally until he was sheathed completely. He paused, both of them panting slightly, before he leaned down to capture the others lips; pulling back and thrusting back in languidly.

Sasuke moaned, burying his face in Naruto's shoulder; he increased his pace long minutes later, sweat beading on his brow and the back of his neck with the effort of moving slowly. Bracing his weight on his forearm, he reached up and began to blindly undo the bandages around the blond's wrists as be sucked on the skin of his collar bone.

Naruto began to moan with each deep thrust, his eyes closed against the torrent of pleasure; the remnants of the pain from being entered completely forgotten.

His arms, finally free, automatically moved to grip Sasuke's back, nails digging wantonly into his shoulder blades as he jerked upward in a broken rhythm to meet the Uchiha's thrusts and increase the pace.

"Sasuke-hngh" Naruto's fingernails carved crescent moons into the Uchiha's skin as he moved to bite down on his teammate's neck. Sasuke jerked, the pain heightening his pleasure. He groaned.

Naruto's teeth pulled from his neck as he tensed, reaching down to grip his teammate's hips, urging him to move faster still. Sasuke heard his rival swear again and knew he was close. The Uchiha's cock pulsed in response and he felt heat coil low in his stomach; he wouldn't last much longer either.

"G-gonna…Ahh-" Naruto came hard, grinding himself into the older teen.

Sasuke felt the walls encasing him clamp down and bared his teeth against the onslaught of sensation; pulling one of the blond's legs almost above his shoulder he captured his Dobe's lips with his own. He thrust deep, feeling himself shatter completely as he spilled himself into Naruto. He continued to thrust until his seed slicked his length completely before finally collapsing onto his rival.

Breathing heavily he pulled out, and rested his forehead briefly on the blond's before kissing his still parted lips lightly and forcing himself up; heading to the bathroom, leaving the door open.

Naruto lay flat, unable to move in the afterglow of his orgasm, breathing in and out harshly to try and regain his bearings; images of what he and Sasuke had just done flitted through his mind, making him blush.

Thinking about it was making him hotter again, so he abruptly stopped.

Okay, it had felt pretty good Naruto admitted to himself but he still deserves his head kicking ,he reasoned as a dull ache started up his spine now that the afterglow had begun to wear off.

Hearing the water running in the bathroom stop he planted a scowl on his face and brought his knees together to hide his ass.

His rival walked into the room, gloriously naked, holding a basin filled with warm water and carried it to the side of the bed. Placing it down, he soaked the wash cloth that he had also brought in the water and rung it out. Smiling at the blond's scowling face he wiped their stomachs and chests clean, before moving down the bed to Naruto's feet and kneeling there.

Smirking he wrenched his rival's knees apart, causing the younger teen to sit bolt upright in protest, dropping his hands down to quickly hide his ass; only to find himself being pushed back down onto the bed by the Uchiha again.

"hey! I'm not doing that again, I swear I will kill you if you even try!"

Sasuke laughed for the first time in a long time "I'm just going to clean it for you, after all it's my fault it's full of-"

"Shut up bastar- mmph" The blond found his lips being assaulted once gain as his rival reached down and pushed a finger inside of him. He felt it squish inside and he tensed up, feeling something ooze out as the finger slipped out of his body.

"What the-?"

"You squeezed me so tight- I ended up pumping you full of-"

"I said shut up!" Naruto threw a pillow at the Uchiha heir from behind him, hitting him square in the face. Instead of throwing it back Sasuke threw himself at the blond, pinning his arms once again.

"Play nice Uzumaki and I'll take you for ramen later…"

"Really?" His interest was piqued despite his embarrassment.

"Yeah. Then you can invite me here afterwards and we can..." Sasuke leaned down to his teammate until their lips touched lightly and said against them "Do some more of what we just did…" He slowly kissed his rival, surprised that he hadn't been slapped this time. He pushed on the blond's shoulders and they both fell against the remaining pillow at the head of the bed. Naruto pulled away first.

"Okay asshole, enough. I was saying thank you for the ramen later. Don't take advantage you sneaky bastard" Naruto pushed firmly on his cheek, trying to push him off, laughing slightly. The Uchiha found himself smiling in response, already excited for 'later' as he picked himself up off the bed.

A loud bang at the door brought both of their heads snapping around "HEY NARUTO, SASUKE!? ARE YOU HERE, KAKASHI SENT ME! IS THE DOOR OPEN?" It was Kiba.

Jumping up and grabbing some clean clothes, Naruto ran for the bathroom smirking "You answer it, Teme."

"I'll just answer it like this and tell him I'm busy fucking you" The blond about-faced abruptly, yanking on his clothes as he ran to the door. "Bastard."

Laughing smugly to himself the Uchiha gathered up his clothes and put them on quickly while Naruto was stalling Kiba at the door; saying that Sasuke had only just arrived because they had both woken up late, and that Sasuke was using his bathroom because he was 'becoming incontinent'. He heard them both laugh and shook his head, donning his shoes before searching for his shirt. Naruto's comments from the day before still had to be made up for, Sasuke thought with a smile, so he'd let this one slide.

After dressing, he walked to the slightly ajar front door; Naruto and Kiba were on the other side talking.

Walking through and closing it behind him, making sure that it clicked; he greeted the dog ninja and thanked his team mate for 'the facilities' with a raised brow. His response was a sheepish grin. They started out to where they should have been training hours ago, but were otherwise occupied, Naruto rattling off what he wanted from Ichiraku while Kiba turned off to go elsewhere.

A smirk spread across the Uchiha's face; "Have whatever you like Naruto, build your strength, 'cause you still owe me for that comment yesterday about it being my 'time of the month'."