"ONE MORE PLEASE!" Naruto exclaimed loudly to the old man behind the counter in the ichi raku ramen stall, banging his bowl down noisily in front of him and brandishing his chopsticks for emphasis. The grin plastered firmly on his face was a smug one as the fourth steaming bowl that evening was pushed toward him and he began to eat without hesitation. Sasuke was paying for whatever he wanted to eat; he intended to make the most of it. That bastard deserved an empty wallet. The Uchiha sat beside him, his chin propped on his hand as he watched mountains of food disappear into the blond. Where did he put it all? He shook his head disbelievingly, waiting for his team mate to be done eating, wanting to leave.

"Hey asshole, aren't you eating?"

"That's no way to talk to the person paying for your dinner Dobe" He rolled his eyes pointedly at the idiot next to him.

"Yeah? Well I deserve it"

"Hmm? Why do you?" Sasuke lifted his head from his hand smiling slightly, his eyebrow raised. Naruto suddenly blushed scarlet, turning away to glare at his noodle bowl. The Uchiha leaned toward him, smirking "well…?"


"I don't think so, we're going now " Paying quickly, Sasuke stood and pulled Naruto away from the stall. It was getting dark, and though he was sure the blond could have managed at least another three bowls, the old stall owner would probably want to go home some time soon.

"Hey! You said I could have whatever I wanted - and I wanted more miso-"

"Shh. You are so loud."






"You said that one already."

"…" Naruto fell to glaring, his bottom lip protruding and his brow creased as he silently stewed in anger, walking beside his rival. Becoming self-conscious beside his team mate, Naruto started to chew at his bottom lip. He couldn't seem to stop himself thinking about that morning, when Sasuke had…woke him up before morning training. He shook his head a little, embarrassed by his own memory. Looking up sneakily at his rival, he found the Uchiha looking blatantly at him and turned away quickly, suddenly concerned. When Sasuke didn't turn off toward his own house, the blond bit his lip again. His back was aching and for the most part of the day, his backside had felt like there was something there, causing him to move jerkily and unevenly during practice, which meant that he stumbled a lot, and had fallen too. Straight on his ass actually, making him yelp in pain. They reached the apartment building and began to climb the stairs, still in silence. All too soon they were outside the door, Naruto fumbling for the key.

"Your not coming in." He didn't manage to sound threatening like he had hoped.

"I'm coming in"

Heaving an exasperated sigh as he managed to open the door, he tried to block the way as he shuffled in, only to find his rivals arms around his waist, moving him out of the way, and pulling him in after.

"Do you ever listen to anyone! I said -" The Uchiha covered his mouth with his own, silently pushing him back onto the now closed door, quiet urgency edging his kiss as he parted the blonds lips with his tongue.

"Hn-" Pulling back from the kiss, his head reeling Naruto pushed on Sasuke's chest "It still hurts" He looked away, blushing "I can't do…that…bastard….pain…" He trailed off, scowling at the floor, holding his team mate at almost an arms length away but unable to retreat anymore. Sasuke moved forward again, tilting his head to kiss the blonds neck, "But I've been waiting all day for this" Rolling his hips a little to emphasise his point he licked the shell of Naruto's ear

"I'll be gentle." His right hand settled on the dobe's ass, while the other unzipped his orange jumpsuit jacket and slipped inside.

"Hey - hey, be fair, I-It was my first…first -" The blond was so flustered he couldn't finish the sentence properly.

"I wonder how many times it could be before morning…" Naruto turned red at the words, biting his lip yet again and averting his eyes. Why am I acting like such a girl?

"No." He punctuated the word with more certainty than he felt, "No more before morning! You bast -Aah- you bit me!" Smirking Sasuke licked his lips before kissing him again, holding the blonds jaw in place as he thoroughly explored his mouth before kissing along his neck back to his collar bone, where he grazed his teeth along the place he had previously bitten.

"You said gentle!" The younger teen was indignant.

"But you said no."

"Don't be an dic-" He was cut off by the Uchiha's mouth again, kissing him with a ferocity that left him disorientated as he found himself being pulled along to his own bedroom.

"Sasuke - that's not gentle, I don't think you know how to…I'm not -"

"I'll let you come as many times as you want."

"That's!…Don't say that…that's-" The older teen pushed him down onto the unmade bed, kissing him again and again, so hungrily that Naruto found himself kissing back, unable to help himself as his shirt was pulled up, his one hand buried in Sasuke's hair, pulling him closer, his other roaming under the back of his shirt. I never thought I would do something like this…

Breaking away the Uchiha pulled at the blonds shirt, lifting it over his head while moving his legs to the edge of the bed, shifting down between them smoothly to kneel on the floor. He slid the zipper down using his teeth, stopping to smirk up at his friends heady expression of shock before licking along the bulge in his boxers, leaving them wet with his saliva as the blond pushed himself forward, supporting his self on his arms as he leaned back, shivering under his mouth.


Dipping his hand into his team-mates underwear, Sasuke stroked Naruto, licking and sucking on the tip softly through the material to frustrate him. It didn't take long for the blond to whimper impatiently and try to push himself against Sasuke's mouth. He pulled back, tilting his head back to watch his face "Not so argumentative now are you?"

"Mn" His team mate tried to scowl at him but only looked aroused.

"What do you want me to do? Tell me."

The younger boy blushed scarlet but answered, knowing that if he didn't Sasuke would likely leave him hard just to prove a point, "S-suck it …don't just-" He tugged lightly at his hair, urging him on. The Uchiha complied; all to happy to carry out the request, he peeled down his boxers and trousers, sucking where Naruto wanted him to, enjoying the vocal encouragements as he did so.

"Aahh. Hn-mmn" The blond fell back on the mattress as he moved the hand supporting him to cover his face, his back arching upwards as he came. He heard his team mate chuckle and opened his eyes to see the Uchiha lift his right hand to his lips, spitting his come onto his fingers, using his tongue to coat them.

"That's! - That's disgusting-" Shocked, he tried to sit up - but found himself pushed firmly back down onto the bed, the older teens slicked fingers moving between his legs as they were moved father apart by the other hand.

"You weren't saying that a minute ago were you?" Sasuke smirked. A finger probed at his hole, wriggling in about an inch. He whimpered, still sore.

"You were too busy moaning for more." The finger was completely inside him. Naruto gasped reaching down desperately.

"You liked it - right?" The digit crooked in a 'come hither' gesture, pressing into his prostate briefly.

"hmm" His head dropped back as he moaned, unable to think or protest he gripped at the sheets on either side of him, screwing his eyes closed tightly as another finger was added. The Uchiha withdrew his hand, pulling the blond to a sitting position to kiss him.

"Sasuke -"

"Turn over." Not giving him a chance to do so, he flipped the younger boy onto his front, the fingers of his right hand slipping on his tanned thigh, smearing come as it went.

" No. Its gonna hurt-" Naruto tried to turn around to protest " Sas-Ahh-" The words died on his lips as Sasuke's tongue pushed against his entrance.

"What…what are you…Ahn" Breaking off on a moan, the blond buried his face in the sheets to muffle his voice, his knuckles white as he gripped them to stop himself pushing back. The Uchiha heir continued to torment his team mate, pulling apart his cheeks and wriggling his tongue inside over and over, drawing hoarse moans from his rivals throat. Gripping a tan hip with his right hand, he moved his left lower, stroking over the blonds perineum, pressing it lightly. His team mate shuddered violently, pressing his face into the mattress as he came again. Naruto had barely taken two shaky breaths before Sasuke had flipped him onto his back again and began kissing his stomach.

"Sasuke - ahh…slow down.." Biting his lip the blond tried to push him back, if only to be able to breath for a minute, but his plea fell on deaf ears as the Uchiha moved lower again, this time to lave attention on his thighs. He bit back a moan as his team mate licked along the inside of his leg, scraping his teeth on his thighs as he planted wet, open mouthed kisses on them.

"Ahn" He stared down at his rival, silently willing his capable mouth back to his once again growing member. Shocked at his own thoughts he blushed. How can I be so turned on?Feeling the Uchiha bite sharply down on the delicate flesh of his inner thigh the blond hissed in a sharp breath, about to push the older boy off him, but found himself moaning quietly as a wave of pleasure quickly stole through him when Sasuke sucked on the bitten skin scraping his teeth against him again. Reaching up to push the blond down onto the bed, he continued his exploration, marking the skin beneath his mouth possessively, before moving to lick the length of his team-mate's once again raging hard on.

" Ahhn...please there.." He felt a hand in his hair, urging him on and smirked, kneeling back and moving away.

" What do you want?" He reached to press the pad of his finger to the tip of the blonds cock, smoothing a bead of moisture around the head. A low moan was his answer as the boy shook his head from side to side, biting his lip. "Do you want me to touch you with my hand?" Another breathy moan, this one slow as heat stained his cheeks, he was clearly embarrassed. Enjoying the new power he found he had over his usually loud mouthed rival, he continued; "You want me to suck you again." This time it wasn't a question, but the younger boy answered with an embarrassed nod.

"Later then." He reached down and pulled Naruto into a sitting position, his legs still dangling over the side of the bed with Sasuke kneeling between them. He moved back slightly "I want to see you touch yourself." Shocked Naruto turned beet red.

"But I don't …" He trailed off, not knowing what to do in the next instant. How would touching himself affect Sasuke, shouldn't he have asked Naruto to touch him? He bit his lip, imagining his mouth on his rival like Sasuke's had been on him.

"Don't tell me you've never touched yourself." Naruto blushed scarlet. He had never considered doing so before now, but looking up at the uchiha's face, he wanted to. " Touch yourself like I touched you." The older boy instructed, his eyes dropping heatedly to the blonds crotch. Taking a breath Naruto slid his hand down his belly to wrap around his self. He moaned softly, moving his hand up and down, mimicking the way Sasuke had touched him.

"Do you…mn…?" He asked breathless as he tried squeezing his length harder.

"Mmn" His team mate ripped his shirt roughly over his head, his breathing shallow and harsh, his eyes never leaving the blond. " I thought of you" He reached for his belt, raging at it to get it out of the loops on his shorts "Even though I didn't mean to." The image of the relentless, unforgiving bastard pleasuring himself to the thought of him had Naruto almost coming. He gripped him self harder, leaning forward to lay his forehead on the older boys shoulder, his breath coming n short gasps as his muscles tightened, his come spurting up onto his own stomach and chest. He felt Sasuke's hand in is hair, turning his neck for a searing kiss, before pushing his twitching body back to a sitting position.

The Uchiha dipped his head quickly taking his team mates member back into his mouth and swallowing around it, sucking, making him hard quickly. He reached down to fumble with the front of his shorts, trying to get them off quickly. Naruto's hands were at his temples moving him faster.

Not so shy now, is he?...

Managing to move his shorts down to his hips Sasuke gabbed himself, jerking up and down roughly in time with his mouth.

"D- don't. Don't. Ahnn. Don't- nn" the blond stopped speaking abruptly as he came shamefully fast into the older boys mouth again. Breaking away from him, Sasuke spat his team mates come onto his hand, this time using it to slick his length, the sounds of his haggard breathing filling the room. He pushed two fingers of his free hand into the blond, finding him scandalously ready for him. Biting back a moan of his own he pulled his fingers out, using that hand to part the blonds legs further as he pushed his length inside. He groaned, trying not to go too fast, for Naruto's sake, but when the younger boy moaned, tentatively wrapping his legs around him, Sasuke found himself slamming in and out of the blond, unable to hold back any longer. He leaned down to capture his team mates lips with his own, swallowing heated gasps and grunting with the force of his own thrusts as he finally moved to his own release. Griping his team mate's hips forcefully he lifted his ass completely off the bed, pushing deeper, never slowing his pace.

"Aahhn" Naruto cried out, his discomfort and embarrassment forgotten reaching down to touch himself again, lost in pleasure as he tried to thrust his hips to meet the uchiha's with even more force than before. The headboard hit loudly against the wall over and over, the blond breathing shallowly in time to the sound, squeezing his team mates hips tightly with his legs as heat pooled in his stomach and he knew that, unbelievably, he was going to come again.

Sasuke, his thrusts becoming uneven, leaned down, biting down on the pulse in his rivals neck before sucking the skin into his mouth, marking him again. He felt Naruto shiver under his mouth and reached between them to touch him, not slowing. He was so close. He bit the inside of his mouth, not wanting to come yet, wanting to be inside the blond as long as possible. But when his team mate uttered a loud moan, gripping the sheets either side of his head tightly, his body convulsing as he came, the Uchiha was lost. Biting down on the shell of Naruto's ear, he came, moaning low in his throat, still hammering into the blond with his thrusts until he was completely spent. Pulling out, he pushed Naruto further onto the bed and lay down next to him, breathing heavily.

"My ass is going to hurt so badly in the morning" Naruto tried to sound mad, but only managed breathlessly satisfied. Sasuke laughed "We could always hide out here and not answer the door."

"Brilliant idea - And when one of the idiots trying to find us decide to break down the door?" He sat up slowly, gasping quietly at the stickyness between his legs.

"They'll get the shock of their life" Sasuke stated, leaning up to kiss him, his fingers tracing the hickys on his team mates neck and shoulders. Naruto pulled away first.

"Don't do that - you'll get carried away" laughing again the Uchiha pulled him down for another kiss. "I'm not the one who gets carried away, Naruto" Pulling back and blushing the blond scowled at him and rose from the bed "Your such a bastard! I'm going for the shower I didn't have earlier" He turned a brighter shade of red, remembering, "D-don't follow me." He eyes his rivals naked crotch, and quickly grabbed his boxers and donned them, before walking to the bathroom.

"Naruto." The blond turned around, "When you come out…" sasukes hand slid down his front, and gripped his still hard length " I want you to suck me." Naruto gulped, his mouth suddenly dry as he imagined the Uchiha coming in his mouth, as he had to him. He bit his lip, heat colouring his cheeks, then turned and walked into the bathroom without answering. Sasuke smirked, relaxing further back on the bed, palming himself almost absently, looking at the bathroom door that the blond hadn't shut properly, leaving it ajar. He imagined his team mates face as he sucked him, to the back of his throat before moving away to climb on top of him. To ride him. He gripped himself tighter, pushing his head back into the pillows, sucking in a breath he jerked his hand quickly. As he moved, a white strip of fabric fell onto his face. Slowing, Sasuke looked up and saw the bandages from that morning were still attached to the head board. Fighting a moan at the memory he got to his feet, walking to the bathroom without knocking. He opened the shower door and slid inside, and ignoring Naruto's Gasped 'I said don't follow me -" he pushed him against the cold tiles, leaning down to kiss his neck as he rocked his hips into the shorter boys.

"What -"

"The bandages are still tied to the headboard." He stated and the blond blushed, biting his lip.

"So you had to invade my shower?"

"Definitely." He tilted his team-mates chin up, leaning to kiss him hungrily again.


In the morning, Naruto could barely stand, let alone walk to team practice and spar with somebody. He groaned. He'd lost count how many times he and Sasuke had done it last night and into the morning. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Especially when his ass had hurt already. What kind of idiot was he? he turned over in his bed.

A doomed one. He thought, seeing Sasuke looking at him blatantly, a smirk already on his face. A blush coloured his face.

"What time is it?" He asked, surprised that his voice was not sleepy like usual.

"Too late to get to training" his smile grew, "Looks like we're hiding out today."

Naruto couldn't help but smile back "Yeah, and that's all we'll be doing - I don't think I'll ever walk again, you lousy pervert."

"I am not the only pervert here." Laughing loudly the Uchiha leaned to connect their lips. "Besides-" he continued, sliding his hand into the boxers his team-mate had put on for modesties sake, finding him half hard. A smirk spread across his lips "There are other things we can do, without me being inside you"

A knock and a shout sounded at the door, cutting off Naruto's retort and they looked at it, and then around the mess they had made in the apartment. It was Sakura. Sasuke climbed from the bed, whispering "Pretend to be sleeping or something." He snagged one of the towels they had abandoned after their shower last night from the floor, wrapping it around his waist.

"What are you going to do?" The blond whisper-hissed at the Uchiha, worried. His reply was a lopsided smile. Naruto gulped and shimmied down in the bed, pulling the duvet up to almost cover all of him, making sure he could still hear, and see the door. As Sasuke reached it he bit his lip.

Noticing the bandages on the headboard, he blushed and tried to ignore them.

"Hello." Sasuke opened the door slightly, putting his foot behind it to stop Sakura from being able to see much of the apartment, though his towel-clad self was visible. Naruto felt a stab of jealousy, knowing that Sakura would probably stare at him.

"Na -O- oh h-hi Sasuke, is Naruto there? You're late for morning training…" Eyes wide at his appearance she trailed off, then tried to look inside the apartment for the last member of the team.

"Naruto isn't feeling well today. I'm looking after him." He smirked.

Sakura's eyes widened further at his words "Then why are you…" Gesturing to the towel, she tried to sneakily look past him again.

"We're not training today - tell Kakashi Naruto is ill, it could be contagious - I might catch it too" his smirk widened "Bye Sakura." And he shut the door in her stunned face, turning to see Naruto fighting a grin, still lying on the bed.

Sasuke walked over, pushing the blond down into the mattress and joining him there " Now…" He smoothed his hand down his team-mate's torso, dipping his hand back into his underwear;

"Before we were interrupted…" Leaning down to kiss him, Sasuke smiled against Naruto's lips.