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Chapter One – Dead on Arrival

I couldn't believe I let my mom talk me into this stupid idea. How on earth did she out of nowhere, even assume that I, Isabella Swan, would enjoy living with Charlie? The whole idea was ridicules, I didn't know Charlie and neither did he know me. In all of my seventeen years, I had spent two summers with Charlie. You couldn't build a relationship on two summers.

"Stupid scatter-brain of a mom" I muttered under my breath.

"What's that? Do you need anything?" a fly attendant smiled at me. The tall, blonde woman looked me right in the eyes and I flinched as I saw it flash. She was going to fall and break her neck in a week. She caught my reaction and I saw how her face changed into what I recognized as hurt. She must have thought I flinched because of her, well technically I did. I let out a breath and gave her a weak smile. She recomposed herself and stalked of down the aisle.

I sighed. What was I supposed to do?

I resumed my former activity, and reread the top of the page I was reading before I was interrupted. There was no one sitting next to me, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. People and I, just didn't get along. So, I never made an effort of trying to get to know anyone. It would be better like that.

The man on the speakers started talking and abruptly woke me from my reverie. The flight was landing and I frowned at the thought of the gray and dreary town my father lived in. Forks. The wettest place in the continental U.S. The Logging Capital of the world and with its 3,1 sq mile I seriously doubted the chance of anything interesting happening.

I sighed again, defeated by my own thoughts. At least there weren't that many people, I though smugly. Forks had a population at 3.120. That immediately calmed me down, it had nothing on Phoenix' 1.552.259 inhabitants. I inadvertently smiled and got off the plane.

I looked around the tiny airport for my dad. I barely even recalled Charlie's soft brown curls now. How was I supposed to find him?

"Bella!" I suddenly heard my father call. I turned around and saw my father grinning. He looked truly happy at that moment. Almost younger, in a way. I couldn't help but smile myself. Charlie quickly walked across the room in three long strides and embraced me before I even had time to think about it.

"Dad, were in public" I complained. "I'm sorry" he said, releasing me from the tight hug. "I'm just so happy to see you again" he continued excitedly. He flashed me grin and I copied him.

My room was exactly the same as it was five years ago. The only thing Charlie had gotten was a new comforter and he had also acquired the oldest looking computer I had ever seen.

I had only put my bag on my new bed when I heard Charlie calling for me. He wanted me to come downstairs. I slung the rest of my bags in the far corner of the room before descending the stairs.

I knew what this was. Charlie had bought me a truck, a very old, worn, red truck. I already loved it. I shook my head and let out a humorless laugh. There was no point in surprising me.

I looked at Charlie and saw his excited face. He was really looking forward to surprising me. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt right before I saw the truck with my own eyes. It was beautiful, really. Not pretty, but it had personality. I quickly said my thanks to Charlie.

"No problem Bells" he said with joy evident on both his voice and face. As I turned to face the house, I noticed we really didn't live that close to anybody. The forest surrounded Charlie's house like a big green fence.

We both went back inside, as I started dinner while Charlie watched his sports on the TV. I volunteered to be the chef since I knew Charlie was a terrible cook. Besides I enjoyed cooking, it was one of those few things that relaxed me.

"So, you excited about school tomorrow?" Charlie asked during dinner.

"Not really" I whispered as Charlie reminded me of the horrors I had to face tomorrow. I frowned and Charlie quirked an eyebrow. "You know I don't like big crowds" I said hesitantly. His face changed with realization. It really wasn't so much the people I didn't like, it was what I saw when I first gazed into their eyes. I shuddered.

Charlie saw my discomfort and spoke while looking down on his plate with my newly cooked lasagna "Bells, I know you're nervous and all, but it really will be okay" he said trying to reassure me while staring deep into my eyes. He really believed it; the sincerity in his eyes was undeniable. I wanted scoff. How did he know that? Only I did. Suddenly his demeanor changed and his face changed into something lighter. He was about to make a joke.

"Or else, you know I could always arrest them if you'd like" He was stifling a grin that would have covered half of his face if he slipped up. I knowingly kept my mouth shut, if I didn't he would start shooting bad jokes at me, so I just rolled my eyes.

"Dad?" I called while walking up the stairs that led to my room after I had painfully endured an hour with sports. "Yeah?" I heard Charlie shuffle in the couch so he could get a better view of me. "Just be careful when you walk up these stairs later and goodnight" He looked utterly confused, but nodded anyways. I smiled at him and darted towards my room.

Charlie really didn't know anything. The poor man probably reasoned with himself that I only had some minor social dysfunction. "I wish" I sighed. To be honest I preferred it that way. Charlie didn't need to share my worries. I actually liked Charlie, he didn't feel the need to always fill every silence with mindless and pointless banter. I liked the silence. Something I never experienced with my mother.

I rolled my eyes. My mother was one of those eccentric people that never could stick to anything. I always felt like the parent around her. I really couldn't see how she would function without me.

I laid down on my bed, finally alone with my thoughts. I tried to push back the images of my first day at school that kept flashing back to me, to the back of my head. It didn't work. I groaned and sat up on my bed. The stupid thing was really giving me a head-ache. I rubbed my temples trying to soothe myself. When I finally realized it wouldn't work, I laid back on the bed as I let the darkness in my new room engulf me. I knew for sure that tomorrow would be a crappy day.

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