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It was on the fritz again. Turning on and off. Randomly switching channels. Causing interference with others. Nearly getting her killed.

"Not again!" Rogue shouted.

She shoved back a now very solid Kitty Pryde. Kitty staggered back, eyes wide with shock.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Rogue," the phaser babbled out. "I was, like, late for my class, and—"

Rogue cut her off with a raised hand. "Save it."

Kitty clamped her mouth shut with an audible snap.

Rogue closed her eyes and counted to ten. She had told Kitty not to phase through her since the last incident. Ever since the Cure failed, Rogue's mutation had malfunctioned spectacularly, even turning other mutations off. Considering Kitty had been halfway in Rogue's body when it attempted to do so, Rogue was most concerned with what could have been the unpleasant results.

She reshouldered her backpack and settled for giving her profusely contrite friend a deathly glare. "I'm going to see Hank. You just tell the teach that's where I am."

Kitty nodded and took off running down the hall, phasing through all obstacle, including people, before vanishing into a wall.

Rogue shook her head. Old habits die hard.

With a weary, resigned march and a temper to drop zombies, Rogue stormed toward the elevator and braced herself for the unnervingly gleeful medical attention of a furry blue giant they called Beast, aka Dr. Hank McCoy.

She knew she hated Mondays.

"Do not call me that!" Storm commanded for the fourth time that day.

Remy LeBeau flashed her a cheeky grin. "But it fits you so well, Miss 'Ro."

"Hmph." She led the way into an elevator.

The mansion's newest residence took to whistling as he followed her in. He was a Cajun thief, whose father had decided he needed to finish his formal schooling. Actually, that involved a GED, since Guild classes in how to be a thief weren't accredited. Remy had turned out to be a charming bit of overly handsome humanity who had a tendency to nickname any person he encountered. Thus Prof., Wolvie (though Jubilee tended toward that one too), Firecracker, Chaton (kitten in French), Big Bang (that was Tabitha), and Stormy. She couldn't wait to see what he'd come up with Hank.

She sighed a longsuffering sigh. "Remy, could you please stop fidgeting with those cards."

The flipping, shuffling, noisy deck of cards magically disappeared into his trench coat somewhere, and he gave a much longer, more suffering sigh than hers.

The elevator door opened, revealing the medical bay. She stepped out and turned to Remy.

His face had paled and he'd braced himself against the back of the elevator.


"I'm not coming out!"

If Remy had known she was taking him to see a doctor, he wouldn't have let her walk him onto the elevator. He maintained his grip on the hand rails as she sighed in exasperation and marched back in to drag him out. He never should have made it this easy.

She got within a foot of him, and he suddenly lunged over her arm and hit the button to go up.

"What are you doing?" she demanded as the door slid shut.

The elevator shuddered and began upwards.

She reached for the buttons, but he was blocking her. He didn't really want to get in a tussle with his new headmistress, but a fight with a pretty lady was hardly something he'd turn down.

Rogue crossed her arms on the examining table at Hank. He walked around her slowly, hmming to himself and rubbing his chin.

"Well, let's start with bloodwork," he concluded as he always did.

She rolled her eyes.