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Hank eyed the four suspiciously. "Kitty, did you just phase into me, after everything that occurred with Rogue?"

"What do you mean, Mr. McCoy?" she asked, eyes wide. "I'm all the way over here."

Three solemn nods joined hers.

Then Rogue leaned forward. "So what's up, doc? Y'all've been lookin' long enough."

"Well..." He came forward excitedly. "I believe that the Cure in your bloodstream was integrated into your mutation."

Rogue stared at him and his gleefully enthusiastic expression as the words tried—and failed—to sink in. "What?"

Kurt and Kitty moved in closer to stand beside her. Piotr crossed his arms at Hank, trying—and succeeding—at looking protective.

"What exactly does that mean?" Piotr asked.

Hank grinned from ear to ear. "It means that Rogue can absorb other mutants directly from a source containing their DNA. And that now, Jimmy's gift of suppression is one of her own."

Rogue's mouth fell open and she dropped her arms from where she had crossed them.

Remy studied the little scene with great curiosity. It wasn't like he'd never had anyone who cared for him the way these three obviously cared for Rogue. It was that they were his own age. He'd only had tough, almost cutthroat, competition with people his own age—even Bella.

The doctor's words seemed infinitely less important than that unique undisputable fact: that these four friends were extremely close and really were offering moral support.

He slipped out of his chair, silent as a Thief.

Rogue glared at Hank. "You mean now I'm a total freak."

"No. Not at all." Hank backtracked uncertainly and glanced between Kurt and Piotr ready to clobber him and Kitty rubbing Rogue's arm sympathetically.

He racked his brain for words. "I mean now that we've proven your body can separate the absorption of mutation and psyche, perhaps we have the key to your control. Yes." He thought that over. "That's what I mean."

Her jaw fell open yet again. "You're kidding, right?"

"No. But it would be nice to have more formal evidence..." He looked Kitty over appraisingly.

"Oh no! I don't think so!" Rogue got to her feet with haste, grabbed her friends' arms, and made tracks.

"Wait! I have so many ideas, Rogue!"

Kitty laughingly phased the four of them through the door, surprised to feel more energy drain than that and she glanced around, dropping the phase, and ran straight into Logan.


Logan was suddenly catapaulted forward by the weight of three guys and two girls as they fell into him from behind. He landed in a tangle of all the young mutants he'd been keeping at bay.

"Whoa! Watch it!" cried Jubilee, back for her scoop.

"Yikes!" Someone jumping out of the way.

A lithe, agile figure made it around the corner before Logan even looked up, but the rest of them were very much in evidence.

"Kitty," he said warningly.

Kitty grimaced. "Sorry guys. Gotta run!"

The four bamphed away in a cloud of odoriferous sulphur and brimstone.

"Oh my goodness! Who had rotten eggs?" someone asked.

Logan had just about had it.

He flung open the door into the med bay. "What did you tell her?" he demanded.

Hank looked mildly perplexed. "I'm not exactly sure," he said, eyes fixed on a clipboard in his hands. "I'm sure I didn't get down his stats," he muttered.

Remy settled comfortably and quickly into his new room, delighted with his plan of leaving the medical stats instead of offering up his body in any way to that mad scientist.

He liked this place, he decided. Oh, the adults were going to be difficult to deal with. He could see that. But what a small price to pay.

Remy strolled out into the hallway, whistling under his breath, looking for bright green eyes and white on brown hair and thought to himself, "Things are finally looking up."

Harry looked up from the bar as a harried Logan stalked in. "Kids again, huh?"

Logan glared at him, settled on his favorite stool, and said, "Just get the usual."

Harry complied with a grin.

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