I thought it was a normal boring day with Mommy Fortuna's Homemade Horrors. On the road to bring people to see my creatures, I was surprised to what I have seen. It was a Unicorn and to think I've see the last of them. When I stopped I got off of my wagon and walked up to the sleeping creature. When I call over the magician Schmentdrick and another working Ruhk I was thinking what I would do with the Unicorn and thinking what those two would think. I was not supervised that Ruhk said that it was a dead horse. He wouldn't know, he wouldn't believe. When I asked that worthless magician he said "I see a horse. Just a white mare" I knew from the start that he was lying to me. I know what he really see. Just then the Unicorn was starting to awake so I put a spell on her and gave her a horn that unbelievers could see. "A simple carnival trick". But unlike my other creatures that my magic help people see differently, the Unicorn is the only one that they can really see, on the exception of that harpy that I know one day will take my life. But until that day she and the Unicorn will be mine.

When the day the unicorn was shown to the people, the harpy tried to escape. Casting a spell on it, it calmed down. Afterword's I explained to the Unicorn how both the unicorn and the harpy were just as immortal. I also told her that I know she was going to see the Red Bull of King Haggard and how I'm protecting her from the Bull. She should thank me for that.