Return as a Rider

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"You sent for me, my lord," she said

Lord Wyldon sighed and turned "Sit down girl"

Kel hesitated, and then sat.

Wyldon absently massaged his right arm.

"I want you to listen to me. I speak to you as I might to one of my daughters. Now that you have made your point, consider your future. Soon your body will change. The things that you want in life as a maiden will change. Pursue the course you have, and you might be crippled by an accident. What if you should fall in love? What if you came to grief, or caused others to do so, because your thoughts were on your heart rather than combat? This year was the easiest. For these reasons, you cannot return in September."

Kel's blood ran cold and she struggled to keep the tears at bay.

"I can't come back, then"

"No, you may not. You are dismissed"

Kel got up and walked towards the doors, struggling to keep her emotions at bay. She hesitated then said,

"You will regret this one day," and walked out of the room.

Once she was out of the lair of the training master, the tears began to flow freely down her freckled face, and her body felt cold with anger and disappointment. Every step she took towards the room, she thought of her year.

The bullies, Joren.

The hazing of first years.

The constant homework and weapons training.

The punishments.

Her friends. Neal, Cleon, Seaver, Merric, Roald, Diane, Salma.

Her dreams of Knighthood.

Her sadness and anger soon changed into determination. She couldn't let one wrinkly old stump of a man stop her from helping the innocent. She was going to find a way to show people, show them that she could fight and be a great warrior for her country. That she was able to save people.