Zachary sat with his elbows rested on his knees and his chin on his clasped hands. It had been a long day and Lauren could tell he was feeling it as much as she was. Of course the King's duties weren't normally easy, but they had been particularly hard over the last few months. He had hardly had a 'normal' day since his brother's attempted coup. Ignoring the emotional aspects, they had needed to deal with the bodies from the attack at the Lost Lake as well as those in the throne room. They also had to make sure the country knew that Zachary held the throne although that message travelled fast along unofficial routes once it became known that Prince Amilton was dead.

There had also been the execution of Lord Mirwell. Lauren knew Zachary didn't agree with executions as he felt there were better ways to deal with problems, but he recognised there was no alternative in this case. Of course no had expected him to undertake it himself, but it was a good political decision if not emotional one. The other Lord Governors would remember that incident if they ever thought about dethroning Zachary; Lauren wondered if it would have stopped Lord Mirwell if he'd known what Zachary was capable of.

Finally, the last petitioner was out of the throne room and they could all relax. Zachary was out of his silver fillet and royal mantle almost as soon as the doors were shut and was walking up the room stretching his shoulders. A quick glance out of the window showed it was already getting dark so there was no chance of some exercise outside.

He turned to look at his advisors with a raised eyebrow that clearly said he would appreciate no more work today. Lauren turn to look at Castellan Sperran with a look of encouragement. He was still finding he way in the new role and asked Lauren's advise earlier in the day whether he should raise the matter and obviously her support had not made him feel any braver about raising it.

"Well, if that is all for today I think we should all go and find some food" Zachary said as he started turning to his private entrance.

Lauren coughed, making him turn and look at her, "Was there anything else Captain Mapstone?" he asked

"No sire", she said in a tone that clearly implied yes and gave a slight nod in the direction of the Castellan.

"Sperran, perhaps you have something to say?"

"Yes, Your majesty, Well … in a few months … it's time for the tour" he mumbled with a gulp

Zachary paused to think about this and then smiled, "Yes, of course you are correct Sperran. Yes, I think it is a good time to tour the kingdom, lets make sure the message is out that Amilton's coup has failed and check up some of those Lord Governors. I'll leave you to make the plans, my only requirement is we travel to Mirwell to check up on Lord Timas."