"Sir, We're ready to be begin the adamantium feed." Someone said behind the glass window.
"Then do it." the Professor said. He said the something so many years ago. This time though
instead of a older man in the tank it was a young man about fifteen.

After five years of training and molding him into the prefect weapon they decided to have
him go though the next stage. The Professor was hoping for the same results as he did when Weapon X was here.

Suddenly alert alarms goes off, something was wrong.

"What's going on?"
"I don't know sir." The young man in the next room said.
"Weapon Alpha is rejecting the Adamantium." Oh yeah the boy was just like Logan.
"Increase the out put and slowly do so."

"But Sir!"
"Do it, or you can find yourself another job."
"Yes, sir."

The young man had no choice, he steadily raised the out put. But the alarms was still going off.
In the tank the young man was screaming in pain. While this was happening he sent out a telepath
wave that sent every one to their knees.

Wild Evolution

Chapter One

Westchester, NY
Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

"AH!" Two voices cried out as they head their head in pain.

Wolverine or as the people around the school knows him better as Logan ran to his friends side.
A young man of seventeen, ran to the red haired teen who was on the floor also holding her head.

The first one was Charles Xavier the owner of the school for mutants, it was a school in name only for the people who only saw it as a boarding house from the outside, however the inside was a different story.
On the inside was a school that helped young mutants learn how to control their mutant powers.

This was the home to the X-men. A group of young mutants banding together to help save a world that will fear and hate them.
The backlash of power ended but the two telepath was felling weak. Jean Grey looked up at Scott and smiled at him, Scott blushed and helped her to her feet. Logan help place Charles back in his wheel chair.

"Professor?" The red head asked.
"I don't know Jean." Charles said back. "But you shouldn't worry about that now." With a nod the two teens made there way to Scott's car. When they were gone though Charles looked at Logan. What he said mad Logan turn pal. "It was Ranma."


The place was in ruins once more. People was dead, sparks shot out of electronic devices, and hanging with his head down was a young man in a tank. Form below his elbow to his fingers his arm was covered in adamantium, his finger tips formed sharp cat like claws.

How ever that wasn't the only thing that wasn't cover by the metal. Spring form his back was two angel like wings, they two was covered in the unbreakable metal. The young man looked at his arms. The claws was easy to hide as he forced them two go back into his finger tips. As that happen some of the Adamantium started to uncover the back of his hand.
The metal now looked like it was bracers.

As The young teen willed the metal the Professor looked on. Never in all the reports did he expected this. It looked like the Adamantium was now a part of the boy. The metal covering the boys wings was also unbelievable. But did it cover the boy bones?

"Sure, the system is down for most of the base, how ever I was able to uncover the results." a voice was heard from the control room. "It looks like the adamantium covered his arms and wings, however it did not cover his bones like we thought."

The Professor stood up. That was completely unexpected. The whole idea was to make the metal to cover his bone. How ever not all was lost. "Ranma? Can you hear me, Ranma?" He asked the boy, who looked up. His black hair covering his eyes.

"What did you do to me?" He asked in a weak voice. The Professor smiled. Yes this could work out just fine. The Professor looked at the young man and in a calm voice. "Everything we have hoped for." However the young mutant didn't believe him. There was something fishy going on. "We have given you a metal called adamantium, it's an unbreakable metal that when sharpen can cut though anything.

Ranma once again looked at his hand, he willed the metal to cover them, and it did along with the claws. The weight on his back had also reminded him of his wings. They two was covered in the metal. How was it possible though. Folding a wing Ranma eyes widen.

They were angelic in nature. How ever what he saw made Ranma think that his wings was already metal. Where there should have been soft feathers, was feathers made out of metal. With a thought Ranma moved his wings, and like with the metal on his arms he found that with a little thought the wings folded in and on it self, to a point where you could hardly tell he had wings at all.

With the weight lessen on his back Ranma took a small step in the tank. The metal on his arms shined in the light, and with a light punch he shattered the glass casing. "So this is way you kidnaped me, made me do horrible things." Ranma said as he took a step foreword. "So I can become some kind of super freak?" Ranma grabbed the Professor by his shirt and raised him high into the air. Ranma wasn't too sure if he could fly yet. Suddenly Ranma drops his tormenter and turns around.

Seeing no one there Ranma once again reaches down and grabs the Professor.

"I should kill you." The teenage boy said.
"Then why don't you." A voice said.

Ranma once again looks around the damaged room. At first he doesn't see anything, but that was only at first. Several pieces of metal had started to move, these metal had form a door way to the outside. And as Ranma watched, a man wearing a red chest plate armor, and a funny looking helmet, floated down.

"Who the hell are you." Ranma asked.
"Someone like you." the man said.
"Funny, do you always like dressing up as a dork."
"This is who I am, now young Ranma, what are you going to do with this human?"

Ranma looked down at his tormenter. He know he should let him go. However, if Ranma did that then this monster might do the same to other mutants just like him. As Ranma was thinking his hand started to squeeze the professor's neck, until a load crack was heard.

Ranma let go of the dead body and took a step back. Ranma was shaking his head, trying to deny the fact that he killed someone. Ranma looked at his hands, he blinked as he saw blood, was it his blood, no not his.

Ranma looked at the dead body, The professors eyes where open wide as in shock, blood was leaking from five small holes in his neck, when the young man looked at his hands he could see his claws was out, they two covered in blood.

In the shadows of his helmet, Magneto smiled, the boy would be under his command, and he would be leading the brotherhood against his former family, and Xavier. "Come young one, there is nothing more to see here." Magneto said, as he wrapped his cape around the teen.

Ranma was still in shock, how could he have taken a life, like that? Did the Professor deserve that kind of death? What would happen now?

Several months later.......

"It's time." Ranma turned around to see his master standing in the shadows. Magneto has taught him as much as he could about his mutant powers. There was some draw back though. Because of their weight Ranma could fly fully with his wings, however, the young Mutant was able to over come this thanks in part to his telepathic powers.

Ranma turned back to the barren landscape. "Isn't there any other way?" Ranma asked, he wasn't sure way but for some reason, Ranma didn't want to led a group of mutants that would attack and possibly kill hundreds if not thousands of humans.

"No Young one" Magneto said. "You saw first hand what humans will do." For some reason Ranma grew angry. "Do you want others, like yourself to become monsters? To be feared and tested on?" Ranma closed his eyes.

He kept having dreams where the people who kidnaped him was kicking and punching him, the worst bring that they would shoot guns at him. To make matters worst, the scientists, would cut him open while he was awake just to see how he ticks.

Crossing his arms, shook his head. He wouldn't let Magneto see the tears. He felt a hand on his shoulder. "Then the time is right, you will lead the brotherhood, people like yourself, into battle." Magneto was soft spoken, but Ranma could here the hardest in his voice.

"I will not fail."

"I know you won't." The older man said with a smile.

Bayville, NY.
One week later.

He have hear rumors, walking down the street that several crimes have been stopped by a mysterious group of young warriors. Ranma though knew them as X-men. "Hey! Look out!" Ranma looked up in time to see a little girl holding a ball in the street as a car was coming by.

Just as Ranma was able to move someone else beat him to it. She looked like an angel running into the street like she did, her red hair flying behind her, the young woman grabbed the little girl and made it to the other side with seconds to spare.

That must be Marvel Girl. Ranma thought to him self. Reports say she's a telepath.
Ranma then saw an older teen boy with black hair run up to her. This person had Ranma on his guard at all times.

Shadow Blade, the only human on the team, why would he be helping Mutants?
As Ranma started walking down the street the two was talking.

"Jean you okay?" Ryu asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine."
"Your crazy you know that?"
"Come on."

Jean stood up and gave the little girl a pat on the head. "No more playing out in the street, okay?" The little girl shook her head as Jean left. It's been six years since Ranma was taken and three months since she felt a telepathy feedback from him.

Jean Grey now knew that Ranma Saotome was alive but where was he? Two days ago Kitty Pryde and Kurt Wanger or as they are better known Shadowcat and Nightcrawler respectfully, disappeared before school when they got back Wolverine was in bad shape and the two teens looks like they seen a ghost.

No one was talking not even Wolverine.

Whatever happened was pretty bad. That was a fact. Jean Suddenly stopped when she that she heard something, she quickly turned around but saw nothing but the people of the quite city going about their business.

"Still thinking about him?" Ryu asked.
"What makes you say that?"

Ryu shook his head, why did he ask that. "No reason." He said. Then he too had stopped. There it is again. Ryu thought to himself. I swear, he was standing right there a minute ago. Ryu knew he wasn't a mutant, all the tests proved it. Ryu can sense other people by the way they can admit their auras. This came in part thanks to his martial arts training. By using his life energy or his ki Ryu can stay alert at all times as well. However he started feeling the aura of someone he never thought he'll see again.

"What is it?" Jean asked.
"It's nothing, come on or we'll be late for school." Ryu said as he broke into a run.
Up on a near by building Ranma stood on the edge as he watched the two leave the area. He couldn't stay long as he unfolded his wings and took off to the small boarding house that was on the outskirts of the city.

A few minutes later.

It's a question that is always asked. How could someone live like this? The place was a mess, trash was everywhere. If he was going to work with these people there was going to be some changes. So with a sigh Ranma walked out of the boarding house, locked the door with his telepath.

Counting to three Ranma spined around bring his foot out and kicks the door in. Like expected the brotherhood of Mutants came running out of there rooms.

End of Preview.

More to come.