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"There is no chance in hell I'm getting in that car," I muttered venomously.

Earlier this evening, Angela had told me we were going out for dinner with her grandparents who were visiting town. Apparently they were very proper and liked us to be well dressed, so Alice, my best friend, had taken me out today shopping. The two had dressed me in a knee length midnight blue cocktail dress, and pulled my hair up into a bun.

Just as we were leaving, Alice told me Angela's grandparents weren't actually here, and I was actually about to leave for a blind date. Now I stood outside Alice's Mercedes-Benz, glaring at her and Angela who were already in the car.

"Oh, come on Bella!" Alice pleaded. "Don't be so melodramatic! What do you have to loose?"

"My pride," I murmured, but I got into the car, arms crossed, eyes narrowed. I knew that no matter how much I complained, Alice would get her way.

"It will be fun, Bella," Angela soothed. "You hardly ever get out anymore. You're always working, and you never say yes to any dates, even though you've been asked out many times."

She was right. I was at work 90 percent of the time I was awake.

"Yeah!" Alice agreed. "You're problem isn't getting dates—it's accepting them."

I grimaced at her, but again, my friends were right. I had been asked out a few times this month, but I had turned down them all. Dating was the last thing I needed in my life right now. I just wanted to get my life started, settle down a bit, and then, maybe, I could go out on a date.

Alice and I met in kindergarten. We became best friends almost instantly. Angela hadn't moved to Forks until the seventh grade, but Alice and I made friends with her quickly as well.

"Can you at least tell me who this guy is?" I asked, trying to sound polite, but my voice actually sounded stiff.

Alice and Angela shared a brief look, and then Alice brightened and turned to me.

"Well, he's 24, just like you. He's been to university, though I'm not sure what his career choice is. He's quite tall, and is very handsome."

I was about to press for more information, ask what his name was, but the car suddenly stopped. I opened the door slowly, taking in my surroundings.

We were in the middle of a clearing, and there were small, round tables everywhere occupied by couples. To the far side of the clearing, there was a small gazebo where a band of seven men sat, playing the violin and the piano. Little white lights were hung on every tree, and white ribbons embellished a stone pathway.

I raised an eyebrow. This seemed pretty elaborate for a blind date.

Both Alice and Angela laughed at my expression.

"Come on," Angela said, tugging on my arm.

They led me past all the chairs and tables until we were beside the gazebo. I shot my friends a questioning look. Alice just giggled.

"Ready?" she chirped excitedly.

"As ready as I can be."

Alice grabbed my left hand and Angela grabbed my right as they pulled me behind the gazebo where one last table sat. Occupied by two men.

I gasped. One of the men was Emmett, Alice's older brother, and the other was a man I had seen before, but never actually met.

He was quite tall, about six foot two, and he had messy, bronze colored hair. His cheekbones were high, his nose straight, and his soft lips full. And those eyes...each day at NYU, I had stared at those beautiful emerald eyes.

Emmett met my wide, frightened eyes, and grinned.

"Alice actually managed to get you to come, huh?" he laughed to himself.

The green-eyed beauty started to look up, but before he could register who I was, I turned and yanked Alice and Angela's arms back around the corner of the gazebo, causing them to make an oof noise.

"Bella!" Alice gasped. "What the hell are you doing?"

I ignored her. "Of all the people," I muttered at her. "Of all the people, you choose him to pick as my date?!"

Alice frowned, and Angela just stared at us, confused.

"What's the matter with him, Bella?" Alice demanded.

I threw up my hands in exasperation.

"What's wrong with him? I watched him everyday at NYU the entire five years I was there. On the last day there, I bumped into him and spilled my coffee all over him, and then later that day, I bumped into him again while he was carrying a huge stack of papers, causing them to fly all over the place."

As I told Alice all this, I was surprised to note that her eyes became wider and wider with excitement.

"So you're the brown-eyed beauty," she whispered to herself so quietly I could barely hear her.

"What?" I asked, completely lost.

"Oh, nothing," she said quickly. "But you obviously don't know that he's Edward Cullen."

My jaw dropped, and my purse fell out of my hand.

Alice once told me that she had another brother besides Emmett who was her age, but he lived in Toronto with his father. Her parents divorced just six moths after her and Edward were born, and Esme, their mother, allowed the father to keep one of their children. Edward never visited Forks, but Alice, Emmett, and Esme would go see Edward twice a year in Toronto.

"He's…you're brother?" I said, mostly talking to myself.

"Good God, you're slow," she muttered. "Now, go talk to him."

I began to panic again. "I can't!"

Both Alice and Angela sighed.

"Why not?" Alice asked again.

"Weren't you listening to anything I said? I had a huge crush on him, I spilled coffee all over him, I bumped into him and—"

"Okay, okay!" Alice said, holding her hand up, palms forward. "Okay. I get it. But so what? That was a year ago. Edward is in Forks for the summer, just like you are, and he's going back to New York after. If you completely blow this, you never have to see him again after the summer."

"Yeah," Angela agreed. "You never know what will happen if you don't try."

I stood there, contemplating. They were right, as usual. If it went wrong, I could just forget about it and move on. And I had fantasized about this guy since I first saw him. Now I had an opportunity to make my fantasies real.

And if I didn't try…well, I'd always wonder 'what if'.

Sighing, I refocused on Angela and Alice's anxious faces.

"Fine. I'll go."

"Yay!" Alice squealed, jumping up and down while clapping her hands. Angela just laughed and hugged me.

"You'll be fine, Bella," she assured me.

Alice grabbed my arm again and pulled me back around the corner.

"Sorry, Edward," she said, grinning. "We just had to sort a couple things out."

He looked up slowly, and I held my breath. My heart pounded painfully in my chest as I waited for his reaction.

Edward's beautiful eyes met mine, and he gasped quietly. I felt my face turn bright red. He looked towards Alice, mouth hanging open. Her grin widened, and she nodded slightly. Then Edward looked back at me, a slight smile forming on his lips as my face grew redder and redder.

"Okay," Alice said, "Bella, Edward. Edward, Bella. Have fun you two!" Then she looked at Emmett.

"You can get a ride with Angela and me."

He stood up and walked past me to my friends, winking at me on his way by.

I turned around to watch the three run back to the car, none of them looking back. Then I slowly turned back around to face my sure-to-be awkward date with Edward.

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