Not the whole song, because I felt that the rest of the song was unnecessary. Right, so the first fanfiction I've ever written, save for some awful Harry Potter ones I wrote when I was 9 =p So yeah! Enjoy! The song is 'In pieces' by Linkin Park, great song, you should go listen to it. I don't own the lyrics or the characters.

Telling me to go

But hands beg me to stay...

Your lips say that you love

Your eyes say that you hate...

There's truth in your lies

Doubt in your faith

What you build you lay to waste...

Kakuzu's hands roamed the smaller man's body as they kissed fervently. The Jashinist moaned as the banker's lips moved in sync with his own. Both tuned to the same hot rhythm, sweat covering their bodies. As Hidan was pulled down to the bed with Kakuzu, the kiss was broken and both men slid their eyes open. Although, the silver haired man soon shut his eyes again, he couldn't take the hatred in Kakuzu's eyes. Bodies moving together, the same forbidden dance they had done many times before. Kakuzu's whispers of 'I hate you' went barely heard as Hidan moaned his appreciation of the man above him.

There's truth in your lies

Doubt in your faith

All I've got's what you didn't take...

So I, I won't be the one

Be the one to leave this

In pieces...

Kakuzu had taken the young Jashinist's pride along with his spirit. He was no longer free, his soul crushed. Destined to be dominated. Hidan reached out his hands to stroke the stitching so endearing to him, earning him a warning hiss. His arms went back to lying dormant by his side. The banker hated being touched, just wanted to touch. Many a time, Hidan had spent their night-time roams with his hands tied. Silver hair stuck to his forehead with sweat as their climax approached.

And you, you will be alone

Alone with all your secrets

And regrets, don't lie...

No matter how many times the taller man told Hidan to go, whenever Hidan tried, he was convinced otherwise. He knew he was lied to, but Kakuzu's words always sounded so... endearing. Kakuzu knew what he was doing to Hidan, he knew he hurt him. He wanted him to hurt. Hurting him felt so good. How he hated the young boy so much. And the Jashinist knew it.

You promised me the sky

Then tossed me like a stone

You wrap me in your arms

And chill me to the bone...

Kakuzu's name bounced off the walls as Hidan climaxed. The older man merely moved his head down to the silver haired man's ear and whispered 'I hate you so much' as he to reached his peak. As the two Akatsuki came down from their high, Kakuzu collapsed by Hidan's side, his head turned away from the faithful servant of Jashin. He missed the few tears slipping down Hidan's face and by the time he had turned back to look at his pathetic excuse for a partner, the tears had been rubbed away. The truth was, Kakuzu hated Hidan, but he hated sleeping alone more and so he wrapped his arms around the smaller man. Hidan was always grateful for this small gesture, even if he knew that, as everything else, it was for Kakuzu's own selfish needs. Glancing up, Hidan tried to catch his 'lover's' eyes but Kakuzu's breathing had leveled out and his eyes were shut. Hidan turned around in his lover's embrace to face the wall, slowly but surely tears slid down his face.