Chapter 14

They flew a twisting route to a cave lower down the mountain they had scouted out earlier, hopefully lessening any chance of Kohana following them. Settling down inside the cave Deidara started a fire while Sasori recalled Fukuko to remove any of the remaining modifications from her.

"Keep the scroll safe." The red head started sorting out the beds while the bomber carefully wrapped explosive clay around the important scroll before hiding it. When he'd finished that he sat in front of the fire next to the puppet master.

"Danna... what did she mean? About you saving her?" He was worried that the older man may be annoyed by the question and move away from him but was pleasantly surprised when the puppet master stayed put and indulged the blond with an answer.

"It was when she was a kid. I didn't save her though, she is mistaken. Orochimaru and I were sent to kill another ninja and after we had finished that I found Orochimaru slicing his way through a group of children. I was annoyed at him for wasting our time so pulled him away, leaving one kid alive. About 6 months later I ran into her again in the same village, she recognised me and started following me about. I nearly killed her for that but decided to ignore it as I finished that mission quickly so left. It would seem that she began to hate me then and hasn't bothered me since."

Clearly he had no care for the girl. At least Deidara didn't have to worry about Sasori suffering any sort of emotional pain. "Un... I see."

The blond went quiet for a while as he tried to think of something else to talk about. He thought about how he was glad for the fire as it kept him warm for now, but they couldn't have it burning all night. At some point he would get cold...

"Danna? Um... that time...when... you let me hug you." He was blushing now and was sure his partner could see it, if he decided to look at him. He swallowed the lump in his throat"You felt... warm. Did I imagine it? Or... did it really happen?" Deidara held back the cringe at the hope he could hear in his own voice.

The red head turned to look at him, analysing the look in the blonde's eyes. More hope.

Sasori considered telling him everything but... could it back fire on him? He trusted Deidara with his life, so surely he could trust him with this little bit of information? On the other hand, it could lead to embarrassing questions.

Sasori decided. He trusted him.

"You can't tell anyone else this. If you do I'll be using your corpse as my next puppet."

Despite the threat Deidara felt a twitch of excitement at the idea that the man he admired and loved was about to tell him something he didn't want anyone else to know. He nodded in response. "Mmm, I wont tell anyone, danna."

The red head sighed.

"I developed it to counter the problem of walking in the dark. As a puppet my only sensory inputs are vision, smell and sound, however when I'm in the dark my vision is decreased if not completely ineffectual and smell and sound aren't always useful. In your case you can just use your hands or feel a breeze to make your way in or out of a dark place. I realised that not being able to do so myself would be a great weakness. Not being able to feel would also make it far harder for me to do any sort of undercover work. As a result I researched the use of chakra as a method of sensing objects and so on. I ended up modifying my body so that, if required, I could infuse it with Chakra which would respond to touch in a way that is similar to normal sensory neurones."

Deidara sat there shocked as he took it all in. Did this mean what he thought it did? "So... you can do that? The chakra thing?"


The blond struggled to resist a grin. "That means you can feel right?"

Sasori suppressed a smile at his partners obvious joy. "It's not as intense as human feeling but I can focus the chakra in an area to make it more intense if needed. So, yes. I can feel if necessary."

The blond moved closer. "Will you do it now, un?"

The red head examined Deidara's eyes and the hand he held forward, presumably to touch him. He had already assumed that the bomber would want to try it out. His expression changed to a subtle frown. He didn't like doing it, he had become so accustomed to no feeling that the sudden shock of sensation the chakra provided was a tad uncomfortable.

"Fine." He infused just his hand with chakra and held it out. Preparing himself for the strange sensation.

The blond grinned excitedly, loving the idea that his partner would be able to actually feel him. He reached his hand out and slowly ran a finger along the puppets palm, taking in the slight warmth it gave off. Sasori watched the bombers finger, not flinching at the small rush of sensation it caused. He looked back up into the blond's eyes, looking for a reaction. He felt like this.

"Danna... you feel warm." He offered a small nervous but happy smile. "That's from the chakra, right, mm? I felt this same heat when I..." he blushed, his finger still hovering over his partner's hand. "...when I hugged you. Did this then?"

The puppet master looked away again, suddenly feeling uncharacteristically embarrassed. "Mmm."

Deidara's smile widened. Encouraged by the confirmation he moved closer still, so he was right next to the older man. "Does that mean... you liked it? I can... hug you again... if you want? Can I?" The blond was hopeful. He feared being rejected but sensed that this was his chance and he wasn't going to miss it.

Sasori turned and looked at the blond. "Tell anyone about this and I'll tell Zetsu to eat you."

Deidara all but dived on the man as he leant in for another hug. Deidara squeezed tighter as he felt the warmth spread over his love's body.

He pulled back. "Hey danna..." A thrill of excitement passed through the blond as he realised his earlier wish had the chance of becoming a reality. "Seeing as we're staying and it's cold... and you...can be warm" He bit his lip nervously. "Can I share with you tonight?"

The puppet master looked at the blond, not sure if he wanted to keep the chakra going all night. It wouldn't be a problem keeping it going, he didn't need to sleep, but he wasn't keen on the idea of feeling all night. As he considered it he remembered Deidara's shivering earlier and his desperation to stay near a fire. 'The brat really is cold... tch. I'm getting soft' With a quiet sigh of frustration he gave in. "Fine"

Deidara blushed as he slipped under the blankets. Both of them were dressed in their Akatsuki attire apart from the coats which they had bundled around the bag with the scroll inside. The blond settled down awkwardly next to his partner, not sure how close he could get away with. He could faintly feel the warmth coming from his danna. It made him want to move closer, partly for warmth and comfort, partly because his danna never wore a top with his uniform.

"Warmer?" The voice snapped Deidara out of his thoughts.

"Ah! Mmm, a bit." The blond shuffled a little, nervously wondering if he could move closer. He slid a little closer so he was almost touching the puppet. Sasori's reaction surprised the blonde.

"You're pathetic, really." Deidara almost jumped as he felt two warm arms wrap around him and pull him to a similarly warm chest.

"I assume I don't need to warn you about the repercussions should you tell anyone about this." The blond let out a little laugh at the bored voice and cuddled closer to his danna. Sasori knew how the blond felt about him so he knew how much this would mean to him. 'I'm really am getting soft... Why do I care about this brat so much?' The red head closed his eyes as he took in the feel of the bomber's skin and the tingle of his breath against him.

"So... you can feel everything right?" Sasori almost raised an eyebrow at the blond's question, he sounded worryingly mischievous.

"Mm..." 'Where is he going with this?' Alarm bells were ringing in the puppet master's head.

"" His danna had put his arms around him... that was like a first move right? Deidara hoped it was as he bucked up the courage to try for something more. "Can you feel this then?" The blond lightly kissed the puppet master's collar bone.

The unexpected touch sent shock waves through the puppets body. He had expected a question, not a touch. "Brat, what are you doing?" The puppet master sounded unsure of how to react. He knew what this meant, but he wasn't sure what to do about it.

Encouraged by the lack of a negative response the blond continued.

"Hmmmmm. What about this?" Sasori jumped slightly as he felt something lick his hip.

The blond ran his hand up his partner's chest, the tongue gently licking all the way.

"Deidara." The red head sat up, exposing Deidara to the cold again. The blond quickly sat up as well and, fearing his partner's reaction, started rambling.

"I'm sorry danna, I shouldn't have. I know you don't like people but you know how I feel, I couldn't resist, you were being so nice and...and... I'm sorry!" Deidara bowed his head with his second apology, eyes closed, scared of the coming response.

"...You're insane." The red head sighed and the blond peered up at him through his hair. "Do you really want to be with me... like that?" The red head could still feel his chest tingling from that tongue.

Deidara lifted his head and blinked at the older man. "I..." He wasn't going to lie, so he nervously answered. "Of course I do."

"Why?" Sasori's voice wasn't harsh but curious.

"I love you." The blond knew the other man already knew so there was no point hiding it.

"I'm a puppet."

"That doesn't matter. I still love you. And now I know you can feel... it's not that weird...mmm"

The red head frowned a little. He considered making an argument about him not being the friendliest person but the blond already knew so much about him it'd be pointless.

"You don't think being fucked by a puppet is weird?"

The blond blushed at his danna's blunt phrasing. "I have tongues in my hands and chest. I'm used to weird." He leant forward to quickly kiss him but the red head pulled back.

"You'll end up regretting this." Sasori sounded unsure rather than warning.

Deidara was fed up of trying to convince the puppet master so decided to show him, guessing the elder wasn't as averse to it as he'd originally thought. He pushed the older man back down and straddled him, pleased with the lack of resistance. The bomber leant down and gently pressed his lips to the puppet's ones. The older man hesitated before returning the kiss.

Deidara's brain went into overload when the puppet responded. His dream seemed to be coming true.

'Fuck this' Sasori thought before abruptly flipping the blond onto his back. There was no way he was going to be the submissive one in this. He pinned the bomber beneath him and leant in for a rougher kiss.

Deidara's skin tingled at the treatment, loving every second of it. He wrapped his arms around the neck of the man above him and returned the kiss, eager to make the most of it. His hands and tongues traced patterns on the other man's back, causing him to twitch occasionally at the unfamiliar sensation.

"Danna..." The blond eventually pulled back from the kiss. "What does this mean? I"

"It means you've finally got to me." Sasori interjected. He couldn't deny it now, he had given away too much already. "Somehow your crazy feelings have... infected me" The bomber grinned and kissed the older man again. That was probably the closest thing the blond would get to a confession from his partner. Deidara's supressed urges brimmed to the surface as he reached to remove more clothes, needing more. The red head's hand shot out to stop him.

"Really? Now?"

The blond blinked up at the man above him. "Why not? It's romantic enough right? Is it too fast?" He feared pushing too much, but he needed his partner.

"Brat. I don't really care but how is this romantic? We're in a cave"

Deidara couldn't help but let out a little giggle. "I don't care if it's romantic or not. I just want you."

The blond pulled his own top off and gave the red head his most seductive look.

"...Tch" 'Damn brat...' The red head did like the sight before him but he had one slight problem... "This wont work."

Deidara blinked. "What wont?"

The red head sighed. "I don't have a penis."

The bomber stared at the man above him, mouth open. Did he really just hear that? The suddenness of the information shocked the youth. He didn't know how to respond.


"Deidara. You know me." Sasori remained calm as he elaborated. "You know I don't care for anything that is useless. I saw no use for it when I became a puppet, so I didn't bother keeping it."

The blond didn't know what to think. He thought he understood the way his partner thought about his art but he had never thought he'd go that far.
"I'm not like you." The puppet master interrupted before Deidara could reply . "I wanted a body without weaknesses, a body that would be eternal. I also had no interest in sex. So it was pointless to me."

"Pointless? But... without...we can't..." Deidara blushed. He had never expected this.

"I'll make one."

The bombed blinked again. The situation was just so surreal. "You'll...make one?"

"I assume you want me to have one? The only way I can is if I make one."

Deidara burst out laughing, the incredibleness of the situation finally dawning on him. "Danna! How can you say that with such a straight face? Are you serious?" Deidara had always wondered how sex with a puppet would work, he knew it would have to be bizarre. Now he was finding out how, he wanted try it out as soon as possible.

The red head smirked a little, pleased that his brat had snapped back to reality and lessened the awkwardness of the situation. "It may be... different... but it's the best I can do. Can you wait? Still want me?"

Deidara grinned, loving that his partner was opening up to him, and pulled him into a hug.

"Of course. I've waited this long, a little longer wont hurt me, un. I'm just happy I have you, and your very unusual quirks"

The scorpion awkwardly hugged back before lying down next to the blond again. "Good. We should sleep now." He wasn't good in such emotional situations, so sleep was a good escape, even though he didn't need it.

"Really? We can't do...anything?" The blond pouted, guessing what his partner was thinking.

"Brat. Be patient." Sasori pulled his partner closer to him, enveloping him in his warmth. "Plus, the earlier we leave the faster we can get back to the base and I can start working on it..."

The blond grinned and curled up against his love. "Mmm, okay, love you danna."