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Elizabeth Corday-Green unlocked the front door to her home in Chicago having just got back from her home country Britain. In a stroller next to her was her almost one year old daughter Ella. Behind the stroller was her mother who had come back with her to help her unpack, and get settled in again.

After getting Ella settled in the living room with her toys Elizabeth asked her mother to watch her while she answered the ringing phone.


"Elizabeth?" Asked Rachel. Rachel is Elizabeth's late husbands' first daughter, from his first marriage.

"Rachel what is wrong?" Elizabeth asked after hearing crying from the other end.

"There gone." Rachel answered trying to hold back a sob. "I just got here; I had soccer practice after school. The only things left in the house are my things and the things that were dads. I tried to turn the lights on but it didn't work. There is no food in the kitchen, and I am scared. I don't know what to do." After Mark Green divorced his first wife they shared custody of Rachel. Rachel's mother got remarried first and is currently pregnant with twins.

"Alright, Rachel you did the right thing calling me." Elizabeth started after getting over her slight shock. She had known that Rachel and her mother had not been getting along well but she could not understand how any mother could abandon there child. "I am sure this is hard but I need you to calm down a little. Have you gone through the whole house?"

"Yes," Rachel replied after calming down some. "I went to my room last thinking that we were moving again, and they forgot to tell me. My room is exactly the way I left it this morning except there were papers on my bed. The first one was a school transfer form which fit in to my moving theory, except that the school transferring too was blank. Then I looked at the second paper, and I knew I was wrong. It is a transfer of guardianship form signed by both my mom and Steve. The place where the new guardian's name goes is blank, and unsigned. They gave up all rights to me, and left me here. There was also a post it on my bed it says "you're too much like your father. You're cell phone will be turned off on Friday." I don't get it what did I do?" Rachel asked getting worked up again.

"You did nothing wrong Rachel." Elizabeth said passionately. "I just booked a flight; I will be there in one hour. Do you think you will be all right until then?" She asked seeing that the flight took 45 minutes.

"What about Ella?" Rachel asked. "She is your daughter and she should come first. I don't want to take my sister's mom away from her, especially since we just lost daddy."

"My mother is here and she will take care of Ella for a few days. I am not about to leave you there alone, Rachel. I don't go back to work for 4 more days, and since I am already out the door arguments are pointless. You called needing help, I told you at the funeral that if you ever need anything to call, and I meant it."

"Okay." Rachel said. "What do I do until then? I don't know the neighbors because I have only been back here for a week, and we moved here two days before we went to Hawaii with dad. They made me go back to school the day after dad's funeral but I was trying to distract myself with school work so I don't have friends here either."

"Has it started getting dark yet?" Elizabeth asked while driving carefully.

"No, it won't for almost another 2 hours." Rachel said wondering were this was going.

"Good, I am pulling into the airport parking lot now. I want you to lock the doors and stay there. It will be around 6 by the time I get there, so I want you to pack a bag of the things you will need for the night. We will get something to eat then as well as a hotel room for a few days. I have to turn off my cell phone now, so we will talk more when I get there all right?"

"Okay and thank you Elizabeth." Said Rachel while locking the front door, before turning away to go back upstairs.

"It's no problem; I'll call you when I land. See you soon." Elizabeth said, and after hearing Rachel's goodbye she hung up, turned off her phone, and boarded the plane.

After her plane landed, Elizabeth quickly rented a car, and grabbed her suitcase that had already been packed from her trip to Britain. Turning on her cell phone she called Rachel back while starting to drive. After reassuring Rachel she would be there soon, she got directions to the house and started driving a little faster. Telling Rachel she was on her street Elizabeth hung up just as she pulled in to the drive way of a nice two story house.

Rachel opened the door as she was walking up the walkway, and gladly accepted the hug she offered the second she caught sight of Rachel's red eyes. In Elizabeth's arms she started crying again, unable to help it.



Rachel Jane Green had just finished soccer practice and was walking home. Dad died one week ago, she thought as she was walking. Her father Mark Green had been a doctor at county general in Chicago. Her mother Mary is a lawyer, and shares a firm with her second husband Steve Evens. Her parents had divorced when she was young and they had shared custody of her. She only got to see her dad on some weekends though. This was due partly because of her dad's job but also because of the fact that her mom's and now step dad's jobs required them to move a lot.

Two years after the divorce her mom married Steve. Her mom is currently 7 months pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. Her dad had married Elizabeth a little under two years ago, and had her baby sister Ella.

Rachel had never gotten along with her mom very well but after the divorce it got worse without her dad there to run interference. After moving from Chicago right after the divorce Rachel's mom started working more than her dad ever did to her knowledge. Rachel knew her babysitters better then she knew her mom. She didn't see her mom that much even now.

After the move her mom stopped taking care of her. Rachel remembers a time when her parents both kissed her goodnight, comforted her after a nightmare, and stayed home from work to take care of her when she was sick. Her dad was the only one to continue to do this when she was with him, after the divorce.

Rachel turned onto the street her house was on, she never called it home because she felt like a stranger or guest there. In fact she never called any house she and her mom lived in home since they left Chicago. Her home had always been in Chicago with her dad.

Rachel unlocked the door wondering why it was locked. Since her mom found out she was pregnant she had been cutting down on the hours she worked, so the stress wouldn't hurt the babies. Steve was also usually home before her on the days she had practice. She had only been here a week but she knew Steve was always home by five to cook dinner for her mom, and her. Though Rachel knew this was more for her mom's benefit then hers.


Turning around from locking the back door again, I noticed the hallway was barer then usual. "Great, we are moving again!" I said sighing. Had we not moved a few times during the school year before I would think this was a yearly event.

Expecting to find mom and Steve in the kitchen sitting down to dinner, I was surprised to find it empty. Flipping the light switch and having nothing happen I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Opening the fridge, the light did not come on and I noticed it too was empty. Searching the cupboards was met with the same results.

Grabbing my backpack and the duffel bag I use for practice, I headed to the living room. Noticing the couch and chair that mom got in the divorce I started to relax again. All the other furniture could had been packed already I reasoned to myself.

Going upstairs I opened the door to what is going to be the nursery after the twins are born. All the baby stuff mom and Steve had carefully picked out was gone. The only thing left in the room was a rocking chair that I realized mom had also gotten in the divorce.

With the uneasy feeling back I quickly opened the door to Steve's and mom's office that was on the other side of the hall. The only thing in there was the desk mom got in the divorce, I was noticing a pattern. Finding absolutely nothing in there bedroom I opened the door to my room and was glad to find it exactly as I had left it that morning.

I sat down on my bed trying to remember if they said anything about moving or not being home tonight. Then I remembered that the three of us had not talked since I went to Hawaii with dad, Ella, and Elizabeth. I shifted uncertain about what I should do, and heard paper crinkling. Standing up I only saw two papers at first. Picking up the first I saw it was a form I had seen often over the years. A form to transfer schools was something I thought I could write out from memory alone. I looked to see what school I was going to be going to and found it blank.

I picked up the other paper hoping it would give me a clue as to what was going on, and noticed a post it. Ignoring the post it for a moment I read the first line of the second paper, and I started breathing heavier after seeing it was a form to change current guardianship. Looking quickly to the bottom of the page I saw what I feared. Both my mom and Steve had signed it, but the form did not state who they were transferring guardianship to, and was unsigned there.

Picking up the post it, I read it hesitantly. Falling to my knees I started crying hard. They were gone, not coming back and they had left me here. Still crying but think a little clearer I realized that 20 minutes had gone past by looking at my watch. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what to do when I realized that I needed an adult to help. Not having made friends yet I instantly ruled that option out, as well as neighbors since I don't even know there names.

After wishing for my daddy in my head I remembered what Elizabeth said to me before mom made me leave after the funeral. "If you need anything Rachel, call me, weather your board, just need to talk or want to check up on Ella. You're a great kid and I thought so before I started dating your dad. I have always liked you, and don't worry you will always be in you're sister's life."

Still crying though quieter, I got up and walked to the door of my room where I had left my bags. Getting my cell phone out of my backpack, I dialed Elizabeth's cell phone number not knowing if she was working or out of the house with Ella.

After locking the front door and hanging up with Elizabeth, I felt a little better. On my way back to my room I looked out a window and saw a for sale sign in the front yard. I went up the stairs two at a time feeling fresh tears making there way down my face.

Over half of my things are already in Chicago from when I stayed with dad, Elizabeth, and Ella. I was glad mom did not want to stick around waiting for me to pack because I didn't want to. Elizabeth had said that I would always be welcome there with her and Ella, and moving all my stuff from there just didn't seem right.

After I stopped crying again, I went into the bathroom that was connected to my room. Grabbing everything I would need from there I put it all down on my bed, and went to my closet. After double checking that everything I would need for the night was on my bed, I got everything out of my duffel bag. Setting aside my soccer uniform, that I was sure I wouldn't need anymore, I started packing slowly not wanting to have time after I was done to think, and start crying again.

I had just zipped up my bag when my cell phone went off. Seeing that it was Elizabeth I answered, grabbed my keys, and bag then headed downstairs to wait. Putting my cell phone in my pocket after seeing Elizabeth pull in to the driveway, I left my bag by the door that I opened and accepted the hug offered.

I was a little embarrassed when I immediately started crying again once I felt Elizabeth's arms around me, but I had not been hugged since I said goodbye to Elizabeth and Ella. I tried to pull away but Elizabeth who had apparently realized why I was held me tighter and started rubbing my back.



Feeling Rachel try to pull back I held her tighter while rubbing her back thinking she was embarrassed. When I felt her relax again I ran my other hand though her hair a few times knowing that it would be more comfort then words right now. Realizing that Rachel had stopped crying I kissed the side of her head before pulling back.



I relaxed against Elizabeth, accepting the comfort. After I did I felt her other hand going through my hair, I closed my eyes, and buried my face in her shoulder. I had stopped crying a while ago when I felt Elizabeth kiss the side of my head and pull away. Holding my face she wiped my tears away before dropping her hands and talking.



"If you're ready we will grab something to eat and find somewhere to stay." I said quietly after I wiped the tear streaks from Rachel's face. She didn't seem like she wanted to talk, knowing sooner or later we would have to, and that it would be hard for her, I let her get away with a nod. She grabbed her bag, locked the door, and started walking to the rental car. Catching up I put my hand on her back hoping that knowing someone was there would make her feel a little better. Starting the car after we were both buckled, I pulled out of the driveway and asked quietly "Where would you like to eat?"



I didn't want to talk afraid that I would start crying again so I nodded. While locking the door again I realized that I did not like the silence either. It was not awkward or anything it just gave me more time to think, something I also did not want to do. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Elizabeth putting her hand on my back, and although Elizabeth could not see it I smiled a little for the first time since dad died.

Hearing Elizabeth's question I looked over to her in thought. "Can we have pizza?" I asked back uncertainly. Seeing her smile and nod focusing on the road, I completely relaxed knowing I was safe, and that Elizabeth would help me figure everything out.

After eating, with talk about Ella and school work filling the silence that I did not want, we started looking for a hotel to stay in. I wasn't much help considering that the only places I had been since coming here were the house and school.

Paying for two days, Elizabeth got the key to the room and we went upstairs in silence. Telling Elizabeth I was going to take a shower I got my bag and went into the connecting bathroom. The room had two twin beds, a TV, and a bathroom.

In my pajama's I went back into the room and sat on the closer bed, to put my stuff back in my bag. While I was putting my stuff away I noticed Elizabeth grab her stuff and go into the bathroom. The overwhelming emotions that I had been holding back came dangerously close to the surface, so I quickly turned on the TV.

Ten minutes later I found that there was nothing on, so I turned off the TV, just as Elizabeth got out of the bathroom. Brushing her hair out sitting on the bed I heard Elizabeth sigh and turned my head to look at her instead of the ceiling. She was putting up her hair when she asked me "How are you feeling?"

I answered softly hoping I wouldn't start crying again, "Confused mostly. I am angry, hurt, and I feel betrayed."



Catching Rachel's eyes I spoke again, moving to sit beside her. "You know that you did nothing wrong right? This is not your fault."

Holding Rachel's eyes, I heard her answer as I saw the tears gathering in her eyes. "Yes and no. I feel like it's my fault, but logically I know that they are the ones wrong for doing this."

Gently wiping the tear that fell when Rachel stopped talking, I said "but feelings are not logical. So, what do you think?" Seeing that Rachel was confused I explained. "You have been through a lot today, but you are 11 not 7, you're opinion matters. You know that you are more then welcome with me and Ella. I will sign that guardianship paper in a heartbeat if you will let me, because you are a great kid, and I would love to have you with me and Ella. I am not doing this because of Mark, and I want you to know that. However, I also want you're opinion, and for you to be comfortable with what we decide. I know you don't have friends here, but you have friends in other places whose parents wouldn't mind having you. Doug is also your godfather, and you have known him longer then me. Not to mention everyone at county. I am not trying to get rid of you Rachel, and I am not trying to make you decide this on your own. Though I will be honest with you, if you want to stay with one of your friends I have veto power. Understand?"

"Yes I understand," Rachel started. "Honestly, it would be weird staying with any of my friends for more then a few days. I didn't think of Doug, and Carol. As for everyone else at county, I don't know any of them that well. Don't get me wrong I like them, and they make great aunts and uncles but living with one of them? - no thanks."

Rachel stopped, and I waited patently stroking her hair letting her get her thoughts together.

Rachel finished quietly. "When I was freaking out, besides wishing for daddy, you were the first one I thought of to go to for help. I have not seen Doug since he left county. I would like to go talk to him, to explain, but I want to stay with you and Ella. After the divorce. . . I don't know what to call her anymore. My mother stopped taking care of me really. Since I came back here I have either fallen asleep crying or woke up from a nightmare crying, and while she hasn't comforted me since the divorce I had thought that it was just because she is pregnant now. I am not so sure anymore. Once when I had been hurt at school, I sat in the hospital for two hours after I called her because she was too busy with work to come. When I called you however you dropped everything, and since you got here you have been comforting me constantly. As long as you're sure, I want you to sign the guardianship papers so I can stay with you."



After I finished talking I looked up to see that Elizabeth was also crying. Looking into my eyes Elizabeth said "I am sure." Then she kissed my forehead, helped me sit up and held me while we both cried.

When we finally let go of each other, I noticed it was 8:30. "Do I go to school tomorrow or do we start packing?" I asked because besides not having done my homework I didn't want to go after what happened today.

"We pack." Elizabeth said simply. "I am not going to make you go after today, but after we get you transferred to a school back home, you will need to go back. Okay?"

"That's fine." I answered. I knew that back in Chicago I would need the distraction more then I do now. I picked up my bag from the floor, and grabbed the papers that I had found on my bed. I handed them to Elizabeth, along with a pen.

After signing the guardianship paper, Elizabeth put all three of the papers into her suitcase. "I know it is early but you need to sleep, and honestly so do I," She said smiling tiredly.

I smiled back knowing tomorrow was going to be just as tiring, and quietly asked while blushing "May I sleep with you tonight? I don't really want to be alone right now."

Elizabeth lifted my chin, so I was looking into her eyes and said, "Of course you can. You can always come to me for anything."

We both got under the covers and I knew that I would be crying myself to sleep tonight. After turning off the light Elizabeth turned back to face me with open arms. I went into them willingly and hugged her back, whispering my thanks to her for everything. Feeling safe like when dad hugged me I let go of my emotions and cried.



Still holding Rachel after she cried herself to sleep, I was glad I had already called my mom to tell her I got here safely because I wasn't sure I could do it now without crying. If I ever see Mary again, I will cut her open without pain meds to see if her heart is ice. Knowing that these thoughts would not help Rachel and that tomorrow would be a long day I kissed the top of Rachel's head before giving into sleep.

Waking up to Rachel turning over onto her other side I realized that the sun had been in her eyes. Noticing that it was 8 I pushed Rachel's hair away form her face, kissed her temple and told her quietly that I was going to take a shower. Getting a soft okay in response I grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom.

After leaving the bathroom I saw Rachel sitting up, and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I can't say I'm okay, but I am better then yesterday, and I will be okay eventually." She answered louder than she had yesterday. Nodding I moved aside so she could use the bathroom, and called home to check on Ella.



After eating breakfast quickly, we made our way back to the house, stopping to get boxes and tape. We had my room packed by lunch with the exception of more clothes for me to wear, and the furniture.

Getting back form eating lunch at a restaurant, Elizabeth and I went though the house, including the attic and basement looking for anything else they may have left. In the attic we found my birth certificate, and all the photo albums that had pictures of dad and me. It was like they were trying to forget me by putting all of that stuff there. The papers that Elizabeth said were important were put into the bags we were taking on the plane; everything else was put into boxes for the movers to . . . well move.

Calling a moving company, they sent people right out. Taking all the furniture and boxes before driving off to Chicago, the movers were in and out in an hour and a half.

Realizing that everything we had to do before leaving was done I asked Elizabeth, "So, do we go back tonight?"

"Sort of," She answered. When I raised my eyebrow at her she clarified. "You wanted to go see Doug and explain right?" Seeing me nod she continued, "When I realized that we would be done today, I called my mom, asking her to book us a flight there and one back home for today. Our flight there leaves in a half hour. I know I didn't ask or even tell you what I was planing, but when we get back we have to find you a school to go into, before I have to go back to work, and we will both need to unpack. I didn't know how long it would take to explain so I had my mom give us two and a half hours."

Noticing Elizabeth looking to see if I was mad, I smiled and said "Thank you. You knew I wanted to talk to Doug and you're helping me do it. Do you know where they live? I don't. "

After the plane landed we rented another car, and grabbed our luggage. Finding Doug and Carol's address in the phone book, took no time at all, and soon Elizabeth was driving while I gave her directions. Explaining was as hard as I thought it would be, but when both of them accepted my decision it seemed easier somehow. Talking with them until we had to leave to catch our flight home was great, and before leaving they gave us there home and cell phone numbers so we could all stay in touch.

During the drive to the airport I started a conversation, I wasn't sure I wanted to. "Do we have to tell everyone at county? I know they would want to see me and most likely that would mean going there and I can't. I am not ready, and just can we not tell them yet?"

"If that is what you want, then it is fine, and if they find out before you want to tell them we can say that we wanted to get you settled first. We can also tell them that you're not ready to go back into county, they would understand that." Elizabeth answered while we were checking our luggage in.

Finally getting home at 5 we brought everything inside, and left it by the door once we smelled dinner. Being introduced to Elizabeth's mother was an interesting, and funny experience. After a delicious dinner I quickly unpacked what I had with me so I could play with Ella before she went to sleep.

Elizabeth also unpacked, after calling Carol to tell them we got home alright.

Being in dad's house now Elizabeth's again was both trilling, and terrifying for me. Playing on the floor with Ella while the adults watched the news, I realized that not only was I smiling, and happy, but that I had refered to the house as home and it felt right, like when dad was alive.

At 9 Elizabeth gave Ella a bath before putting her to bed, while Isabelle, her mom finished reading the novel she started. At the same time, I went back up to my room wanting to orginize everything I had hurriedly unpacked. By the time I had finished it was almost ten, so I changed into pajama's, and got ready for bed. I was just getting into bed when I heard a knock on my door, and I invited Elizabeth in.

Elizabeth sat down on the edge of the bed next to me before saying, "You know where I am if you need or want me."

I nodded, and layed down. To my surprise Elizabeth tucked me in, before kissing my forehead and saying "sweet dreams." I smiled and said "goodnight" before closing my eyes.

I woke up suddenly two hours later from a nightmare, and was getting up to go to Elizabeth when my door opened, and she came in. Getting me to sit down again she held me until I stopped crying, before asking me gently, "What was your nightmare about?"

Taking a deep breath I told her, "What happened on Monday." Putting my head on her shoulder my eyes started to close, as she rubbed my back and said, "It's not your fault, Rachel. They are the ones who did something wrong, not you."



Noticing that Rachel had fallen back to sleep, a few minutes later I laid her down, pulled her covers up, and kissed her forehead again, before leaving her room. I found my mom in the hallway outside of the guest room she was staying in. While hugging me she asked if I wanted to talk about it.

Pulling away I answered, "Yes, but not until I ask Rachel if it's alright. Goodnight mom." Before I closed my door I heard my mom say "goodnight." Laying down I hoped that both Rachel and Ella would sleep peacefully through the rest of the night.

Waking up at 8 to my alarm, I got dressed before checking on Rachel and Ella. Seeing them both still asleep, I decided to make breakfast before waking them. In the kitchen I found my mom with her morning tea, reading the paper. Exchanging good mornings, I started cooking blueberry pancakes, and toast with strawberries. Hearing Ella cry through the baby monitor, I let mom take over breakfast and went upstairs.

In Ella's room I found Rachel putting her down on the changing table, and asked, "Did she wake you?" I took over changing Ella, while I waited for an answer.

"No, I was just going downstairs when I heard her start to cry." Rachel answered, before leaving the room and going into the hall bathroom.

Rachel entered the kitchen while I was attempting to get Ella in her high chair. When she saw my trouble she chuckled, and grabbed Ella's hands from the side of the chair. Sitting down to breakfast I realized it would be a quiet one, since Rachel was not fully awake yet.

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