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With tears streaming down her face Hermione ran through the battlefield dodging and deflecting curses. She tried not to scream as she came across dozens of lifeless bodies lying on the ground. Corpses of adults and children with blood stained clothes and severed limbs blocked her path. She jumped over them trying her best not to trample on them but most of all she tried to avoid looking at their faces. Hermione nearly tripped as her leg bumped into another body. A flash of red hair caught her sight and she stopped immediately. With a feeling of dread she looked down to find her worse fears confirmed. The image of Ron's blood stained face burned into her eyes and for a moment she just stared at him refusing to believe it. She let out a blood curdling scream and cradled his head in her lap.

"Ron" she yelled touching his cold face. "No Ron you can't die" she grabbed his shoulders and shook him violently but he still remained unmoving. Sobbing uncontrollably she touched the small silver locket around her neck. Ron had given it to her last year as a birthday present, he had brought it from a homeless person in knockturn alley for a sickle. At first she had gone mad at him for buying her jewellery that could have been cursed but later it was confirmed safe after several check up spells. The odd thing about the locket was no one could open it up. They had tried everything from spells to physical force but it wouldn't budge. Even though it was declared safe, she had told a disappointed Ron that she couldn't accept his gift. She saw it as a type of thing you gave to your girlfriend, not your friend and she had told him clearly that she saw him only as a friend. But lately she had started to think about giving him a chance to become more than friends. She had put on his locket deciding that today was the day she was going to tell him. But she hadn't had a chance to tell him anything yet and now it was too late."Look Ron" she held up the sliver locket. "I'm wearing it, see I'm wearing it" She bent down and held it closer to his eyes. "Wake up and see. I'm wearing it" she said tearfully. "Wake up" she buried her face into his stiff chest and cried loudly.

After a while she stood swaying and walked away without looking back. A black masked figure suddenly stepped out and Hermione instantly dodged the killing curse it sent her way. "Crucio" she shouted with a pain filled voice. Tears continued to stream down her face as she continued to torture the death eater. She didn't care what was ethical, right or wrong. Nothing mattered. She just wanted to cause pain and suffering to all of those that had taken away her parents, friends and now Ron. An overwhelming feeling of hate started to fill her as she stared at the withering body before her. She wasn't satisfied enough, she wanted to end its life. Just like the way it had ended the lives of a thousand others. "Avada Kedavra" she roared and a flash of blinding green light touched the body and it stopped moving. Hermione stared at the corpse breathing hard but she felt nothing. No remorse, no guilt but no joy or happiness either. She felt empty and the pain inside didn't become any less. Hermione screamed loudly and sank to the ground, she punched the ground continuously with her fists. She had thought that killing would lessen her heart pain but it didn't, it was still there. She had expected to feel some kind of peace but instead she felt nothing at all. It was like she hadn't killed anyone at all but just stupefyied them instead. She snapped her head up and tightened the grip on her wand as Bellatrix Lestrange's high pitched laughter filled the air. She jumped up pointing her wand high into the hair.

"Well if it isn't potters mudblood" Bellatrix yelled. For a second she stared at the body and a flicker of surprise passed across her face. "Using unforgivable's are we now" she sneered. "Wonder what Dumby would think of that, must be turning over in his grave"

"Crucio" Hermione shouted but Bellatrix blocked her easily.

"You mudblood scum, How dare you" she roared.


"Expelliarmus" Bellatrix shouted doging her spell. Hermione wasn't fast enough and her wand flew out of her hands and landed on the ground faraway. "Let me show you how to use the cruciatus curse" she hissed. Hermione looked back and forth between her fallen wand and Bellatrix's advancing figure. "Wuv's smather mudblood" Hermione ran as fast as she could doging her shouts of Crucio. Bellatrix's spells whizzed past her ears and into the tree branches above her head. Suddenly a sight made Hermione come to a halt. "Given up so fast mudblo----" Bellatrix paused as the sight also unfolded in front of her eyes.

At the far end of the field two figures stood duelling each other fiercely. There was no mistaking who the two figures were. Harry potter and Lord Voldemort were battling each other one to one. Suddenly one of the figures fell and Hermione realised with horror that it was Harry potter. Bellatrix laughed out aloud and she stared at Harry's fallen body not believing what she was seeing. Harry was supposed to be the saviour of the wizarding world. The only person that would kill Voldemort and set them free. He was a Hero and Hero's never lost, so then why was he lying dead on the ground instead of Voldemort. "The boy who lived lives no more" Bellatrix said laughing wildly. "The dark lord has won". This couldn't be happening. Voldemort couldn't win. All of their hard work and sacrifice couldn't have been for nothing.

"Harry" Hermione screamed running towards him and tripped on a large stone hidden by long grass. As she fell, her chest and locket slammed into another large stone, knocking the air out of her. From the impact of the fall a large cut formed beneath the locket. Blood started to seep out and soaked its silver body and the locket instantly sprang open glowing orange. She looked down at it in surprise. It required a blood sacrifice to open and now she knew why they couldn't open it before.

"Avada Kedavra" she heard Bellatrix yell. Hermione looked up to find the killing curse flying towards her but before it could touch her an orange light enveloped her.

Darkness clouded her vision and she felt like she was being sucked down through some kind of a large windy tunnel. She gasped for breath as she felt herself spinning and spinning. Then the speed at which she was being spun speeded up incredibly fast making it impossible for her to breath. She felt the chain of her locket break away and suddenly the spinning stopped. She found herself being dropped abruptly. Her head crashed into the ground and she passed out.

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