Jasper Slowly turned round, his sharp eyes catching the movement behind him, his body automatically crouching, a snarl building deep in his rib cage ready for whatever it was that was behind. His eyes flickered back and forth as he searched the dim areas of the forest sensing where the thing was in the distance and took the scent of another vampire in …Emmett it seemed to be. Jasper straightened out, folding his arms as Emmett jumped out the surrounding tree's grinning.

"Awe… I thought you might not have figured it out for at least another minute or so but I guess it is you Jasper." Jasper's tight face pulled into a grin as he closed his eyes and listened to see if he could hear another vampire other then Emmett. Nothing.

"Why did you come out here Emmett?" Jasper was puzzled by Emmett's desire to show up and the feeling he produced seemed to be confusing. It was almost like the feeling he got from Bella when she kissed Edward or they stared at each other for too long, the desire to.

Emmett stared at Jasper's confused facial expression, his lips pursed, and his mind decided to press his body up against the nearest tree, feeling the need to confess the truth to Jasper's question.

"I decided to do this just 2 minutes ago, to hide it from Alice because I can imagine her face right now, and since were this far away we still have 15 minutes, and if you resist I know she will not turn up." Jasper watched as Emmett moved closer slowly but with caution, his large body, tensing all of his muscles, but his emotions still stable and not intent on fighting.

The flowing movements seemed to draw Jasper closer with out realising, until he was just inches away from Emmett who had a large grin spread across his pale face, his pearl white teeth gleaming, as he leant forward and kissed Jasper.

Jasper sprung back after a second of contact, his body stiff and hunched forward, teeth showing and snarl explode from his chest. Jasper's mind was flowing with hundreds of questions but the main where always the 'why' ones, why did he kiss me? Why? Why? Why?

Emmett seemed calm, his emotions were calm, like subconsciously he knew this would happen so he wasn't in a state of panic or rejection, instead he was plotting in his head, eagerness, seemed the most obvious this present at the time.

Jaspers wispy blonde hair blew in the wind blocking his view for a mili-second and before he could react, Emmett sprung forward, his lips locking with Jaspers letting an unrecognisable emotion flowing through him, not like the passion he felt with Alice but more of an attraction. His lips seemed to kiss back, his arms didn't react defensively instead they locked around his neck.

Emmett wasn't pre-pared for this reaction also gripping him forcefully, their lips crushing down on top of each others unable to conceal this frenzy of infatuation that flowed through their veins instead of blood.

The kiss was too passionate then they both expected rolling around, hitting tree's, loud gasps being released, and their hands, touched all over their backs and heads, making sure to have heated up each patch with the roughness of the friction.

After 3 minutes of spontaneous kissing Emmett and Jasper slowly pulled apart, breathing more heavily then they ever had. Their eyes locked until Emmett broke the silence with a big sigh and grin spreading across his pale rough yet delicate looking face. Jasper's tight face seemed to relax and he grinned saying,

"Try not to think about that or else Edward will know what has happened… and I've got a horrible feeling Alice already knows about this… you said it was an impulse but… I can hear her feet coming." Emmett grimaced at the havoc she would inflict on them when she got close and Jasper's pale features creased back into a frown.

"So why did you do that?" Jasper asked wiping away all traces of Emmett away, trying to fix his clothes before Alice arrived and slaughtered Emmett and Himself.

They both stood in silent, not staring at each other but watching from the corner waiting for Alice to flit through the tree's, and when she did her expression was blank, but Jasper flinched obviously getting her emotions smacking him in the face, hard. Very hard!

"So…Emmett…What do you plan to tell Rosaline exactly? Because from my visions you are not planning on telling her." Emmett grinned nodding at her, not using his voice, Jasper sensing how he was scared of her and that if he did try to talk his voice might break. "Please tell me truthfully Jasper. I couldn't see your reaction because… There was a werewolf just behind a tree a few feet away, so after I saw how Emmett was going to attack you… I lost the picture completely." Alice's expression seemed pained, like she knew how Jasper had reacted but wanted his confirmation. His frown turned into a smile as he stroked her face gently saying,

"I refused Emmett the pervert, when he got close we had a tussle, and that's why were covered in dirt because he wouldn't stop…" Jasper turned and Glared at Emmett who raised his eye brows saying with a small smile,

"But I did get in a few lucky kisses when he weakened one side of his defence." Alice grimaced, turning toward the forest planning to ask the wolf and they both sensed it, turning back in the direction of the house saying together,

"Lets go back I'm sure the rest are waiting because its time to christen Renesme." Alice stared at the two taken aback lightly before snapping out of her trance and saying,

"Sure… Let's go back you two…Emmett you're in so much trouble…Pray Edward doesn't find out or he might stop talking to you." she cringed " He doesn't hate gays but he finds their minds scary, because they all look at him in the same way." Emmett chuckled to himself before nodding and mumbling something so quiet they doubted it was even a word.

When the three arrived at home Jasper and Emmett immediately turned in different directions their guilt filling when they saw Edward and started thinking about how cute Renesme was. Edward seemed fooled by their gag but Rosaline noticed the tension between the two and asked quietly,

"What's wrong? Did you have a fight with Jasper?" Alice, Jasper and Emmett tensed. Their minds were all playing over strange things, like the Arabic alphabet or the dictionary backwards. Bella was still only a year old so her senses were still abnormally high as she asked with a lot of joy flowing through her lips, drawing Jasper closer all over again,

"What's wrong? it's the cutest person's birthday! Come on Rose, you get to christen her because the parents don't and were naming you the godmother." Emmett saw Rosaline's smile flare all over her face at the thought of being a god mother, his guilt erupted and he flew outside into the garden, hurt. He punched a tree with full force watching it smash into the next tree, then the next, and the next until 8 tree's had been shattered into splinters and onto the 9th's tree's base seemed strong enough to take the pressure.

From inside the house he heard Edward whisper,

"The wolfs are on their way, all in Wolf form but they've got clothes to change into, and they want to change in our bathroom" Bella chuckled and suddenly the whiff of 17 huge wolfs wafted into Emmett's path, his nose crinkling in pain from the stench but he managed to control the gag and walk into the house. Jasper made eye contact with Emmett, raising his eye brows like he was trying to tell him something, when it clicked. One of the wolves had seen what happened in the forest, he could feel their presence getting stronger as they padded towards the door. He shot out once more to look at all the dogs and whispered in a tight voice glaring at all these massive wolfs who stopped dead in their path 100 meters away from the house,

"Listen…I'm not sure who it was but one of you saw something today…I want you to not think about it near Edward or he will kill me!" All the wolfs started to Bark violently and in disgust staring at the fluffed up wolf in the middle, Seth, from shock, suddenly transform back into a human, covering his balls with a pair of trousers. The wolf's all suddenly transformed except one, Leah, who went behind a tree to transform so Emmett wouldn't see her body. Jacob looked quite disgusted with Emmett's smug look, turning round and hissing into his ear,

"I heard the connection between you vampires was just like my imprinting it would destroy you to loose a loved one…So how can you cheat on Rosalie…or Alice… with Jasper?" Emmett's face furrowed in pain as he stared up at Jacob saying with venom,

"You think I don't feel regret. It's all I can think about… my head is spinning, you should understand that you can love two people at once, Bella loved you and Edward at the same time but she just loved him more." Jacob winced at the memory

"It's the same. I seem, somehow, to love them both but I love Rosaline more then Jasper. Please don't think about it and tell your friends as well. I don't want to hurt any of my family." Jacob understood, turning to his friends who were almost dressed saying,

"Remember Edward can understand what you think so don't think about Emmett and the other vamp just keep it lowest priority and think only about Renesme and Bella." His friends all smiled and immediately all threw away the thought, letting only Bella and Renesme rule their thoughts.

Jacob, Leah, Sam and Seth walked in together first sort of like the leading group of the pack before they spotted, Edward hugging Bella, both grinning, Jasper was standing next to Alice their hands secretly intertwined behind their back. Carlisle and Esme had their arms wrapped around one another's waist, Esme's head resting on his shoulder. Emmett was pressed up against Rosaline's back, his arms gripping her hips as they watched with warm smiles Bella and Edward carry the giggling Renesme to a little pool of water.

Jacob stared at Jasper until, his eyes flickered to Emmett and Emmett's eyes locked with Jaspers for a second before their smiles changed to pained ones and they quickly glanced at the occupied Edward before grinning at each other disturbing Jacob.

Seth, Sam and Leah had also witnessed the smiles exchanged between Emmett and Jasper worried about the kiss that was still flowing through their minds, a passionate embrace like lovers who hadn't met for a long time. Edward's expressions seemed so calm, he obviously didn't now yet what had happened, and by the looks they were giving the wolves, he wasn't going too. After the christening was done, Renesme, who now looked like she was 5 years old, took told of Jacob's and Edwards's hands saying,

"Can you all please hold hands I want to show you something?" The room all held hands looking like a bunch of school kids about to sing a song, when she played her memory to them. It started out as just the forest flying by, like you were the person running, until a big hairy wolf, Jacob, bounded in front of her, his tongue out, barking every few paces as if to lead the way. The entire room laughed weakly at the scene trying to keep her concentration, until Bella flew past them her tongue out laughing the words of 'Losers' being said as she flew past.

The room laughed loudly by her display of childishness but soon calmed down as her vision went dark. The vision of Aro, Marcus and Caius, the ones who had almost killed her mum, dad and precious Jacob were flitting through her head, everyone felt the same as she felt the horror the fear and worst the pain of crying when her mother handed her over to Jacob, crying as well.

The room was silent until she pulled a picture back the a bit wolf who stood there staring at, what seemed like them selves, who suddenly started to sneeze violently. His paws covered his face as he sneezed 6 times in a row each time his head bobbing forward and then Barking to bless himself. The room laughed again grinning as she let go and the visions stopped.

"Thank your for coming today I know I'm only a 1 year old and I look 6 and probably have the mental ability an 18 year old. I still know I love you all." A bright smile flashed across her face as she stared at the wolves and her family of vamps.