Edward tried to drown out the grumbles that were coming from the mountain only a few miles away, still able to hear each though the two were thinking, his head was starting to hurt, it was worse then the time Rosalie and Emmett had gone at it. Bella stared at Edward, the way his face seemed creased in a frown whenever she mentioned how Jasper and Emmett didn't visit often ever since they became a couple.

"Bella….Please I don't want to think about those two right now, they are beginning to agitate me further than necessary. I can't even think now they've moved to a close place, cant we get them to move back too the rain forests were I can't hear their minds" Carlisle walked into the room, looking up from his book asking in a wondering voice,

"Edward, are you hearing everything they think from such a distance?" Edward nodded staring into Carlisle's eyes and nodding again as Bella pouted, walking up stairs to find Alice and Rosalie playing with Renesme's hair. Renesme now looked about 15 years old, her body was nearly fully developed and she had the most beautiful long brown curls, auburn eyes and a pale complexion. She hadn't ever been too school but she was able of understand a lot of scientific, general and childlike things. Bella grinned at the scene, unable to not be proud of her daughter who was inhumanely beautiful the jealously of all young girls and the attraction of all young men.

"Are you saying you can hear each thought of theirs?" Carlisle asked out loud, watching as Edward frowned and rolled his eyes saying,

"Yes, it horrid, all they do is have sex, I can't think anymore I mean I have those thoughts too but its not nice when their not your thoughts, all I cam hear is Jaspers mind wanting 'more' and 'faster' and Emmett trying to concentrate on 'not breaking the bed… again'" Carlisle chuckled before walking away, the fuming Edward's face just made him want to grin, which in turn for thinking that made Edward snap in annoyance.


Emmett and Jasper hadn't been home in 3 month's including feeding, they'd been locked inside a bedroom, loving each other, unable to stop them selves from pouncing each time one was half naked, which made showers near to impossible. Jaspers body was always so tight, so hot to Emmett and embracing. Emmett was like a heaven for Jasper, his ass loved to take the pounding, the feel of their skin, the sounds and warmth, everything lured them to each other, until one day Emmett stopped being normal.

"Emmett…." Jasper asked again, looking into the blanks eyes of Emmett, his muscled arms, tensed and face creased in concentration.

"Oi? Are you there?" Jasper was worried, since they admitted their love nothing would calm them down, their love making irritated Edward and the others, for Emmett would always use his loud voice when finishing.

Emmett was in a daze, he could smell the person he once used to be married too, the woman who he had been chopping wood for the day he was attacked by the bear but he didn't expect to have become a vampire by the time he'd woken out of his nightmare. His wife's old name was Claire, she was only 22 when they married and 23 when they had their first child, he was 7 when Emmett was turned, and he never saw him again.

Jasper noticed the dazed look in Emmett's eyes and asked in a weak tone,

"Do you want to go outside?" Emmett met Jaspers eyes, a smile in then, but it was a guilty one, one that worried jasper more then anyone, the way his arms were tensed and his face was twisted.

"Could we?" Emmett asked, standing up and walking towards the door, it hardly opening before Jasper pounced on him, lightly, and teasingly pressing their lips together and waiting for the slightly response before continuing, and like always he felt the restrained mans lips twitch and his mouth open, hands grabbing at Jaspers blonde locks as the blondes long fingers gripped his curls. Jasper licked Emmett's ear before they locked eyes and Emmett grinned, the smile Jasper had been waiting for, and then pouted as Jasper opened the cave door, pointing in the direction Emmett's eyes seemed to flicker. Emmett smiled, gripping Jaspers hand before saying,

"I need to check something, and if this hurts you in any way I want you to know I'm already sorry" Jasper grinned and leapt up, kissing Emmett full on the lips, his tongue skimming the others lower lip before jumping off and sprinting into the forest.

Rosalie's nose picked up a scent and she was almost certain she recognised it but had no idea where from. She sat there thinking until Edward asked,

"Try think back in time, to when you were young and trace the scent back so you can figure out who it is you can smell" Rosalie was sometimes grateful he could read her mind but most the time hates it and wished she had Bella's power. "I know" He replied, accidentally forgetting he wasn't supposed to be reading her mind,

"Piss off" She barked stepping out of the room and pacing round the garden, her eyes darting round her memory, until it clicked. She remembered the day she found Emmett, that was the smell that surrounded his, the scent of the person he was with beforehand, and suddenly a waft of Emmett and jasper hit her in the face and she knew what he was doing.

Edward flew out and grabbed Rosalie's arm, his hands gripping her tightly as he stared her in the eye, the question obvious before she nodded, and he pulled her along, running at an incredible speed.

Jasper noticed the way Emmett was following a particular scent, the way his eyes darted round and followed every middle aged woman who was walking on her own, then glancing away and following the same scent before he stopped dead, his eyes on a woman with grey hair tied up, in her mid sixties with a younger woman around 40 standing with her who also had a child on her arm.

"Is that her?" Jasper asked, staring at the way Emmett was gawping at how much she'd aged, and the way she was almost impossible to recognise but at the same time she had the feature of the woman he had once loved in the past, but his feelings for Jasper were far too strong for that, they way his godly looks, angelic way of speaking and the nervousness he got when around strangers was adorable to him.

"Yeah it is" Emmett said, his eyes glancing over his daughter, she had the curly hair of Emmett and the face of her mother. He grinned and said to jasper "Look how beautiful my daughter is, and look a grand child, cool" Jasper laughed, catching the attention of the child who smiled and then stared at Emmett for a considerably long time.

"Do you want me to go over and ask questions?" Emmett rose both eyebrows his confusion obvious as he asked,

"On what exactly? Oh you know your dead husband? I don't think that would be a good conversation starter" Jasper rolled his eyes slapping Emmett and saying,

"No, something like excuse me miss but are you married, even if they think I'm being offensive I won't mind, I could pretend to do a survey?" Emmett smiled again saying,

"Nope, don't bother I want to see you get in trouble with my ex-wife, should be funny, she was always very mouthy. " Jasper smiled and walked over, knowing Emmett could hear everything as he walked towards the older woman and asked, his first line being,

"Don't take this the wrong way miss, but I was wondering are you Married?" Emmett's old wife smiled and said,

"Was" she took a sip of her coffee, pointing too the woman opposite her saying "She was the result," Jasper smiled warmly at the women who was an uglier yet similar version of Emmett,

"What happened to him?" Jasper asked, wondering what she thought of the situation,

"Well, I'm not sure but I think he might have died, or been taken by someone, I know if he had the choice he probably wouldn't have left me, he was too much of a wimp then, with his muscles and dimpled face, it didn't mean he was mentally strong, always was a bit of a dim wit." The woman giggled slightly and pointed too the child saying,

"That's his grand child, I hope he's happy, missing out on such important matters if he is alive" Jasper smiled and heard a booming voice yell 'yes'. All three of them turned round and looked at Emmett who was jumping up an down, his big brown eyes, curly hair, dimpled cheeks, pearly teeth and muscled body all now facing the women, Jasper flashed away from the table and hit the man in the face who was still smiling and looking at the kid more then anything,

"Emmett" Jasper couldn't restrain a smile as he started to laugh, the older woman glancing over Emmett, remembrance in her eyes as she walked across from the table and said gripping Emmett's face,

"You look like my ex-husband" Emmett frowned a little, sticking his tongue and wanting to say everything to apologise for leaving her alone in the world but before he could Edward was by his side and grabbing his arm yelling,

"Emmett, this is wrong. Don't hurt the people you love" Emmett opened his eyes and stepped back out of the woman's grasp and he heard her strong voice say,

"Emmett? Is that your name" Emmett winked, and grabbed one her hand lightly, kissing it and then said,

"I'm sorry Claire… I truly am" Rosalie grabbed his arm and said, as she yanked him so hard he was lifted off the floor,

"Don't make me do it too her twice" Emmett, waved and then noticed the grin on the old woman's face before Emmett turned to his daughter and yelled,

"Lilly, I'm sorry about not being there from your 8th birthday onwards… but I had a good reason" Claire was almost in denial about the whole thing, but as soon as he raised on eyebrow, with his smile she knew it was him, it was the face he pulled to make a promise too her and she could only watch 3 beautiful people drag him away into the distance.

Edward and Rosalie left Jasper and Emmett outside of the cave and then ran back into the house where an angry looking Bella, Alice and Renesme stood; their arms all crossed each looking stunning.

"Explanations?" they said in synchrony, but before they could utter another word Edward and Rosalie simply said together rolling their eyes,

"The boys were in trouble" And left it at that, Rosalie working on getting Alice fixed up with Renesme and Edward and content on almost eating Bella's face.


Jasper glanced round, noticing Emmett was still in the shower, he stepped inside and asked,

"Need help?" Emmett grinned, standing there naked, his body wet and sparking as Jasper noticed the idiot and the spilt shampoo all over the floor. He bent down and using one powerful swipe cleaned it all up, most back in the bottle but some on his hands. He reached into the pouring shower and began to wash his hands, but heard Emmett's voice rumble,

"Lets get to business then" The shock made Jasper gasp as Emmett tore off his shirt and pulled him into the shower, his trousers gone in a flash and his once dry body slowly soaking in the water.

"Glad you came in, I was getting tired of waiting" Jasper was worried that Emmett knew him so well that he could just wait for him to walk in instead of him leaving. Emmett's arms wrapped around the blondes body, their lips pressed as Jasper locked his legs round the others hips, so his kissing was easier as he felt Emmett push him into the tiles behind him, his mind on none other, then the one he wanted inside him so badly.

Their bodies pressed up against the walls, slowly sliding into the floor, where hot water burned through them, Emmett attacked each piece of unscarred flesh he could see. Jasper moaned beneath him, grabbing the deep curls on Emmett's head, purring as Emmett sucked on his nipples. Emmett knew he was sensitive there was always told him not to do that, but it made him more intruded trying to get past the barrier he put up.

Jasper felt Emmett's deep voice rumble against his chest as he growled,

"Wait, I don't think I can handle watching you like this, you're so sexy, your hips keep twitching with each graze of your nipple, each gentle brush of your cock, I want to take you all in, I have to" Jasper felt Emmett's hot hand grip his cock, squeezing it lightly before pumping it, making him release moans of pleasure.

Jasper's hips bucked, Emmett's strong arms pinning him down making sure that when he decided to enter him, he could do so without too much clenching.

Emmett locker their lips as he twisted Jaspers hips towards the left, nibbling on the others lower lips and pushing a wet finger inside the other. Jasper hissed in pain and pleasure, his mind blurred as he felt another finger slip inside, Emmett's erection pressing daringly on his right but cheek's making an entrance seem inevitable, but somehow Emmett didn't.

Jasper squirmed in pleasure As Emmett used his long, thick fingers to press the small sack of nerves inside of him, making his knee's give in pleasure each time. He glared at Emmett who seemed to be more controlled then any other time he'd taken Jasper.

"Emmett, hurry up!" Jasper whined, feeling the fingers pull out, leaving him feeling empty, but nothing filling up the gap inside of him, the strong arms coiled around him as he was lifted and carried out of the shower and towards the bed, both had a huge hard on and the freezing air made them both groan.

"Emmett" Jasper whispered as he felt the silky material brush his skin, making him smile from all the different sensations, but sing the vampire he was, his lust and sensitivity just made each sensation heighten.

"Almost" Emmett mumbled as Jasper felt close to the climax, the hand still pumping on his pulsing member. Jasper felt his body tense, his back arch and his eyes flashed white as he came into Emmett's rough hand.

Emmett grinned, licking some off before slipping his now lubed finger back inside of Jasper, waited for that one flash of pleasure before pulling out and pressing his throbbing cock against the tight ring of muscles. Jasper's hole twitched, inviting Emmett in who thrust in to the hilt.

Emmett smiled as Jasper hissed in pain, digging his sharp nails into the others granite skin. He kissed the red lips that were staring up at him, swelling slightly from earlier use, his sharp teeth digging into his lips, drawing blood, making his body tingle in anticipation.

"Pervert" Jasper moaned again, thrusting down onto Emmett's hips as he flashed his blood stained teeth, inviting the other in for another kiss, their tongues mingling, brushing against the others. Emmett thrust deep into Jasper, feeling the heat of the friction between them and rolling his head back in pleasure, listening to the cries of joy from beneath him, making his climax near faster then expected.

Jasper frowned a little when he felt the hot liquid fill him inside but jolted in shock as Emmett's hips kept thrusting upwards, his erection not down in the slightest as he pounded away, making Jaspers voiced sounds turn into screams, his arms wrapped round the others chest and face pressed into his shoulder.

"You make me so horny" Emmett groaned into Jasper's hair before Cumming again, feeling hot sticky liquid coat his chest. He took in a deep breath, kissing Jasper before pulling out and hearing a hoarse voice whisper,

"Go have a shower, I'll go in after you and then we can hunt ok?" Emmett nodded, kissing Jasper, talking to the door before glancing back. He could have pounced on the other man again, he was lying on his back, chest displayed and cock barley covered by a thin layer of material he could almost see through. Emmett scurried off, his hand already coiled around his hardened member before smiling at what he could do later to that precious little blonde of his.

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