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A Tale of Three Kunoichi
Chapter 1-Beginning

* * *
8 AK (After Kyuubi)
* * *

"Iruka! Iruka-sensei!" called a young boy. He looked about twelve, with brown hair down to his shoulders, curling at the ends, deep brown eyes. He normally wore a smile, but currently his face was creased with worry.

He ran down the corridor, almost tripping on the black cloak he wore over a t-shirt and shorts of the same colour, held up by a belt that housed a pouch of shuriken. He just caught himself, skidding to a halt next to the young teacher.

"Morning Nass-kun." said Iruka. "What do you want so early?"

Henteko Nasshi was an orphan, like far too many children in Konoha. His parents, both ninja, were killed in the Kyuubi attack when he was four. To Iruka's delight, he seemed to have nothing against the young boy who bore the Kyuubi's weight. With no parents to sour his view of the boy, he judged him merely by himself.

Nasshi was quite hard working, showing a skill with genjutsu and kenjutsu, regardless of his total lack of competence in taijutsu and most ninjutsu. Also, he was terrible at one of the most basic of all ninja's skills. Henge, or Transformation.

"Iruka-sensei, we've got our graduation test today, right?" asked the boy anxiously.
"That's right." he said.
"What techniques do we need to show?" he asked.
"Well, basic taijutsu and weapons, even you should manage them, as well as Henge, Kawarimi, Bunshin and one slightly more advanced ability of your choice." he said.
"Henge…" groaned Nass. "I can't do Henge! That's why I came, I wanted to ask for help!"

Iruka smiled.
"We've got a couple of hours before school starts properly, I'll try."

* * *
One hour later

* * *

"Nass, you're right. You really are hopeless at Henge." sighed Iruka.

Nass' face crumpled.
"Can't we do something?"

Iruka thought.
"Yes!" he realised. "One moment."

He left the room they were practising in, coming back with a small scroll.

"Here." he said, opening it and pointing to a technique. "Shinsei Henge."
"What's that?"
"Well, normal henge is a very powerful, yet simple genjutsu that effects light. It's odd that you can't do it, what with your genjutsu skills. It doesn't actually change the user, though it can manipulate chakra to such an extent that it makes absolutely no difference. Shinsei Henge is more advanced. It's part ninjutsu, part genjutsu. It physically changes the user. What's more, it can be used in far more advanced ways. It can actually change the users thought processes, memories, whatever they wish."

Nass was wide-eyed.
"But I can't even do the normal one… how will I do a more advanced one?"
"Well, it's actually far, far easier to learn and use. If you are good at ninjutsu, you can probably do it. If you can do genjutsu, you can probably do it."
"Then why don't they just teach this one?" asked Nass, confused.
"Well, if it's kept activated too long the user's body and mind adapt, and it becomes permanent and real. It's safer to use the other version."
"How long is too long?"
"It varies from a day to a year. A month is average." explained Iruka. "Do you want to try?"
"Yeah!" said Nass, looking at the scroll. It had two handsigns under the technique.
"Ok, picture what you want to become, hold it in your mind, and perform the technique."

Nass closed his eyes, picturing someone he could imagine easily, and performing the handsigns.
"Shinsei Henge!"

There was a puff of smoke, and Iruka was standing there with a smile.
"Did it work?"
"It worked." assured the real Iruka. "Why don't you practice a bit while I get the lesson ready?"
"Ok!" smiled Nass, cancelling the technique with another handsign and beginning again.

* * *

The test was almost complete. One person had failed after performing abysmally in everything, a couple more failing due to severely ineffective single techniques. Only thing left to test was Henge.

"Henge!" called one student, changing into a copy of Iruka.

Everyone seemed to do that.

"Ok, pass!" said Iruka. "Nass, your next!"

Someone hissed at him as he walked up.
"You're gonna fail! You never could do this!"

"Shinsei Henge!" he said, performing the two handsigns and vanishing in the smoke.

It faded, and standing there was a girl, maybe fifteen, long black hair tied in a ponytail, wearing a very tight, rather revealing shirt and skirt.

She winked at the boy who had insulted her, and blew a kiss.

He collapsed unconscious, blood streaming from his nose.

Iruka sniffed to keep his own nose clear.
"Pass. But did you have to do that? At least you had clothes…" he said.
Nasshi smiled, and looked thoughtful.
"I swear to the Shodaime, if you do it without clothes I'm failing you." said Iruka bluntly.

Someone sniggered.

Nass looked at them, fluttering her eyebrows.

There was silence.

"Please change back now." said Iruka weakly. A little blood was running down his cheek...

* * *

"Team five, Nara Ikumi, Henteko Nasshi, Ikoyou Kana." said Iruka. "Your sensei will be Gekko Hayate."

Yes, it was odd to have a team with two girls. But the class seemed to have far more girls than normal, reflected Iruka. Besides, that was the only balanced team he could come up with. Ah well. Hayate had agreed to teach them as a personal favour to Iruka, and he was sure it would turn out well.

Well, he hoped.

* * *

"Good morning. My name is Gekko Hayate." said the ninja. He was young, maybe nineteen, with brown hair and a headband worn like a bandana over his head. He was wearing a flak jacket, as well as the standard Konohan ninja outfit worn by many of its ninja.
"You are Nara Ikumi, Henteko Nasshimaru and Ikoyou Kana?" he asked.

They nodded.

"Why don't you tell me a little about yourselves?" he asked. "Ikumi-san, why don't you start?"

The girl nodded. She had brown hair in a short ponytail, and blue eyes, She wasn't ugly, but she wasn't beautiful either. She wore a brown jacket and a black t-shirt and trousers, with her headband firmly tied around her forehead. A small pouch, presumably for shuriken, was at her side.
"Hello. I'm Nara Ikumi, and I want to become powerful so I can prove that not all of my clan are lazy." she said, a little hotly.

"Nice to meet you, Ikumi-san." said Hayate. "Nasshimaru-san?"

"I'm Henteko Nasshimaru, and I want to be famous, so I can walk down a street and hear people chant my name!" said the boy. His eyes were far away. Now, unlike earlier, there were a pair of katana strapped to his back. His parents had been renowned kenjutsu specialists, and Iruka had said the boy had some skill as well.

"Interesting. And Kana-san?"

The last member of the team had long, silver hair down to her waist, and deep green eyes. Now she WAS beautiful. She was wearing a white dress, and over that

"Well… you know my name, I'm Ikoyou Kana, and um… I don't really want anything…" said the third girl, looking in any direction but at Nasshimaru.

"Ok, well that's interesting to know." said Hayate.

So. He thought. We have a clan member who wants to prove something, a boy who wants to be known, and a girl who is blatantly secretly in love. Right.

Hayate sighed aloud.

"Alright, can you three meet me in training ground seventeen tomorrow morning for the last test before you become genin?" he asked.

"What do you mean?" shouted Ikumi.
"We've already passed it!" complained Nasshi.
"But… we did the test…" said Kana.

"Sorry. You've demonstrated skill, but there's one important thing we need to know you have before we can truly make you a team." said Hayate. "I'll see you tomorrow at seven. Don't eat breakfast, but bring lunch."

The three exchanged glances.

"No way am I failing. And you two are coming with me." said Ikumi.
"Then… how do we work it out?"

Nasshi smiled.
"Easy! I'll ask Iruka!"

* * *

"I can't tell you what it's about…" began Iruka.

He looked at the three genin, their heads close together as they stared at him.

He smiled.

"But I think you've already cracked it. The most important part of being a ninja is teamwork. Remember that. And now I really can't tell you more." said Iruka.
"Good luck."

* * *

Seven AM. The three genin were waiting by a group of three large logs. In a swirl of leaves Hayate appeared.

"Good morning. Today you three are going to take the Bell Test. These are two bells. Whoever gets a bell passes. Whoever doesn't is sent back to the academy. You have until noon to get the bells, and anyone who fails doesn't get to eat lunch." said Hayate.

He felt cruel, to be honest. He'd had to go through this test once. Anything but good times, they had been.

* * *
1 AK
* * *

"Damnit, Hayate! Come on!" raged the boy.
"Sorry, you failed it. You don't get to eat." said Hayate. "There isn't anything I can do. We promised Tatsuya-san."
"Hayate, just give him some food." said Yugao. "Sensei's not watching."

With that, she passed some to her teammate.

"Oh, but I am." said Awaoni Tatsuya, a smile on his face.
"Ah." said Yugao, caught in the act.
"You all pass." said Tatsuya.

"What?" said the three genin.

* * *
8 AK
* * *

Hayate sighed.
Good luck. He thought.

* * *

"Kagemane no Jutsu!" called Ikumi.

A shadow shot forwards, grabbing Hayate.

Not able to turn around, he called out.
"So, what are you going to do now?"

Ikumi cursed, released the technique and ran into the forest.

* * *

There was a clashing of blades as two katana met.

And then a cry of pain as metal cut flesh.

Hayate winced as he held his hands together.
"I'd be impressed, but this is a genjutsu. A good one, but still. Kai."

The cut, and the pain, faded away. Nasshimaru was panting, one black bladed katana in front of him and another to the side.

He was cut, quite a lot.

He swore quietly and used Shunshin.

* * *

Hayate dodged, quickly, quickly, quickly.

One fist struck his side, an explosion of pain rippling through him.

Wow, that was an effective taijutsu style.

He swung his katana at Kana's head, and she escaped with kawarimi.
A cloud of shuriken flew towards him, and he scattered them with a swing of his weapon.

Then silence.

Wonderful. They've all run for it… said Hayate.

"Kagemane no Jutsu!"

* * *
Some minutes later
* * *

"Hey! Nass!" called Ikumi, quietly and urgently. "You know this is impossible. We can't beat him, unless we all work together. You tried. Kana tried. I tried twice."

Nasshi turned to her, looking up from his hiding place under the trees, into the branches where she was standing nonchalantly.
"There's only two bells." he said.
"Nass-kun, you can have mine." said Kana from behind him. "I couldn't stand a chance."
"You hit him!" said Ikumi, annoyed. "Better than us."

Suddenly, Nass' face lit up.
"I've got a plan."

* * *

"Kagemane no Jutsu!" called Ikumi again.

Hayate groaned as he was caught again.
"What this time? A shuriken standoff?" he asked.

"Nope." said someone behind us.
"We figured it out… sensei." said another voice.

Nasshi and Kana.

They took the two bells. Kana pocketed one, and Nass thre the other to Ikumi, who reached out to catch it, laughing as Hayate moved to catch air.

"What about you, Nass? Sacrificing yourself?"
"Nope. I would, but… why bother? Mono Shinsei Henge." he said, holding a kunai that he had just looped onto Hayate's belt.

There was a small puff of smoke, and the kunai changed into a bell.

"Done." said Ikumi sweetly, releasing her technique.

The three of them moved to stand together.

Hayate smiled.

Arrogant Ikumi, random Nasshi, lovelorn Kana. This could be interesting.

It could also be very, very powerful.

"Congratulations. You know it's about teamwork, which isn't hard, but you managed to put it into practice. Oh, and solve an unsolvable problem. I'll meet you on the fourteenth training ground at eight tomorrow. Congratulations." he said, before leaving, a satisfied smile on his face. He had to tell Iruka.

The three stared at where he had stood.

Ikumi whooped.

Nasshi shouted.
Kana turned and kissed Nasshimaru.


"She likes you." whispered Ikumi pointlessly in his ear.
"…yeah…" said Nasshimaru.

Kana blushed brightly, and formed a shunshin.

* * *

Hope you like.

Shinsei Henge-True Transformation
Kagemane no Jutsu-Shadow Imitation Technique
Mono Shinsei Henge-Object True Transformation