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Chapter Twelve-Repercussions

"So… Kotone." said Kana, a little uncomfortable. "Are you feeling any better?"
"Yes, I think so, onesan." nodded 'Kotone.' "What are we going to be doing in training?"

Kana groaned inwardly.
Kotone was on her genin team, but chances were she would lose horribly against Nass when they sparred, as he was stronger than her, whether he knew it or not… there was no way they could do training.
"I think it's best if we wait until you've got better." said Kana, meaning his memory and knowing that 'Kotone' would think of her mostly healed head wound.

"But… what about the chunin exams?" asked 'Kotone', worriedly.
"Ummm…" said Kana. "Fuuuck" she thought. "Well… I'm sorry, but I think you'll have to wait for the next ones."

The younger girl looked upset.
"What about Emiri and Kazuhiro?" she said, naming her two teammates.
"Well…" said Kana, who was wondering how she was going to get this to work if 'Kotone' wasn't Nass again by the exams.

It came to her in a flash.
"Well, you remember the girl who's henge'd into you at the moment? She's a singular ninja. I asked her to take your place in the exam so Emiri and Kazuhiro still get a shot." she said, making it up as she went along. "She's experienced, she won't show you up."

;Kotone; smiled.
"Oh, clever, onesan, clever."

Kana groaned inwardly.
Nass' stubbornness and Kotone's insightful irritation. This was going to be a long few weeks…

* * *
Some days later
* * *

"Do you think they're alright?" asked ;Kotone;, fretting. "I mean, the Forest of Death… it's really dangerous in there!"
"They'll be fine." said Kana. "Kazuhiro is a strong fighter, and you know Emiri, it would take more than a few dangerous forests to get between her and getting strong. And K-well, your fan is very skilled as well. I'm sure they'll be fine." said Kana, with a brief smile.

"I guess you're right." admitted 'Kotone'. "But… what if-"
"No, Kotone."

Kana was seeing very little that showed that this girl wasn't Kotone. And it was worrying her.

* * *

"And graduating from the second stage of the chunin exams today, we have…" began Anko.

Kana tensed up.
Her sister was in this, and her teammates…

"…Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto. Ikoyou Kotone, Yariman Emiri, Seiryoku Kazuhiro. Nara Shikamaru…"
Kana gave a sigh of relief.

Her team all passed.

* * *

"How did they do?" asked 'Kotone'.
"They all passed, don't worry." answered Kana.
"I wish I'd been there…" sighed 'Kotone.'
"Don't worry." said Kana. "Soon enough, it won't really matter, will it?"
"No, I guess…" said 'Kotone', annoyed.

"I know." thought Kana. She'd had a message saying that the technique was ready. Wouldn't Kotone be relieved…

* * *

Finally, Nass had left the house.
Kotone sighed. She had time to sneak in and get her stuff before they came back, probably.
The door opened and shut behind her.
She gulped.

She turned around, and said. "Uh, hello, Kana… Kotone…"
"Hello." responded 'Kotone.'
"Nass, stop being mean." scolded Kana.

Nasshimaru formed a handsign, and became himself again.
Kotone growled, but then she smiled a little.

"I guess I missed you." she said.
"I'm sure I would have missed you, if I could actually have… you know, thought about it." grinned Nass.
Kotone hit him.
"At least, I think I missed you. Can't remember why." she said.

* * *

A knock on the door.
Nasshimaru sighed, and got up from his desk.

His apartment was small and messy-very messy. There were clothes on the floor, and various books lying around, with names like 'Icha Icha Paradise' being the most prevalent. Half written scrolls lay around, along with badly drawn pictures.

The pictures seemed to be mainly of his friends, and bad as they were they clearly had a lot of attention in them.

He opened his door. It was Kana outside, smiling.
"Hey, Nass." she said. "I was just wondering if you were going to see the tournament, I mean, Kotone and Emiri-waki and Kazuhiro-and Emiri's team as well-are in it."
"Sure." said Nass. "Wouldn't miss it."

Kana smiled happily.
They'd been together for over three years, and she still felt a warm glow when he did anything with her.

She stopped, seeing a large scroll half written on Nass' desk.
"What's that?" she asked, accusingly.

"Just writing out a profile." he replied hurriedly. "Let's go."
He ushered her out, closing his door behind them.

* * *

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