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this is the story from author "I have an angel" I am rewriting it from the start. I hope you like it.


Gibbs glared, eyes narrowing towards that one person in the room that brought the bad news to him. If it was anything less that person would probably only get a slap in the head, but no, Gibbs was full out glaring at this person, willing him to burn in fire if he had any powers of the kind.

Tony could see that this person, this old man, was in a lot of trouble than even McGee had gotten into. Then he heard his voice; strong, rough, and angry, very angry.

"What?" Gibbs asked, his voice showing his anger towards the old man.

"What did you just say, Mr. Dumbledore?" he repeated again. Not for the old man's convenient, but to avoid any unnecessary violence, to which he was failing miserably.

"Leroy, don't worry, Harry will be just fine." Albus Dumbledore said calmly, eyes crinkling.

"Fine? You think he'll be fine with those muggle hating bastards? Do you know what they did to Lily? They disinherited her; they exiled her from the family. Do you remember why? Because she had magic and she was marrying a man so different from whom they are!" he was yelling towards the end. Then as if he remembered where he was, he gave Tony an order.

"DiNozzo!" he called. "Get him to interrogation room 1 now!"

"Alright boss," he said in his easy going manner. All the way down to the interrogation room he kept mentioning the movies, talking to Ziva David about one of the classic movies that he thought fitted to the scenario.

"What do you think the Boss will do to this one?" he asked Ziva once they were on the other room looking at a see through mirror in front of them.

"Do you think he'll do the 'I'm a good cop and if you tell me what I want I'll give you a better choice' or the 'Tell me what I want to know now, bastard' with the look?" Ziva didn't say anything but only raised her eyebrow at Tony.

"I thought so. Do you think he'll give in or no?" he asked, jerking his head towards the old man at the other side of the glass. Before Ziva could answer the door on the other room opened, and Gibbs came in with Ducky.

Ziva raised her eyebrow and looked at Tony.

"What is Ducky doing in the interrogation room?" she voiced what each of them was thinking. But before Tony could answer the door opened a second time, only in their side of the room instead of the one with Gibbs and Ducky.

"Did he break down yet?" asked McGee. He had been in the same floor when he heard Gibbs yell, and had wondered what it was about. He was busy with whatever project that had been dropped in his lap.

"What do you want, McGeek?" Tony asked.

"I heard Gibbs tell you to bring Mr. Dumbledore to the interrogation room, now I'm asking did he break yet?" As he walked further into the room, he noticed something odd. "What's Ducky doing in the interrogation room?"

"We don't know, McGee." Ziva answered.

In the other room

"What do you mean my nephew is with these bastards that my cousin hated? Tell me what the hell is going on now, Albus!" Gibbs yelled, slamming his fist on the table, Ducky standing there quietly assessing the man before him.

"Now, now Leroy, there's no need to be angry," Albus said, his voice placating. "Harry needs to be with his family, and the Dursley's have their own kid that's the same age as Harry."

"You think that those pigs will let him play with their precious baby! They disowned Lily! That means they're not family anymore! She was my sister more than Petunia ever could be for her, she'll do the same to the child the way they did to her sister! Tell me where they live and I'll take care of Harry, I won't have any pigs who hate her own flesh and blood take care of Harry." Gibbs said looking at Dumbledore directly in the eye.

"I'm sorry Gibbs, but I can't tell you that. Harry needs them for the blood protection that his mom left for him." Dumbledore said shaking his head.

"I'm also related to him by blood, and Lily was more of a family to us than they were for her."

"I'm really sorry, Leroy. I'm doing this to protect Harry." He said, the twinkle in his eyes fading a bit.

"McGee!" Gibbs yelled. Then through the intercom, McGee answered.

"Yes Boss?"

"Find their address, McGee, Petunia Dursley, London"

"On it Boss." With that, the intercom conversation closed and McGee left the room.

Ducky who had been sitting quietly since the interrogation started finally broke his silence.

"Do you know that blood protection won't work if that member of the family has been exiled? Lily Potter has been exiled from her family when she was eighteen. From what I remember, she didn't come home to her parents' house since she was fifteen and that the Potters didn't even consider inviting the Evans to the wedding." Then with a wave of his hand a manila folder suddenly appeared on the table.

"This is the files from when she applied for emancipation when she was fifteen. I was the person in charge at the time. They were of course refused but still, I kept this in case I needed it later. It seemed that I did after all." He said, his British tone more pronounced than before.

"Albus, if Jethro wishes this, I could file a case against you for future abuse, based on the report that Lily Potter filed against her former family. Though physical abuse was rare, and mostly from the father, the mental and verbal abuse she got from her dad was so great that if she was not as strong as she was then, I was certain she would have faced defeat. I'm sure that Jethro wouldn't mind testifying, would you Jethro?" he turned to Gibbs with a questioning look.

"I wouldn't mind at all. I'm sure I have enough memories to present to the High Council." He said with a smirk towards Dumbledore.

"I'm sure we don't need to go that far, Leroy." Dumbledore was troubled. He wanted to be sure that Harry Potter would be safe from death eaters and the blood protection that surrounded Harry, would be doubly effective if the relation is stronger by blood.

"I would if you don't let me have legal rights to claim him as my family and give me guardianship over him." Gibbs countered.

"I can't Gibbs, the death eaters can find you no matter where you are, and you know they'll be crazy enough to do anything to Harry in revenge for killing their master."

"You think I can't protect him? You don't think I'm not strong enough to protect him. You should know by now that a Gibbs will always protect their family. Lily was a Gibbs and she protected her family like a Gibbs would protect their family the way I will protect Harry because he is family." Gibbs said strongly.

The twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes dimmed even more, he knew he needed to tread carefully. It is never wise to cross a Gibbs, especially Leroy Jethro.

"It is not that you're not strong enough, and indeed you are. You were after all my best student 45 years ago, but Harry needs to go where no one can locate him. That is where Petunia Dursley will come in. They would never think to look for the Boy-Who-Live in the muggle world."

"I think you are forgetting that Jethro and I do live in the muggle world, and most important of all we live half across the ocean. It would be better if Harry Potter lives under Jethro's care for a while, he will eventually go back for his schooling at Hogwarts but for now it is best if he is with Jethro." Ducky said before another argument break through between the two stubborn gentlemen.

"I can agree with that. It will be best if you or your father train him for the time being that he is with you. But I want your word that he will go to school at Hogwarts." Dumbledore agreed, seeing that it was the best compromise he could get from the two of them.

"Sir, I have the address of Mrs. Dursley of London." McGee's voice was heard from the intercom.