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Harry was confused; when he woke up the next morning everything seemed fine. After he washed his face and got out of the bathroom he smelled freshly cooked bacon coming from the kitchen. He followed his nose and went into the kitchen, he sat on the table where there was a plate waiting for him: a burnt toast, an omelet, and some bacon, served with a glass of orange juice. He started to dig into his food, not paying attention to anything else. He heard a small noise of a coffee mug being put down on the table and he knew Gibbs would be drinking that stuff all throughout breakfast.

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw small hands grabbing for the coffee mug again and something in his mind made him realize that small hands should not be grabbing that "best dad" mug he had given him last year during father's day. Slowly his brain started to awaken. Where was the big silhouette that always landed on the table room every morning when Gibbs was standing by the stove cooking breakfast? Where was that big left hand that always held his coffee mug and the holding a news paper that had been folded in quarters?

He slowly raised his head, afraid of what he might see. True enough, it was a scary thing to see. Because in front of him was not Gibbs. The person in front of him was not a man but a child only a little older than him. It was a boy with short brown hair and narrowed gray eyes with smooth baby face. This boy was not Gibbs.

So he did the only thing he could do. He screamed.

"Aaaaah!" he jumped down from his seat and started running towards the bathroom. He grabbed the phone on the way and started dialing the speed dial he had memorized in case of emergency. He dialed *13. He grabbed the door handle of the bathroom. He twisted it open while patiently waiting for Abby to pick up the phone. He turned around for a second to see if the intruder had followed him, and he had. He slammed the door shut and locked it just before the boy got nearer towards the door.

"Gibbs, you called?" Abby said cheerfully on the phone.

"Abby, this is not Gibbs, this is Harry. There's someone at the house, I don't know him and Gibbs wasn't around. Hurry!" he rushed.

"Where are you? Are you okay? Did you lock the door? I'm sending Tony and Ziva down now. Talk to me on the phone until they get there. Do you understand, Harry?"

Abby was worried. Gibbs would never ever leave Harry alone just like that. He would have left a not for Harry by his breakfast and have someone they both trusted to watch over Harry while he was gone. This was not like Gibbs at all. And that worried her even more.

There were rare occasions when Tony let Ziva drive the car. One, when they were running late to a crime scene and Gibbs was already there waiting for more than 30 minutes. It's never good to make Gibbs wait for his team, stuff starts happening. Two, when they're being shot at and evasive maneuvers are necessary to avoid being hit or followed. And three, when the threat level is directed towards someone important and how to get there doesn't matter so long as when they arrive the VIP is still alive.

So he handed the keys to Ziva as soon as they got to the elevator after receiving one of Abby's emergency alerts. Neither spoke in the car as Ziva zipped through traffic with great haste. One because Ziva needed to concentrate and two, if Tony tried to speak he knew that the bagel sandwich he had for breakfast would spew out, and maybe last nights dinner too.

Harry kept talking and talking to Abby, ignoring the lies coming from the boy pounding on the bathroom door, begging him to open the door.

Fifteen minutes had passed and all of a sudden Harry heard a crush from the hallway by the door. He heard Tony and Ziva calling out to each other and saying "Clear!" Harry hid by the shower stalls, his dad's shaving cream in his hand, if it was needed, and waited for either Tony or Ziva to open the door.

Then he heard them both say: "Freeze, don't move! Face against the wall, hands on the wall above your head. Spread your legs! Tony search him for any weapon, or wand." Ziva saw Tony frisked him, putting his hands all over him.

"Oh, ho, ho, ho. What have we got here?" Tony said sarcastically. Then he gave Ziva a confused look as he showed her what he found. Ziva shook his head silently telling him not to ask right now. Then she jerked her towards the bathroom door: telling Tony to get Harry.

"Its okay, Harry, we're here. You can open the door now." Harry did open the door and he saw Ziva eyeing the boy curiously.

"Tony, doesn't he seem a little familiar to you?" she said, puzzled.

"Who? This little man? Nah, what I want to know is who are you, little man." Tony asked the boy.

"And why do you have Gibbs stick with you?"

"Are you finally gonna listen to me?" Gibbs tried giving them a glare, especially Tony. But the glare did not affect them at all.

"Sure." Ziva escorted him back to the kitchen, and Harry followed behind Tony, never letting his eyes off the boy.

"So, who are you?" Tony asked once they were seated.

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs."


"What?! That's impossible! Prove it." Tony yelled in disbelief. 'It's impossible for this kid to be Gibbs! Not only is Gibbs way older than this kid, way older, but he also can't be the man that used to slap him in the back of his head whenever I do something stupid. That's just not right!' Then all of a sudden he felt a slight sting from the back of his head.

"Not impossible, Tony. Remember you're dealing with people that can do the impossible." Ziva was sure that it was really Gibbs after she saw him reached out his arm to slap Tony in the back of his head. She smiled. Even with Gibbs as small as he is, he is still Gibbs in his actions.


After a little bit of explaining and regrouping; calling Ducky, Abby and Jenny. They theorized what happened to him.

"Yes. It's highly probable that Harry's magic, when he accessed his magical core, tried to grant his wishes. And at that moment in time, he was wishing he had a complete family. Since he already has you as his father figure, all that the magic needed was the mother figure." Ducky explained in his British accent.

"Then it could be anyone." Abby guessed.

"Well, yes. But why turn Gibbs into a child?" Ducky asked.

"Maybe it isn't just anyone. Maybe Harry was also thinking of Gibbs happiness, and that someone who can make him happy is the same age as he is now." Jenny doubted her input by the end of the sentence, not sure if that was right.

"What! You're thinking that I'm gonna be happy with an eleven years old?! Are you insane? That's like pedophile! And besides, you're forgetting that the woman who could have ever made me happy is long dead!" Gibbs didn't like where they were going with their ideas. Ever since the trio arrived, theory upon theory had been discussed and destroyed almost afterwards. But this one actually seemed possible. 'But there is just no way that an eleven years old girl can make me happy!'


Harry didn't like being ignored by the adults at their house. They were talking about what he'd done to his Papa but they weren't asking him about anything. Instead they told Uncle Tony to play with him while they talked about it.

"I don't like being ignored either, champ." Tony said to him. Tony understood him more than any of his misfit family sometimes.

"I also wished Papa could have someone that matched him perfectly." Harry whispered to Tony, not wanting the others to overhear what he said.

"Don't you think you should tell them about that?" Tony asked him.

"They didn't asked for my opinion." Was his miffed reply.

"But what you said could be something important."

"Don't care! I'm not saying anything until they ask." Harry pouted some more.


Ziva had been keeping Tony and Harry in her line of sight. Alright so she'd been staring at Tony and thinking how handsome he looked while listening to the conversation that was happening before her. Its' fine, she was trained to multitask. She was good at it. Listening to a dignitary while watching her target like a hawk, had been one of her assignments when she was still a Mossad officer working for her father.

Jenny must have thought she wasn't listening because she turned her attention to her.

"Do you have anything to add Ziva?"

"No I like what we have so far but why did he age back until eleven years old, not twenty or thirty and where do we find her? But maybe Harry has some idea." She said having caught Harry pouting while Tony gave him a sympathetic look. Also she could read lips and knew what Harry said.

"Harry, do you have anything to add?" Ducky asked. Harry pouted and stayed silent.

"You did say you were gonna tell them if they asked." Tony whispered in his ears. Harry sighed, still a little miffed. But he wasn't willing to back out on his word.

"I wished Papa would find someone who matched him perfectly." He repeated.

They considered what he said adding it to their current theory and figuring out how it would fit.

"They must have the same age because of her inexperience or innocence prevented magic from aging the girl. So Harry's magic turned Gibbs into eleven years old boy." Abby theorized.

"All the more reason that I can't be with her!" Gibbs protested again.

"That still begs the question: where is she at?" Ducky said, ignoring Gibbs.

"I am not looking for her!" Gibbs said strongly, he did not like being ignored.

"But she's the only one who can turn you back. Well, we assume that the magic will, once you have bonded with her." Jenny put in.

"And like I said, I'm not touching her! I'm not a pedophile!" Gibbs was getting mad. Today just doesn't seem to be his day. "Why can't Harry just turn me back?"

"Nobody casted a spell on you. We tried that. No one gave you a potion to ingest so we can't make an antidote for that. It was Harry's magic granting his wish. We're hoping that being bonded to her will at least bring your body back." Jenny explained again.

"We don't even know where she's at. And we have no clue how to find her." Abby put in.

"We might as well start at Hogwarts." Jenny said.

"What, why there?! You know that the old man and I clashed the last time we saw each other." Gibbs tried to reason with them. He told them how it was a bad idea because the first thing the old coot would to after he saw him was take Harry back from him. They countered and said he could use a different name. Then Gibbs said that he couldn't leave Harry here and he couldn't take Harry with him. That would be dangerous. Jenny just said that it wasn't necessary to take Harry with him since Harry would be starting at the Elementary of Magic in September and he would be staying at the boarding school. 'Brilliant that one.' Gibbs thought sarcastically after they shot his reasons down.

"It's high time you graduated at Hogwarts anyway!" Ducky said ending the discussion.

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