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Chapter 1

Kakashi has a niece?!

She walked through the gates of Konohakagure in a bit of a daze. She was headed for the Hokage tower, and she knew where it was, after all she grew up here. People were staring at her the whole time she walked through the streets. When she got to the Hokage tower, she was met with two faces, neither of which was familiar to her. Both were boys, one had spiky black hair the other, blond hair that sort of had a spike to it.

The one with black hair had onyx eyes, and wore a blue collar shirt with tan khaki shorts and a kunai holster. The one with blond hair had bright blue eyes, had an orange collar zip up shirt on and matching orange sweat pants. He also wore a kunai holster, but he had on a goofy grin while the other had on a scowl so she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Excuse me." She said, pushing past the two boys. But her right arm was caught by the black haired boy. She gave him a glare that would make her uncle proud. "What?"

"Who are you? And why are you going into Hokage tower?" said the black haired teen.

"My name is Chrisa, my last name is not important. Now if you'll let me go I've got an appointment with the Hokage." She said still glaring at him. Just then a girl with pink hair and emerald green eyes came running up the path. She looked familiar somehow.

"Sasuke, Naruto! I need to tell you… oh she's already here." the girl with pink hair said looking at the scene before her. "Uh, Sasuke, you better let her go before…" but she was cut off.

"Sakura, is that you?" Chrisa asked, she was still in Sasuke's grip.

"Wait, Chrisa? It can't be you. I thought you moved to Cloud village?" Sakura said going up to the girl.

"Yeah I did, but Tsunade contacted me with uncle Kakashi's hounds. So I came right away. In fact I was on my way in there when this jerk grabbed my arm." She said yanking her arm away from Sasuke's grip.

"Anyway I have to go and see the Tsunade now so, I'll see ya later Sakura!" Chrisa exclaimed running into the Hokage tower.

"Geez, she's louder than Naruto!" Sasuke said. He had gotten the full impact of Chrisa's voice in his left ear. "And what did she mean by 'uncle Kakashi'?"

"Yeah she can be really loud when she wants to be," Sakura looked around. "Her uncle is Kakashi, so she has the 'Copy Nin' gene. Hey who's that boy over there, with the red hair? Is that…"

[In the Hokage Tower…]

"It can't be…Subaku?" Chrisa whispered, looking out of the window in the Hokage tower.

The boy in question continued to walk toward the Hokage tower.

"Chrisa, I have asked you here on an important matter. Are you sure you're ready to hear this?" Tsunade said, a little bit of fear in her voice.

"Yeah I am. But, what is it Tsunade…" she didn't get to finish her sentence because at that moment she felt an all too familiar chakra in the Hokage tower…

"Lord Hokage…He's here." The secretary said as she poked her head into Tsunade's office.

"Then send him in Katrina" Tsunade said sighing.

"Tsunade who…"but Chrisa never got to finish her sentence, for a certain redhead had just walked through the door.

"You wanted to see me Hokage-sama…"he trailed off as he walked in through the door, taking off the Kazekage hat that went with his robes.

"Ah yes, Kaze-" she was cut off.

"Gaara" he corrected.

"Gaara, I want you to meet an old friend's niece…and Naruto's newest teammate, as well as my apprentice…Chrisa Draconis." Tsunade said gesturing towards the blue haired girl.

Gaara's eyes followed Tsunade's gaze to the silver haired girl standing in front of the window of the Hokage's office. She was wearing a white corset top that had a blood red ribbon tied around the middle, with the corset part being black, and a white skirt that went to her knees. Under the top she wore a net shirt with no sleeves, net gloves with no fingers that went just above her elbows. She was also wearing net shorts under the skirt and white combat boots. But what really caught his attention were her eyes, he had seen them before he just knew it.

Chrisa turned around when she heard her name. When she did, she locked eyes with the last person she thought she would see in awhile.

"Chrisa this is…" the girl cut her off.

"Gaara, I know who he is Tsunade-sama. The fact that he doesn't remember me is insulting though." Chrisa felt sand swirling around her feet. "I wouldn't do that if I were you Gaara." Chrisa said in a taunting tone. Tsunade, hiding a grin, stepped back.

"And why would that be."

"Because." She said hiding her face with her silver bangs.

"Because why?" he said more threat in his tone

"Because what happens to sand if you mix it with water?" she said.

"It turns into mud. But why…" she lifted her head. "Exactly."

Her eyes were now the color of the clear blue ocean. Gaara felt like he was swimming in an endless sea of blue. Water came out from the aura she was emitting. Water started to wrap around the sand on the ground turning it into mud. Tsunade gave her a look. "You sure you don't remember me Gaara." His sand dried as soon as she recalled the water that seemed to come from the chakra swirling around her form.


A five year old Gaara ran down the road, he was chasing after a girl.

"Gaara! You're not playing fair!" said a girl with silver hair.

"Come on Risa! You get to use your water jutsu! Why can't I use my sand?" he asked her.

She came to a stop. "You know what, you're right. But, if you use sand and I use water…your sand will turn into mud…and it still won't be a fair match Gaara…" she said her blue eyes locking with Gaara's sea foam eyes.

{End flashback}

"Your eyes…Risa is that you?" Gaara said looking closer at the girl in front of him.

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