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Chapter 3

Finding out the truth about Chrisa

[At the training grounds…]

"You sure you want to do this Chrisa? You can still back out now if you want to." Sasuke said with a smirk on his face.

"You know what Uchiha let's make this a three way battle, Tanuki and you against me. Only this time we make it interesting…the losers have to do Naruto's laundry for the rest of the year and, when I win…" she was cut off.

"You mean if you win." Sasuke said getting in his fighting stance.

"I think you mean if you win Uchiha." Gaara said folding his arms over his chest.

"Can you kids stop fighting and let's get on with this so I can kick both of your buts? I mean you guys are fighting like and old married couple…did I just say that out loud…oh well." Chrisa said jumping up into a tree.

"Risa tree's off limits…" Gaara was cut off.

"I never said you were the ref. Tanuki, because there is no ref. now is there? Besides your not afraid of losing to me are you…" "Risa don't even go there." "I'm already there…Panda-kun." She said with that annoying smirk on her face.

"Alright, that's it what is it with you two and nicknames…AHHH!" Sasuke slipped from his stance. Chrisa had used a silent water jutsu on him therefore causing him to slip on the now wet ground. "Hey we haven't even started yet…" he trailed off.

"First rule with me and Gaara Sasuke, never get distracted…by anything." She said commanding her water back to her.

"So if you use water jutsu and he uses sand jutsu…what's the point of you two fighting? Chrisa is just going to turn Gaara's sand into mud and his sand will soak up all of the water. So…" Naruto was now thoroughly confused.

"Obviously you don't get it Naruto. Gaara and I have only ever sparred once…a long time ago. We spar so we can see if we are still tied with each other in strength, speed, and above all…"she looked at Gaara. "Strategy." She said with a smirk. "So are we going to sit around talking or are we going to get started Tanuki, Teme." She said as her hair turned into water and her eyes became pools of the ocean. "Because I wanna burn some chakra off. I've been itching for a good fight for a long time." She said crouching on the tree branch like a cat.

"What exactly are you? Because you obviously are not, what I would call, human." Shikamaru said finally getting up off of his lazy butt.

"Glad you asked Nara. Actually I'm not human. I'm part demon and before you ask, I have a demon sealed inside me. Her name is Mizu, she's a elemental cat demon. She's the eight tailed jinchiruki (idk if i spelled that right) That's why I specialize in water jutsu's, well technically I can do any kind of element, but water is my specialty. Fire not so much because it's the opposite of water but earth and wind, dark, light…pretty much any other jutsu besides fire I'm good with." She said all this while dodging Gaara's sand and Sasuke's fire jutsu's, and retaliating with her own. After a particularly well aimed fire blast from Sasuke, she jumped out of the tree and landed with her palm on the ground and her body in the air. They were both standing right next to where she landed. She used the momentum that she had gotten from jumping to the ground to twirl around and kick both Gaara and Sasuke in the shoulder knocking them off of their feet, the then used the momentum that she had gotten from that kick to push up into the air and spin backwards and land on the ground in front of them.

"You're not getting away with that so easily Chrisa!" Sasuke yelled. "Fire Style: Phoenix flame!" a wave of fire was aimed at Chrisa and Gaara.

They both managed to dodge the wave. "Sand avalanche!" Gaara yelled as the ground under them was suddenly completely sand and was coming towards them like a giant sand wave.

Chrisa dodged it and Sasuke jumped into one of the trees that was tall enough to get away from the sand wave.

"Okay I'm getting sick of this game of cat and mouse…or should I say cat, flying rat and raccoon? Summoning: TWIN WATER SNAKES!" Chrisa said smirking again. She jumped in the air on a wave of water as the snakes wrapped around the boys. "This sparring match is over boys! Sinsen alter: water coffin!" she said launching her water coffin at the two boys, who were at the moment trapped in the coil of a water snake she had summoned.

She jumped down from the tree. "I win again Tanuki, sorry Teme…no actually I'm not that sorry at all." She said helping Gaara stand. "To think I did most of that in the tree… it's kind of sad if you think about it. Not one of your best Tanuki." She said smiling.

Gaara started laughing, actually laughing. "Yeah well, I guess I still need some practice."

"Ne we just need to spar more often." She said laughing with him. They walked toward the park, and were soon out of sight.

"Did Gaara just laugh…or is it just me?" Naruto said a little more confused.

"When Gaara is with her he is always stranger than normal…actually he acts more normal than weird. Doesn't he Temari?" Kankuro said turning to his older sister.

"I don't know Kankuro, I think that maybe they're meant to be together…I mean come on, who else can actually spar with Gaara and win?" she said looking at her brother with a smirk.

"Temari what are you thinking?" he said a little worried.

"I think it's time Gaara got the guts to ask her out. And if he won't do it, then we'll do it for him." She said smiling at her younger brother.

"What do you mean 'we' Temari? I don't want Gaara to find out and then kill us? What if-" he was cut off by Temari.

"He won't kill us because he won't find out. Right Kankuro?" she said taking out her fan.

"Right, Temari." Kankuro said with a gulp. 'This won't end well, I just know it.'

Naruto looked at the two sand siblings. "You're going to try and hook them up? You know how much damage they could do together? I mean I know Gaara has changed since the Chunin exams but... there is still the possibility that he could snap..." he said nervously.

"Don't worry about us Naruto we'll be fine." Temari said as she led Kankuro towards where Chrisa and Gaara had walked off to.

Sakura sighed. "I have a bad feeling about all of this." she shook her head. "She has secrets that not even Gaara knows about...and if he does find out." she sighed again. "I'm going to find Sai. Naruto? you coming? Hinata said that she was planning on doing triple date with me and Sai, Aryia and Neji." Sasuke looked at her.

"You're going out with Sai?" he asked a little angry.

"Yea, we got together a few years ago. Tenten is going out with Lee, Ino is with Chouji, Kiba is with a girl from another village, Shino is with my cousin. So yeah. Come on Naruto! We don't want to be late." Sakura said running towards her boyfriend's house.

'What did I miss?' Sasuke thought as he walked after Temari and Kankuro.

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