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Chapter One

I can hardly see through my tears, as we make our way to pick up are luggage. I'm being pulled along by Aunt Mae, through a not-so-crowded airport.

Mae wanted to go back to her home town, La Push, and had to bring me along because both my parents were...dead. 3 weeks ago. Not long is it? The only thing that has kept me going is the Twilight saga, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I was thrilled when I found out we were moving there. Now I'm not so sure.

"Alaniie, stop slowing us down!" Mae snapped once we got our luggage. She was leading me out of the airport. I stepped outside to see a black Volvo, sitting in the rain. I starred at it open-mouthed.

"Yes, Alaniie, that's your car. You deserve it." I turned round and hugged her.

Now I know what you all thinking, what a strange name. Alaniie, is...was my parents names put together. My dad was called Alan and my mom was called Annie. They thought it would be cooler to have two I's instead of two n's.

I was thinking about my parents when we pulled up to a small house. It was painted white, with a big front yard. I stayed in the car silently daring myself to go in.

I slowly, forced myself out of the car. I grabbed my pull along suitcase and my bag-it held all of the books. (A/N have any of you noticed that she hasn't said anything?)

"Your room is the first door on the left upstairs." I nodded and pulled my suit case and bag up the stairs with me.

I opened the door to my room and gasped. It was perfect! The walls were deep purple and so were the curtains. The carpet was white and so was a big puffy chair, next to a desk, that had a new laptop on it.

I stepped in. Slammed the door and unpacked. I wouldn't show my emotions anymore. What was the point? Everything I love dies. My mind would jump about if I was happy or excited, or whatever emotion I was feeling, but my face was an emotionless mask.

I sat up there crying, wanting my parents. Then I calmed down after a couple of hours I started jumping on m bed.

I'm in the famous La Push! Wow! I wonder if the people that live here know about the books. I took a sheet of paper that was on top of my desk and scribbled a note.

"Gone to discover La Push. Won't be late. Alaniie.x" I stuck it to the door and then ran to the window.

I opened it and climbed down the drainpipe. It was about 7 o'clock, so it was getting a little dark. I took my phone out of my skirt pocket and dialled my best friend, Zoe's number.


"Hey it's me."

"Oh now you wanna talk to me? Yeah well I'm not talking to you." And she hung up.

I hadn't noticed I walked my self to first beach. Wow, this beach reminds me of Twilight so much.

I sit on a bench and look at the sea. It was so peaceful.

I sat there for hours. Then I walked back.

"There you are! I was worried sick." Mae yells as she hugs me. I stay still not touching her.

"School tomorrow, it's by the entrance to La Push!" She said as I walk up the stairs.

Sleep comes slowly, but it arrives at 1:30.

I wake up and immediately run to my closet. I spend forever trying to find an outfit. I eventually decide jeans with a purple top. I sling my coat over my arm as I make my way down stairs.

"Take the car." Mae throws the keys at me. I grab my bag that has the books in and continue to the door.

I get to school just in time. I get out and run to the front office.

"Hello, how can I help you?" An old lady called Mrs Van asked.

"I'm Alaniie Brenold. I'm new here."

"Of course, here is your schedule. Have a nice day."

I walk away, to find my English class. I arrive late, and have to say my name to the whole class.

"You can sit with Jacob." I nod and sit down.

"Hi." I said trying to be polite. He nodes his head clearly bored.

I look at him, and gasp in shock. He's Jacob Black. He's tall, olive skinned, and has cropped hair. His muscles are visible through is shirt.

He raises an eye brow but stays silent.

I take out one of the books when Mr Smith says we have 15 minuets free time. I flip the pages trying to find Jacob bits.

"What's the book a bout?" He asks.

I can't tell him, I have no idea how far in the book it is. I could always tell him the basics and leave it at that. He waves his hand in front of my face.

"The first book's about a girl called Bella, she moves to Forks and falls in love with a vampire called Edward. They fall in love blah, blah. The second book is when Edward moves away when his not adopted brother Jasper tries to kill Bella on her 18th. She gets depressed and decides to go wild and buys dirt bikes. She goes to her friend Jacob's and he fixes them. He develops love for her but she doesn't return it. One day he starts to ignore her, she really upset. Soon he sees her and she guesses he is a werewolf. Edward comes back the end." He's completely shocked so I decide to carry on. "The third books were she has to choose. After a newborn war where werewolves and the Cullen's team up she has to choose. She chooses Edward and agrees to marry him. The fourth and final book is screwed up. She gets pregnant with half vamp. Has to become vamp straight after. Jacob's pissed and the imprints on there daughter."

He stares in confusion. So I decide to add something else that might make this all true.

"I hate the last book because, one of the other werewolves Paul, imprints on Jacobs sister Rachel. I was pissed. Bella should have chosen Jacob in the third. He loved her and she gave him mixed signals. I loved it when she broke her hand." I stopped and waited.

The bell finally rang out. The uncomfortable silence was getting creepy.

Other lessons passed in a blur. I made a friend called Kim. I was so freaked out, she's Jared's imprint. I made another friend called Louise who I'm now sitting at lunch with.

"So, Alaniie, how do you like this school?" A boy called Benny asked.

"Crap." I replied simply.

The doors flew open and Jacob storms in with 4 look-a-likes and Kim. Everybody turns round as they made there way to the table I was sitting at.

One of the guys walked up to me and makes a dent in the table from where he slammed his fist.

"Out side now!" He hisses. I get up and bolt through the doors. I run to the car park and open my car. I can see them running out the doors. I start the car and dive of.

What have I gotten myself into? I'm such an idiot. Of course there're going to want to know how I know all of this.

I see my house and park the car. I jump out and run to the door. I fiddle with the lock but finally get through the door.

I sit on the stairs with my head in my hands. Once I calmed down I went to make myself a sandwich.

I hea a car pull up when I finish my sandwich. I heard the door open. Must be Mae.

Suddenly, I'm surrounded by Jacob, a girl, Kim, and the look-a-likes. I stay still. I stop breathing.

"How do you know?" Kim speaks up. The guys look at her.

"The Twilight saga." I shrug. I scream when I'm slammed against the wall.

"Don't mess with us tell us everything." Jacob lets go of me. I fall to the floor.

"Tell me what's happening to Bella right now. Otherwise I can't tell you."

"She's being forced to stay with Alice." I nod and tell them everything up till that point.

They leave soon after. I run up stairs and cry. I can't believe I just told them everything! In, my defence I was being put under pressure.


I sit by myself at lunch. I stay silent. I move away when an one to do with Twilight is near. They've asked me to speak with Sam. I turn away not answering. I'm scared.

And it's only the beginning.

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