Hey, I know I am a horrible author and am so bad that I shouldn't be allowed to call myself one. I'm sorry, I really am. It's just that I have no clue how to end it. I'm so sorry.

I did however post a final chapter up, and after degrading reviews i took it down. Yes it wasn't my best chapter and yeah ok I fucked up. But that does not mean that under any circumstances saying you hate my chapters, and hat the author chooses is a good move so don't bother leaving them.

I want you all to say how you honestly feel about the story, send me a pm or write it in a review. Who wants me to end it with her leaving and then start a new in the sequel? Who wants me to write a last chapter and not have sequel? Or who wants a last chapter and a sequel?

OK, right I want my dedicated fans to write it when Alaniie arrives, ok? Obviously I'll write in pieces and subtract them. Lol I don't steal ideas people.

Thankyou and do it soon!! Please thanku

Ur loving 'author' Ashleigh-Paige xoxo