The Conspiracy 2

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Now on to the main event!

Aarch sat head in his hands, staring aghast at the newspaper headline screaming out at him: SNOWKIDS MANAGER IN DRUNKEN ROMP!

It had been a complete seduction in which Artegor in order to steal some tactics had seduced Aarch with beer and well…him (every fanfic will tell ya' they're crazy for each other!) .

And Aarch being a complete tosser (in his opinion) had fallen stupidly into the trap, just because he was feeling a bit lonely after being kidnapped and everyone else pairing up.

DAME SIMBAI HAD GONE WITH CLAMP OVER HIM! (He was still furious about that).

But then Artegor had came over all smarmy and adorable (no, no! Not adorable!) and had convinced him to go get some drinks, and then obviously he proceeded to dress as a hooker (as one does) and got off with Aarch right in front of the press.

That he had hired.

For this specific thing.

This headline had caused outrage within the footballing world and Adium was coming over now to discuss his future with the club.

The Snowkids sat in their lounge.

There wasn't much speaking as they were all sombre about what could be happening to their coach right this second.

"I bet he's getting a bollocking" Micro-Ice had chirped up at one point but was shut up by moral cries of outrage on Rocket's behalf and half-assed attempts at shushing him on D'joks.

Suddenly the slide door opened and Adium entered, she crossed her arms and surveyed the kids.

"Well kids" she said in her customary Texas drawl. "Aarch has been relinquished of his job…he said himself that he wanted to live in Switzerland with Artegor, and I being the queen of coolness myself said that he was allowed"

"WHAT!?" Exploded Rocket.

Adium shook her head at Rocket. "Now, now Rocket, Aarch didn't want to stay, and you as his nephew couldn't possibly be considering forcing him to could you?"

Rocket shut his mouth slowly and a bemused expression crossed his face.

"Now obviously a new manager will be given to you as it is not fair that Aarch moved country just so he could snog Artegor, evidently living out my childhood dream…" Adium trailed off a sombre look on her face.

"Well without further ado meet your new manager Bich Ell Deevil!" Adium stood to one side to let by far the ugliest thing that had ever entered the Snowkids lounge (excluding Clamp) by.

The Snowkids were visibly repulsed but Bich Ell Deevil didn't seem at all offended by the gasps of: 'OH GOD!" Courtesy of D'jok nor by the: 'That ain't right' courtesy of Micro-Ice.

Instead she smiled causing more shrieks of horror and clasped her warty hands together.

"Hello" She said in a nasally voice that Mei could tell without looking would get on her nerves big time.

"I'm your new manager Bich Ell Deevil, but you may call me Mistress Deevil, now as I am your new manager I suggest we get to know eachother? As it were" Mistress Deevil leered around a room and finally her piggy eyes settled on Micro-Ice –who flinched visibly-.

"You, introduce yourself, then say two things you like and two things you dislike"

Micro-Ice looked around the room scepticism clear on his face. "What? Seriously?"

Mistress Deevil's eyes narrowed. "Yes seriously, I would like to be associated with you before we get off on the wrong foot wouldn't you?"

Micro-Ice launched himself forward on the sofa and looked around at everyone. "Umm, my names Micro-Ice…as you all already know"

Mistress Deevil sniffed and Micro-Ice winced. "Are you trying to anger me Micro-Ice?" she asked.

"No, it's just this seems a pretty silly task as everyone else knows me" Micro-Ice shrugged.

"I do not know you, and I have asked you to introduce yourself, yet you reply with childish insolence that frankly insults me, now if you don't continue you may find yourself on the subs bench"

Micro-Ice visibly blanched as he stared up at Mistress Deevil (who was taller than Aarch). "Okay…I'm sorry Mistress Deevil"

"Oh whatever" Mistress Deevil said shaking her hand as if she were swotting a fly away.

Micro-Ice stared at her open mouthed in astonishment and outrage. He looked over to were Adium had been but she was there no longer only a big cloud of farts (she has a bowel condition!) betrayed the fact she'd ever been there.

"You know what? I tire of this, come with me to the training room, your going to train" Mistress Deevil announced this as she swept out of the room in her long black cape.

"No duh" D'jok whispered to Micro-Ice which caused them both to giggle inanely.

All of a sudden Mistress Deevil was at their throats. "You know I would be a little quieter if you I were you, unless…you wanted some great horror to befall your beloved Aarch?" Mistress Deevil stroked her beard (yes folks she has a beard!)

"I don't give to fucks about Aarch" D'jok said brushing off Mistress Deevil's warty hand with disgust.

Mistress Deevil watched D'jok leave the room then turned back to Micro-Ice who looked like he was about to throw up.

"How about you hmm? Does young Micro-Ice care?" Mistress Deevil stroked Micro-Ice's face.

"Gaah fuck gross!" Micro-Ice said before squealing like a little girl and rushing from the lounge to the training room.

Mistress Deevil watched her new team leave then listened as her earpiece buzzed.

"Yes master, all is in readiness they will pay for what they have done to you"

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