Oh...hello. Conspiracy 2 has decided it wants to be updated despite the fact a complete wanker has started plagiarising it...wanker...bitch...plagiariser, have fun getting rid of that part plagiariser face. Hentai sites are for weirdos go away plagiariser weirdo. Anyway on with the story (MY story, as in Gerkyhen).

"Up where?" D'jok demanded impatiently. "We've been waiting a ridiculous amount of time for you to tell us!"

"Urgh men; soon as you give them what they want, they think they own you" Pmalc muttered.

"What I want? What I want?" D'jok yelled.

Micro-Ice grabbed D'jok and held him back from killing Pmalc.

"It's on top of the biggest rollercoaster in Lunar Genesis" Pmalc sighed.

"Oh yeah cuz that's original, Galactik Football's never put anything on a rollercoaster before" D'jok said rolling his eyes.

"Well, off you go then" Pmalc decided as she seated herself at the desk.

"Uh D'jok" Micro-Ice mumbled unsurely.

"What!" D'jok demanded in an annoyed tone; frustrated that he couldn't escape what he now judged as the office of nightmares.

"How can we trust that she won't tell Mistress Deevil?" The smaller teen asked. D'jok turned from the door, grinning evilly- as evilly as a plagiariser from a certain hentai site is.

"We can't...better safe than sorry though" He agreed (D'jok not plagiariser mc evil).

Pmalc looked up in horror as the two teens descended upon her.

Meanwhile with Kernor and Luur

Kernor's eyes widened in shock and disbelief as the small boy –that managed the Xenon team- flew towards her. Luur screamed loudly, ducked and covered his eyes.

"Get some!" Kernor roared as she caught the flying manager by his hair and hurled him away.

Kernor, Luur and Tarti Nance watched as the small boy hit the glass below them with a crunch, then Tarti Nance let out a loud wail.

"Damien! My husband Damien!" She screamed.

"What?" Kernor hissed, her eyes narrowing.

"No, he's not actually a kid you see...he's..." Tarti Nance giggled unsurely but her explanation was cut short when Kernor's fist connected with her face.

"Pervert" The alien spat. (Like what that hentai site is! See? It all adds up).

"Hot pervert though" Luur mumbled.

"Hot pervert" Kernor conceded.

"What do we do now Kernor? There's still about three of my team mates down there, and one of them is the goalkeeper...and Kernor...he works out!" Luur's voice dropped to a whisper. "He works out"

"I certainly do"

Kernor and Luur swivelled round to see the goalkeeper and two defenders advancing menacingly towards them.

"Yeah?" Kernor drawled. "Well...I take steroids"

"That explains a lot" Luur laughed.

Back with D'jok and Micro-Ice

D'jok wiped his bloody hands on Micro-Ice's jersey.

"Great, thanks" Micro-Ice sighed sarcastically.

"I like your voice like that Micro-Ice" D'jok replied.

"What?" Micro-Ice asked, confused.

"Nothing, just...you know, I like your voice" D'jok shrugged. Micro-Ice gave him an odd look before pushing out of the office.

Back with the rest of the Snowkids.

"Why're they taking so long?" Yuki demanded.

"Calm it Yuki" Rocket laughed.

"Do you think Mistress Deevil caught them?" Mark asked loudly.

"What's this?"

Everybody's noses wrinkled in disgust as they turned to see Mistress Deevil glowering suspiciously at them all.

"Way to go Mark" Tia sighed.

"Yeah, great job, you twat" Thran huffed.

"Jeez sorry, how was I supposed to know Mistress Deevil would come into the lounge and overhear me?" Mark hit back. "So way off" He muttered to himself.

"Overhear what?" Mistress Deevil asked, a cruel smirk playing on her cracked, blistered lips.

"That D'jok and Micro-Ice have gone to check out your office" Mark huffed.

"Mark!" Everyone roared, turning to glare at the substitute mid fielder. But they turned again when they heard a snigger; they turned to see Mistress Deevil laughing madly to herself. After about ten minutes of non-stop evil laughing, Tia nudged Rocket.

"What?" He asked.

"Pmalc is dealing with those vagrants even as we speak" Mistress Deevil snorted.

As soon as she'd said this Micro-Ice and D'jok popped up behind her shoulders. Everybody's eyes widened as they noticed them. Apparently though, Mistress Deevil hadn't noticed the pair behind her.

"She'll be ripping their heads off and murdering them horribly" Mistress Deevil continued.

Rocket nodded at the door, his eyes still wide. D'jok shrugged in confusion and Micro-Ice itched his head. Rocket nodded at the door again and D'jok and Micro-Ice began sniggering at him, then they started mocking him by nodding repeatedly with wide eyes.

"Go" Tia hissed at them.

"What?" Mistress Deevil growled, looking at the white-haired teen.

"I said...umm...No!" Ti a garbled. "No not D'jok!"

Micro-Ice pouted from behind Mistress Deevil but Tia didn't seem to care.

"Not wonderful D'jok!" She continued.

D'jok nodded along with his eyes closed, as if agreeing with his team mate. Thran did a shooing gesture at the door towards D'jok and Micro-Ice. But they weren't looking: Micro-Ice was still pouting, and even had tears in his eyes and D'jok still had his eyes closed and was nodding along to Tia. Yuki sighed, realising they were going to need a massive diversion while some of her other team mates rushed Micro-Ice and D'jok out. She stepped forwards and punched Rocket.

"What the hell?" Rocket shouted turning to glare at her.

"Did you just smack my man?" Tia added in.

D'jok and Micro-Ice gasped quietly.

"Guys...we need a diversion" Yuki muttered through gritted teeth.

"I'll give you a fucking diversion" Rocket shot back and pushed Yuki to the floor.

"Ow! Not so hard!" Yuki screamed as Mistress Deevil started cackling.

Thran and Mark crept around the back of their smelly manager and started slowly pushing Micro-Ice and D'jok out of sight.

"Aww but I want to see the fight!" Micro-Ice whined as he was whipped around the corner.

Mistress Deevil turned but the team mates had already disappeared, so she turned back to watch Rocket and Tia whale on a defenceless Yuki.

Later on with the Shadows

"Stay away from me!" Sinedd yelled at his manager and slammed the door in his face. He turned and screamed when he saw Micro-Ice, D'jok, Thran and Mark all lying on his bed. "What're you doing in here?" He demanded.

"Why were you shouting at your manager?" Micro-Ice asked.

"He kept trying to get in the shower with me" Sinedd explained. "Why're you in here?"

"Cuz we needed to get away from our manager" D'jok replied.

"Why the hell would you come here?" Sinedd questioned, perplexed.

"Cuz you're a stand up guy" Thran grinned nervously.

"Thranican...I am many things...but I am definitely not a stand up guy" Sinedd said, shaking his head.

"Thranican?" Thran repeated.

"That's your new name" Sinedd informed him.

"Why have you given me a new..." Thran began, but Sinedd interrupted him.

"So...you're manager's crazy too?" He enquired.

"Yup" Mark nodded.

"Shut up Mark" D'jok growled, he turned to Sinedd. "Yup" He nodded.

"And she's the ugliest thing in the world" Micro-Ice added.

"Hmm..." Sinedd mused. "Did you watch the Ryker vs. Xenon match?"

"Yes...but this is hardly the time to be talking about other matches" Thran sighed.

"Shut up loser" Sinedd hit back. "Making a point here! Those two teams have new managers too..." He looked at the Snowkids before him.

"...yes...and?" Mark questioned.

"God. Now I can understand why Mei leaves you lot in season 3" Sinedd rolled his eyes.

"Mei's already gone though" D'jok pointed out. "Our manager fired her..."

"Yeah I know. She came here" Sinedd nodded and opened the cupboard; Mei fell out.

"Mei...why were you in Sinedd's closet?" D'jok murmured.

Mei shrugged. "A lot of crazy stuff happens in this story by Gerkyhen"

"Why did you add that Gerkyhen bit?" Micro-Ice questioned.

"A certain plagiariser will understand" Mei explained, glaring outwards.

"Anyway all that aside" Sinedd nodded. "I think all of our previous managers are in danger"

"Not Aarch!" Mark wailed.

"Yes...Aarch" Sinedd nodded solemnly.

"But surely not the Wamba manager?" Micro-Ice questioned. "Who could harm him? He was such a nice man"

"Even the Wamba manger Micro-Ice" Sinedd affirmed.

"The sickos" Micro-Ice shook his head.

"Like that hentai site!" Thran chimed in.

"Where do you think they could be though?" D'jok wondered, standing up.

"I don't know" Sinedd sighed. "But the Ryker vs. Xenon match is still on...I suggest we start there"

"Or...We could go torture your manger for the information...he looks like a pansy" D'jok suggested.

"You're a pansy" Sinedd hit back.

"That may be so" Mei said grandly. "But I agree with D'jok"

"We'll have to surprise him..." Micro-Ice mused. The Snowkids looked at Sinedd.

Back with Luur and Kernor

"Wow you beat those guys pretty easily" Luur said conversationally.

"Luur" Kernor grimaced. "I'm still in the fight" She ducked a punch from the Xenon goalkeeper.

"Oh...sorry" Luur winced. "I'm just very optimistic"

"You could help you know" Kernor yelled as she kicked one of the defenders flying to his death.

"In all seriousness? I couldn't" Luur shook his head.

"God you're as bad as that hentai site!" Kernor yelped as she kicked another defender away.

"Hurtful" Luur commented.

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