Lets follow the Cullens to jail! We all love them and the crazy messes they manage to get themselves into and I just couldn't resist writing a 'cullens go to jail' story. Bella is (obviously) in jail with them, but she's still human. I don't own any of Twilight.

Friday night in the Nashville county jail.

Detective Baker POV

I should have gone on vacation. If I had only listened to my wife and cooked a flight to Europe with her for a week like she had asked then I could've avoided this whole situation. But I didn't. Not I'm sstuck in the Nashville county jail with six teenagers whom I suspect are all either mentally disturbed or on drugs... possibly both.

An hour earlier my partner had responded to a local call complainging about a group of people disturbing the peace. The call had sounded simple enough but Todd instead came back to the station with six beautiful people, each displaying a wide range of emotion on their face.

One tiny girl with short dark hair was handcuffed and bouncing up and down while arguing at the speed of light.

One blonde girl was displaying the most terrifying death glares I'd ever seen in my life.

A bronze haired boy had his arm slung protectively around another dark haired girl who was furiously blushing.

A blonde haired boy looked like he was about to have a panic attack while one extremely large male bellowed out various 'cop dialogue'.

My partner looked thoroughly shaken and shoved his report of the scene into my hands.

"You interrogate them," Todd's voice shook and he continued, "I'm going home." I was worried and confused by his tone but just assumed that he was tired and overworked. A voice boomed as I reached out to take the file being thrust at me. I turned my head just in time to see the big buy point at the anxious blonde and shout.

"JASPER! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!" The so called 'Jasper' then proceeded to tremlbe some more while his accuser continued laughing. A big WHAP sounded when he smacked him on the back and continued, "Don't worry man I'll get us out of this!" At that declaration every other person rolled their eyes.

The door to the station clanged and Todd was already outside starting his car in a desperate attempt to escape. The bronze hair boy tappen me on the shoulder and held a serious gaze.

"Can we just get this over with?" His voice was smooth and composed but sounded on the verge of yelling.

"Yes pleace, If you don't mind, I have other things I'd rather be doing," the blonde haired girl spat out, each word laced with venom. The bronze haired boy chuckled and mumbled something about realistic metaphors. I could feel my hands starting to sweat.

"Oh, uh, yes, sorry." I got up and started to head towards the interrogation room. "This way please." All six of them trailed behind me while I dared a glance at my partners report.

"...Six teens found at the scene, one blonde haired male was engaged in a physical confrontation with a bronze haired male. Cause unknown. A small dark haired girl had $6,000 worth of stolen clothes in her posession and is accused of kidnapping. Second dark haired girl is the suspected kidnapee, seems to however be close with kidnapper. Red liquid was covering the ground, source unknown, possible blood. Blonde haired girl is a suspected prostitute. Large male is the suspected pimp and possible drug abuser..."

I glanced at my watch, it said 10:36 PM. God only knows this will be a long night... I'm going to need some coffee..

Once we got to the room everyone sat down in a boy girl fashion. The pixie looking girl still had not calmed down, but had stopped talking. It made me slightly nervouse when she sat down with only one person between her and the girl she was suspected of kidnapping. I worked up some nerve and began to speak, "Why don't we start with all of you telling me your name." I glanced towards the blonde haired boy and nodded for him to begin.

"Jasper." He barely opened his mouth while he spoke.

"I'm Alice and I'm 100% not a kidnapper or an intentional shop lifter." She beamed and I couldn't help but notice her sparklingly and perfect teeth.

"I'm Edward." He held a perfect poker face and had his fingers intertwined with the young woman sitting next to him.

"Bella." She avoided eye contact and still held a deep shade of red in her cheeks. Maybe she was nervous being near her kidnapper. Another snort of amusement escaped Edward. The potential pimp was next and he hadn't stopped smiling since he walked in. Normal people wouldn't be so pleased to be in prison..

"And your name sir?"

"You first!" He sounded like a child about to find out a secret.

"I'm Detective Baker." His eyes widened with wonder.

"Baker?!? Like Bake... like, baked?" I felt hesitant to answer.


"Hey detective, are you into drugs?" The blonde girl on the other side of him smacked her forhead and closed her eyes in a look of embarassment and bewilderment. I thought back to Todd's report.

Oh yea, definite drug abuser this one was.

So thats the first chapter! I'm currently writing another lengthy Twilight story which is more angsty and dramatic but I wanted to write this as well. If you like it so far then let me know and I'll continue! I might continue anyway though but still I would love feedback!!!! THANKS!