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"It's good to be home." Katie said, as Owen opened the door of his apartment and she walked in after him. The day had felt especially long, and Katie's new shoes surely didn't help it go faster.

"Yeah." Owen agreed, as he seated himself down on the couch in front of the TV. He grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, and changed the channel so the baseball game was on.

"Are you hungry?" Katie asked from the kitchen. She found herself starving, even though had eaten a full sandwich, a fruit salad, and half the bag of Trix's cookies for lunch.

"Nah, can we order Chinese in like an hour, I really don't feel like cooking tonight." He replied, clearly distracted by what was going on the television screen.

"Do you mind if we order it now, I'm really hungry." Katie said, walking back into the living room.

"Really? We only ate lunch about three hours ago. But hey, if you're hungry, go ahead." Owen said, he couldn't help but notice Katie's eating habits double over the past few weeks.

"Thanks a lot." Katie replied to her official boyfriend of two years. They moved in together about a year ago, after Gemma's job transferred her to California, which left Katie and Marcia alone, and neither could afford the rent, which lead to the next big step in both of their relationships.

"Yes hello, I would like one order of number 14, actually make that two orders of number 14. I would also like an order of number 3, 4, and 7. You know what, throw an order of number 26 in there. Ooh, and some white rice as well." Katie said to the phone.

"Sweetie, isn't that a lot of food?" Owen asked her, he didn't want to seem rude but it sounded like she was ordering for six people instead of just two.

"I know it seems like a lot, but I'm really hungry. Plus, if we don't eat it all we can have some leftovers tomorrow." Katie replied, covering the talking end of the phone with her hand.

"If?" Owen laughed, trying to keep the mood light, but it still felt like a lot of food.

Katie rolled her eyes, and went back to the phone. "Yes, this is for two…. You'll be here in 30 minutes? Can you go any faster? Okay, 30 minutes is fine." Katie pressed the "off" button on the phone, grabbed a bag of tortilla chips, and walked over to Owen.

"You order food for a horse, and you can't wait 30 minutes?" Owen asked, normally he wouldn't care. Money wasn't a problem or anything, it was just that it was…. So unlike Katie, she was usually conserving.

"Excuse me." Katie said, as she sat down next to Owen. "If you must know, I'm very hungry. But to tell you the truth, I don't know why."

"Okay, whatever you say." Owen said, wrapping his arm around her. She couldn't help push one reason aside. The one reason that scared her the most, if Owen found, he…

She shuddered; she didn't even want to think about it that hard. She was just too young, and plus, they weren't even engaged yet!

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