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"Katie?" Owen called, once he stepped into their apartment, "Are you here?"

"Yeah," Katie said, sighing, "I'm in the living room." Owen walked over to the living room, and sure enough, she was there. She was watching the TV – he figured out it was American Idol, the second he could hear Simon ridiculing the contestants.

"Hi," he said, sitting down next to her on the couch, "Today's been a… long day."

"Yeah," she said, once again letting out another sigh, "I'm so sorry, Owen, I didn't-"

"Stop," he said, "This will be… fun," he said, a sheepish smile arriving on his voice.

"It will?" Katie said, surprised.

"Yeah," Owen said, "I mean, we'll have a kid to raise! And teach magic to," he continued on in his own little tangent for a little while.

"Those things sound fun… I guess," she said, "But, Owen, we're having a kid! I mean; we're going to have to take care of it all the time!"

"Katie, this bad," Owen said, "We're adults, we can handle this."

"I suppose," Katie said, "Owen, are you sure that you're okay with all of this?"

"Of course," Owen said. The truth was, he was uncertain. The pluses of having a child was great, but then there were minus' as well – including the fact that they weren't married or engaged.

She smiled, "Can we have dinner now? I'm really hungry."

"Tonight we can have left over pizza or we can have left over stir fry," Owen said, remembering the past few night's dinner sitting in the fridge, "Your pick."

"Can we have both?" Katie asked, a hopeful look in her eyes.

"Sure, why not?" Owen agreed, remembering that Katie's appetite had tripled. They both got up, and went to the kitchen to heat the food up.


"So, earlier today I was thinking about names." Katie said, stabbing a carrot with her fork.

"For the baby?" Owen asked.

"Yeah," Katie said, taking a bit of her slice of pizza, "If it's a girl, we could name her Danielle."

Owen cringed when Katie wasn't looking. That was his first girlfriend's name, and he really didn't want to name his daughter after her, "Yeah," he said, doing his best not to hurt her feelings, "Or, we could name her Candice." That was a name that he had always liked.

"I'm not sure," Katie said, "How about if it's a boy?"

"How about Henry?" Owen suggested.

"I like it, but I like Adam better," Katie said.

"Or, we could go in an entirely different direction, and name the baby Rod and make Rod very happy," Owen said, joking.

"Very funny," Katie said, "Well, we have nine months to decide. And we'll find out the gender in a few."

"Right." Owen said.

He had nine more months of this awkwardness and torture left, and he wasn't entirely sure if he'd be able to take it.

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