Will I always bring you pain? Will I always be this weak? What can I do for you?

Why? Why does this always happen to me? What did I ever do wrong? But you were always there for me both of you, Kano-kun, Ochanai-san. You always stuck up for me when it seemed like I had no one else.

We had been friends for years, the three of us it seemed like nothing could get between us, we were the three musketeers. I really wish that I didn't make you get hurt as much as you did. I was, and still am a burden. Whenever I was in trouble be it with bullies or animals you were there.

Would you always be there for me? Would you suddenly give up helping me? If that day ever comes I don't know what I'll do. I try to stick up for myself but I'm weak, small, and frail. I will never be as strong as you are. I had just lost my mother and you were there for me. You are now the only family I have.

If that day ever did come were you would give up on me who would I turn to? Would I end up like my mother and just give up on everything? Just stop being the burden that I am to you all? Do I even help anyone? All I ever do is cause trouble for you and you still help me. I wish that I wasn't so weak. I'll have to try I will try as hard as I can to not need you anymore. I will get stronger so that way you won't have to get hurt because of me. I will learn to do this by myself.

But for now will you still help me?


I got this idea when i was listening to gotta be somebody by nicklebacl man i love that song and yes i come up with ideas in the the weirdest of ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD