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Author's note

Something I thought up at half one in the morning after watching the episode with the year that never was. I find that early morning plot bunnies are the best :P


My take on what was going through the Master's head in his final moments.

Doctor, defied

'You mean…you're just gonna'…keep me?'

'Mm. If that's what I have to do.'


He turned away to his friends. 'Its time to change. Maybe I've been wondering for too long.'

No. This shall not do. I shall not be kept.

I branched out my mind to the pathetic human ahead on the balcony, dressed in my choice of clothes. Do it. I snarled. Something hesitated.

'Now I've got someone to care for.'


The bullet pierced through my chest; I doubled over in pain.

Yes! YES!

He had me in an instant, laying me down upon the floor. Through the pain that hazed my vision, I managed a glare. It was followed by a grim smile.

'Always the women.' I hissed, looking up at him.

The Master conquers all. He shall not be kept.

'I know.' He says. 'I didn't see her.' He says, almost apologetically.

I know how to hurt you.

'Dying in your arms…happy now?' I said through my pain and my smile.

'You're not dying.' He snapped. 'Its only a bullet. Just regenerate.' He commanded through gritted teeth.

No. I shall not be defied.


'Its just one little bullet! Come on!' He urged. Though my grip was fading fast, I could faintly hear the rising panic in his voice.

'I guess you don't know me so well.' I breathed. 'I refuse.'


'Regenerate! Just regenerate! Please!'

I said nothing, but soaked in triumph as he began to beg.

All alone. The last.

'Just regenerate! Come on!'

'And spend…the rest of my life…imprisoned with you…' I struggled to talk; the feeling satisfying.

'But you've got to.' He said softly. 'It can't end like this.'

It can. It will.

'You and me! All the things we've done!'

A small thrill of triumph cushioned my failing as a tear was dropped.

What I want. To see him…

My hearing began to fail.

'The dalaks! You have to…' His emotional speech was broken.

I want…to see him…

'We're the only two left!' He said hoarsely.

He…would be…alone…I want…to…see…him…

'REGENERATE!' He commanded; a desperate cry.

'How about that…' I breathed, my hearts failing. 'I win!'


'Will it stop now, Doctor?'

Dum. Dum. Dum.

'The drumming…'


'Will it stop?'


As I lost my grip completely, I got my wish as the Doctor finally cried out; a cry of pain, full of regret and grief…

My last wish.

The Doctor. Defied.