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Ohmigod. Those shoes, those one pair of shoes. Gucci. Defiantly Gucci, heel approximately three inches, pointed toe, delicious coffee cream color and the perfect foot shape.

I need those shoes. I am visualizing an outfit right now. Black sophisticated Armani dress, knee length and sleeveless (purchased last week ON SALE), that beige belt I've had for a while (almost the same color as the heels), and my Dior sunglasses finished off with a silver buckle bracelet. I raced over to the racks and desperately started to try and find my size…. Eight, eight, I need an eight….ugh five….seven….two?! Where the heck is a size two? Eight, come ON I need an eight….EIGHT! Last pair to! It was meant to be!

I slipped them on and glanced at the mirror. Stunning, absolutely stunning, I didn't even need the sophisticated dress to pull these babies off.

I giddily slipped them off and put on my own white flats. That's when I looked at the price tag.

Oh geez. HOW MUCH?! My eyes bulged out of their sockets. Let me tell you, I have bought seem pretty expensive shoes in my lifetime but this? These perfect Gucci heels were half the rent I paid for my apartment each month.


I felt tears spring to my eyes. They were so perfect though! So deliciously creamy. Sighing, I regretfully placed the shoes back on the shelf and started walking away.

Oh how horrible, my whole day is ruined now. Now I am going to have to find another pair of perfect heels --- how else am I supposed to wear my Armani dress?

I stopped ten feet away from the door. Why shouldn't I buy those fabulous shoes? Sure there a bit pricy, obviously out of my range but REALLY? And all my other heels are so boring, but the Gucci heels are a creamy coffee color!! Creamy coffee. When will I ever stumble upon another pair of creamy coffee heels?

That's it, I've convinced myself; I am buying those heels. I deserve those heels after how hard I have been working at the office lately. I turn right back around and start walking back to the shelves when I spot a weird looking woman holding a pair of the creamy coffee Gucci heels. They would like completely horrific on her but I smile politely and start looking for my size eight again.

Five, seven, two, seven, nine, five, six, six, two, five, nine, six. That's odd…..where is my size eight?

Oh no! No, no, no, no, no, no, NO! I casually flip my hair to the side and catch a glimpse of the size card on the creamy coffee heels the hideous woman is holding. Eight! She stole my size eight!

I clear my throat and turn to face her with the best fake smile I could plaster on my face, and she smiles back.

"Hi there, my name is Liz."

She nods. "Cara. Is Liz short for Elizabeth?"
I nod back enthusiastically. She seems nice. Maybe she'll give me the heels without being rude about it.

"How nice. My sister's name is Elizabeth."

"Really? Wow, small world!" I say. "It's very nice to meet you Cara. I'm sorry to say, but you seem to be holding onto my size eight Gucci heels."

The smile Cara had on mere seconds ago dropped like ice cream falling off of a cone.

"I think you're mistaken, these are mine." And with that she starts to walk away from me. The nerve! I quickly grab her shoulder and start talking again.

"Well, the thing is I left them over there to….to go to the bathroom! Yes, they wouldn't let me bring the shoes and they wouldn't hold them for me either!" I heard my own voice rising in panic with each word and my lie was so pathetic I was ashamed of myself.

"Nice try blondie." Cara pushes my hand off of her shoulder and starts walking away again.

Blondie? Did she just call me blondie? How dare her! How dare she discriminate me because of my hair color? Why, now I'm really upset!

"Look lady, the thing is those are my heels so if you would kindly hand them over and be on your way that would be great." I shouted out, several people turning to stare at me. But she didn't even acknowledge me!!! I could literally feel steam coming out of my ears. That's it. Code Red. Code RED! I ran after Cara, grabbed the shoes from her and started running away.

"HEY! STOP! THEIF!" I could hear her shouting behind me but I kept running, dodging the cosmetics counter, clothes racks….that shirt was kind of cute how much is it?... and people. Suddenly I felt a huge weight hit my back like pelting rain and before I knew it I was down on the floor!!! She had jumped on me! She is savage, she probably has rabies or something, I'm so suing when this is all over, and when I walk into the court room I'll be wearing my black Armani dress with my beige belt and my Dior glasses and my silver buckle bracelet with my creamy coffee heels and everyone is going to be looking at me, even the judge, and there all going to keep on staring because I look so fabulous and they'll all be whispering to each other about the creamy coffee color of my heels…..

"Get off of me!!!" I cried, trying to shove her off, but she doesn't budge she is trying to grab for the heels, but she's NOT going to get them!!!

"Give me my shoes!!!" She hollers, pulling my hair. My hair!! NOOOOO it took me at least an hour and a half to curl it today!!

A shop assistant finally spots us wrestling on the ground and runs over, screaming about how un lady like we are behaving at this moment and how stupid it is to fight over a pair of heels, but obviously her opinion on this matter is not valid because she just called my creamy coffee Gucci heels stupid.

"Get off of me!!" I cry again, trying to kick her off but that doesn't turn out to great for the fact that I am wearing flats and she's wearing these ugly pair of boots that are cutting into my thighs.

"Not until I get my heels!!!"

God, why won't she just get off??? SHE'S GOING TO SUFFERCATE ME!!! Finally after what seems like hours and hours three shop assistants get her off of me.

That's when I scream. Loud.

The shoes are lying in a crumpled mess on the titled floor, heels broken, creamy coffee color scuffed.

Oh dear.

The shop assistants look absolutely furious and disgusted. In the end we have to spilt the money evenly to pay for my damaged creamy coffee Gucci heels --- $225 each.

Cara walks out of the store in a huff, vowing she is never coming back, but I, I walk out slowly. They were so PERFECT. People really suck now and days. They were my shoes my shoes!

I will never get over this, I think to myself as I walk down the busy New York sidewalks. Never again will I love a pair of heels like I have…..wait a millisecond. What's this I see? I press my face against the glass of the stores window display….that pair off high heels….ohmigod. There PERFECT! No doubt Prada, and their so black. Blacker then black, the heel is probably about four inches; toes slightly pointed slightly round….god they look like there made out of velvet! I need those shoes!!