Chapter 1

Today is Friday, finally, and our lunch break just started. Usually I sit with my group of friends, but today I'm not really up for their babble about the most recent drama, so I go sit down on a deserted bench and pull out my sketching book. I decide to draw a building surrounded by a few weeping willows. Yes, I know this is a bit of a boring drawing target, but since I suck at drawing people, I figured I should stick with inanimate objects for a while. All of a sudden, this cloud was blocking my sun light. It would pass in a minute so I didn't worry and continued to try to draw the windows of the building. After going a straight five minutes with no sun light, I looked up to see just how big this stubborn cloud was. I stopped dead when I realized that there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. Instead, there stood the dreamiest guy I had ever laid my eyes on, Jack Howerton. This is wasn't even the first time I had ever goggled at him in his presence. He was in my 3rd period geometry class. He sat three seats from the back wall on the right side of the classroom, which was only two seats away from me-- and yes I counted.

As all of this was going through my mind, I quickly brought myself back to the present, which still included the gorgeous Jack Howerton hovering over my right shoulder.

"Um… hello," I said at a lost for any other words.

"Hi. Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt," his velvety voice was pure music to my ears.

I still was completely taken away that the most attractive guy in my geometry class, and most likely in the whole entire high school, had gone out of his way to talk to me, so I just let him do all the talking.

"I like your drawing, it's really good," Oh geeze. He saw my drawing… oh, wait. He complimented my drawing. I managed to stop mentally drooling at him long enough to crack a huge smile at him. His returning smile would have knocked me off my feet if I had been standing.

"My name's Jack. You're Alex, right?" Ok, of course I knew his name, but-- holy crap!-- when did he ever take the time to learn mine?!